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    posted a message on WorldPainter v2.4.3 - graphical & interactive map creator/generator

    Does anyone know where I can find the best brushes? I'm terrible at making my own (they always seem too soft and unnatural) and the brushes I can find for download, including the ones linked on the Worldpainter website, seem to have what looks like compression artefacts and spiked square edges that show up very visibly when painted on the map at no matter what scale. They need smoothing off, which once again leaves things horribly smooth and unnatural.

    I see that other people are using brushes that show up very nicely and cleanly, including better versions of the ones I can find for download, but I can't find these brushes. I understand some of them might be for private use but surely there are some decent quality brushes that can be found somewhere? I'm not looking for hundreds, in fact I'd rather not have much more than 10 non-default brushes.

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C9 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Thanks for the useful information and the invite to your forum. I'm sure this will also be useful for others who come looking for help.

    At this stage I think it's likely that the resource packs are as they should be (going by all available information on how to do it and other packs), and that the culprit is my installation of Optifine or Minecraft. Even though I have tried different versions of Optifine and Minecraft I haven't ruled out that I could be making the same mistake each time somewhere. Just a matter of figuring out where. Is there anything I could post like a log or something that could be looked at by someone that might reveal clues to why custom colors is only partially working on my installation? Or something else of use?

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    posted a message on What animals you hate?

    I find it alarming how anybody can hate an animal and see an animal as evil just because of it's species.

    I can, however, understand a general dislike and avoidance of a particular species for logical reasons and the need to have certain animals away from human habitation. I can understand phobias, too. But hate is on a whole other level. I don't think any animal is that evil. Most animals simply follow their own desires, depending on the species most don't reason like we do, and most have no knowledge or understanding of what humans want from them (whether that be for them to stay away or for them to understand how to behave like we expect them to). It's esier to get your head around if you try to put yourself in the wild, unrestrained mindset of a wild animal and try to see it from their point of view, having known nothing of human affairs, only survival in a harsh world.

    Even domestic animals are not always treated right and too can behave wildly, because they can't reason on the same level that humans can in relation to human existence and are only trying to survive in any way they think they can with their wilder animal reasoning.

    Even humans can turn out like this sometimes.

    Nature can be incredibly brutal, there's no doubt about it, but especially to us bubble-wrapped humans because in some ways it's our own reasoning that's limited, we don't always understand the wider reality around us.

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    posted a message on Bullied / Recorded / Scammed on servers where I've paid for ranks & perks?

    Many server admins call their in-game purchases "donations" to circumvent the EULA, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a purchase. However, despite the fuss Mojang allegedly made about pay-to-win servers and how they're illegal and updating the EULA and whatnot, it was more of a deterrent, an empty threat. Nothing gets done about these types of servers, even if you report them to Mojang.

    You won't get a refund no matter who you ask for help with it because these types of in-game purchases are illegal. Just don't waste any money on these servers in future. Once they've got your money they don't care.

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    posted a message on Why is it thought that only unattractive nerds play Minecraft?

    No, not really. Minecraft isn't really that popular here though except amongst children.

    Besides, people who think in terms of nerds/non-nerds have a lot of growing up to do, and have yet to learn that the world is not so black-and-white. Same with physical attractiveness, while it does have value when seeking a compatible life partner, it shouldn't be an issue with anything else in a grown-up adult setting (though it is true that many adults are yet to grow up).

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    posted a message on Odd, unique, niche hobbies

    I throw big rocks sometimes to see how far I can get them.

    ... I don't have any real hobbies.

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    posted a message on Noob question: Does hardcore mode actually work on multiplayer?

    Quoting the wiki:

    "Hardcore Mode has been made an option for multiplayer, and its functions are similar (more so since Single Player now runs on a multiplayer database). Dying while in the server does not give the player a respawn button, replaced with a button prompting the player to "Leave Server". When clicked, the player gets the message "You have died. Game over man, it's game over!". If you try to reconnect to the server, it says "You are banned from this server! Reason: Death in Hardcore".

    It is possible for a server admin to allow a player to rejoin after death, but the admin will need to stop the server and edit server files: First, deleting the player data from (Map name)> players > (deadplayer).dat, then going into the banned-players.txt and erasing the relevant data under the index ( banned by | banned until | reason). The admin can then restart the server and the affected player can spawn again. However, the player will appear at the original spawn point with no items, armor, or levels (because their player data has been deleted)."

    Have you tried inviting another player onto the server and killing them to test that it works for them? My only guess would be that it makes exceptions for admins.

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    posted a message on What Went through your mind when you made your Minecraft name

    Annoyance, I was pretty much at the stage of bashing random keys on the keyboard just to get a name that wasn't already taken.

    I don't care about names at all. They're arbitrary identifiers as far as I'm concerned, though I tend to forget them all the time.

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    posted a message on How do you feel when you see unoriginal servers become successful?

    I sort of expect them in a way, as it reflects how many businesses of popular products and services run and many server owners see their server as a business. That is, sticking with the safest option, the one guaranteed to attract customers, the one they have seen attract customers many times before. The server owner probably just knows what people (that is, the majority) like in a minecraft server. It's so generic but it's also familiar to people who come visit and just want to jump right in. You see it in games and music especially. Ever wonder why many popular mainstream songs have the exact same melody? Or the exact same chords, or oddly similar lyrics or rhythm? And yet the artists are not related or connected as far as anybody knows. The reason is that much of this manufactured music (think unoriginal pop) is based on what came before that worked, and it worked again and again, so you get some very homogeneous sounding songs even though they come from separate "artists".

    In business, opting instead to offer something unexpected and unfamiliar can be a bit of a gamble. People might love it, could be a huge hit. Then people might hate it, and the business makes huge losses. Some might like it, some might dislike it, but it still might not make as much as the popular option even if it does break even or so.

    Of course I realize that this only really applies for server owners who view their server as a business, but at the prices for some of these items and the number of overpowered donators on some of these particular servers the owners must be raking in a profit.

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    posted a message on Potion Effect Collection Thread

    Gravity Reversal Potion: Gravitational effects are put in reverse for the affected player. The player model is flipped upside down and the normal player physics apply. Floors become ceilings and ceilings become floors, and the sky becomes a menacing, open void that you can fall into. If you do fall into the sky (perhaps by curiously testing the potion in a small "safe" open-air field that you have walled off and lit up) you will continue to fall upwards until the potion effect wears off. Then you will start to fall back down.

    Zombie Potion: Drinking this potion will temporarily disfigure you and dull your senses - monsters will think you're one of them and you will be able to sense zombies from a distance as a faint discolouration on the screen. The downside is that everything becomes slightly blurry and if allowed to get very hungry can be overtaken by a particularly berserk zombie ai that auto runs and auto attacks until the potion wears off.

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