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    posted a message on I am looking for a friend (skype AND mcpe friends)!!!!

    Q. Xbox live name

    A. Becca3001

    Q. Skype name

    A. [email protected]

    Q. Real name?


    Q. time zone?

    A. utc, but I am in AZ, so we don't do daylight saving

    Medical things?

    Q. Age?

    A. 13

    [+] younger than 20

    [+] likes building

    [+] can redstone well

    [+] prefers creative

    [ ] youtube channel

    [+] can play on weeknights

    [+] will be flexible

    [+] speaks and types fluent english

    [+] lives in america

    [+] will understand if I show autistic behavior

    [ ] can skype call (I can still message on skype, but not allowed to call)

    [+] wants help on homework if needed (very occasionally)

    [ ] at least in one book fandom (no but I am a big reader)

    [+] not very popular in school (i hv friends, but they r not very close, and they r really just people to have lunch with)

    [+] female

    [+] gets good grades

    [+] honest

    [+] can accommodate to my extra needs

    [+] can minimize use of sarcasm

    [+] will be nice despite differences

    [+] doesn't play pc minecraft

    U sound a lot like me: smart and sociallly awkward I would love to be friends.

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    posted a message on 1.0 update!


    super happy!!!!!!!!!!

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    posted a message on Need help building redstone base

    im building a redstone base map, and I need someone who is fairly good at redstone to help me

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    posted a message on New to PE, needing help

    Hi! I added u, my gt is becca3001 I'll invite U into my survival world and show u the basics

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