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I live in TN... I grew up in a little town where everybody know each other... So that meant everybody cared for each other. I have a very big music career and a starting YouTube career: RaggedGamingTV!! Please go follow and subscribe!! I am very good at building and i have a build team called Sub0 Nation and have a clan named: Sub0... They are very cool people and we are in many YouTube videos!! We are about to have a studio and t shirts. We are allied with TXG and are rivals with XGN... My secretary is mat453 and my other right hand men are CHEFEL1300 and Horsepistel35!! My gamertag is XXSub0XDaddyXX... Cause im the father of the clan!!
I love taking care of little kids, playing instruments, playing sports, saving people, donating to charity, being helpful to elders, and most of all my family!!
Location Tennessee

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Minecraft BeastlyBoys13 Xbox XXSub0XDaddyXX PSN ICustom13 Steam Sub0Daddy

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Skype slime.boy1