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    posted a message on It's so... adorable? [New Endermite Model and Texture]
    Quote from DanTheMann1218

    Horses are not re-skins.

    But Donkeys were just minor deviations from the horse model.

    Mules share the same model as the Donkey but are just a bit bigger.
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    posted a message on buy minecraft cheap?
    I don't see why you all have to rib on him for asking if Minecraft is available for a cheaper price...

    Let the man be; he was asking a decent question. No need to scramble about saying "why u no have moniez for mindcraftz".
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    posted a message on Disappointed with 1.8
    Quote from Dennis2p

    if they keep doing survival updates, then they would totally forget about the mapmakers?

    just ONE of the updates goes to mapmakers, and everyone loses their minds?

    Well thing is, we were told it wasnt only for the mapmakers:

    The first snapshot of Minecraft 1.8 has arrived! This update will be split into two primary focuses: Survival gameplay & improvements, and new fancy abilities for adventure maps!

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    posted a message on Disappointed with 1.8
    Why does everyone try to suger-coat the fact we haven't recieved any significant survival update? I wouldn't really consider better Villagers and enchanting improvements an improvement to the greater survival experience, considering how their in reality late-game items. Neither is minor stuff like slime blocks, new stones, and a trap door.

    Such a vivid and exciting new survival experience. Definately.

    I like the new map-making features too, but do we really need to slam others over the lack of survival features? I mean, come on, survival as been the root of this game since Classic and its nice when they decide to expand on this gamemode.

    The first snapshot of Minecraft 1.8 has arrived! This update will be split into two primary focuses: Survival gameplay & improvements, and new fancy abilities for adventure maps!

    This has been an update of un-fulfilled promises for mainstream survival. There's no real other way to glaze over this.
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    posted a message on Villagers will soon tend to their own farms?
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper
    Except Jeb never said automation is item duping. He said Mob Farms are item dupers.

    Well you've caught me on that. Congrats. ;) Bitterly sarcastic sentiment aside I should have caught myself first before posting that.

    Quote from CK20XX
    Sheesh, you sound like even more of an evil scientist than I am, and I unapologetically love iron farms and similar contraptions. You need to read the conversations in Jeb's tweets, then you'll see your accusations of hypocrisy are baseless. Jeb has always been for automation, provided it's done right. That means having specific blocks and resources that allow you to automate. Tekkit, for example, has mob spawning machines. You just craft the block, catch a mob in a safari net, insert the net into the block, fuel the block with an energy source and mob essence, and it'll start spawning its assigned mob for as long as its power sources allow it to. That's the kind of automation Jeb has always admired. Everything else exploits the game's rules, which can technically be classified as science instead of cheating, but Minecraft is a game that's only 90% bug free and constantly in development, so the rules certain farms rely on are not set in stone.

    Well since flickies aren't here to power my contraptions... I guess I have to make like an eggman and power my machine somehow! What else am I supposed to do for sky block? Grind endlessly at my mob trap? Never!

    Joking aside, lets get it straight. Your points are entirely valid as much as my hypocrisy stance is invalid. I myself have never really used tekkit (too complex for me, I'd rather limit myself to regular spawn farms and tend to avoid redstone beyond simple contraptions) but Jeb_ has never explicitly admired Tekkit's function beyond an "It's great" response on Twiiter. Nor has he always enjoyed automatic farming. These have never been stated before this farm issue. But lets move off of semantics.

    Assuming Jeb_ has always admired the idea of automatic farming, why would he join the stance that specific farms (aka mob farms) are item dupes; while also continuing to adopt another mechanic which could also be abused in the same manner? Unclear spawn mechanics mean nothing when so many players have learned to coordinate and use them to their advantage. "Exploitation" as it is so often labled will always be present in the game mechanics of something like this sandbox. Why should they continue to be labeled as exploits then when they have just as many uses as other methods? Is it really so cheaty to develop and use a mob farm that took three hours to build? I'm definitely investing much time into it, and I should reap the rewards no?

    In a way this whole argument for iron golem farming to be un-nerfed is a little pointless, too. The ability to fix the farm is present; but the issue of needless annoyance is just as relevant.

    So, in reality all I'm saying is your technically right. But I'm just defending how this can be seen as an awkward coincidence in design. Looking back now this reply might not even make sense. :D


    Just want to throw my two cents into something else, also. Does it not seem that every time we as a community belly-ache over a game feature, the devs always label us as something demeaning? Just today Dinnerbone stated: "I don't think the majority did! The vocal minority, maybe ;) " in response to someone who congratulated the devs for catering to our whims. Why is that we who want to change something back are a "vocal minority"? Isn't it conceited to do that to your own customer base?

    I can also remember when potion/healing nerfs came around we were branded as unwary to the actual use of the nerfs. When zombies/skeletons were buffed a huge group of people were hastily put to rest when they complained of excessive changes. I just feel as if the devs have developed a little cult of personality to support their own actions. If someone disagrees with the plan THEY'RE wrong and the developers are entirely right.

    The entirely branding of Jeb's law also has a hint of arrogance. If enough people complain, don't you think their might actually be something wrong?

    Am I just crazy or am I on to something?
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    posted a message on Villagers will soon tend to their own farms?
    Quote from Tkpi
    For someone who thinks automation is equivalent to item duplication, Jeb is making it surprisingly easy to make fully automatic wheat farms.

    Hypocrisy at it's finest. It's beautiful isn't it? Regardless if he doesn't back his own word I will take full advantage of it. Even then though it will look nice seeing (hopefully only) farmer villagers harvasting crops for once.

    Quote from DaBiggman
    Before Notch removed Jon from the project, we were getting lots of AI updates (and new mobs). I miss Jon.

    Very much, same. I'm all for the natural animal/mob board for Minecraft. If you look on the wiki it was revealed he had many plans for ambient mobs and creatures in Minecraft. But like all good things he was plucked too early. It seems like the only ambient creature that really adds to the world will be the bat for now...

    (Like I said plenty of times, bats are great mobs; despite being apparently useless. I even got myself a pet bat using a name tag.)

    Quote from DragonHeroBlaze
    So let me get this straight: Villagers lose independence and survivability by requiring a trade to be done in order to have a chance to breed. At the same time, they actually tend to their own farms. One step forward, one step back.

    It puzzles me how the devs think that's a good idea. Jeb's law, schmeb's law. That restriction on already tedious and ineffective form of repopulating stinks. Villages are doomed to death now by zombie invasion without intervention or an update that will save them.

    Quote from CK20XX

    Certainly not, but it would be hilarious, and imprisoning a cult of wheat worshipers in an iron farm feels a little more justifiable than imprisoning innocent natives.

    Wheat worshippers...


    Savages! Savages!
    Barely Even Human!

    They're savages!
    Squid-faced demons!
    We must use them on our farms!

    Savages! Savages!
    Barely Even Human!
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    posted a message on Reddit's Take regarding Iron Farms (post jeb)
    Reddit seems to like this post; and of course, the forums don't.

    It's always funny how the Minecraft forums always tends to contrast in views with Reddit. Reddit is so straightforward with its views whereas we as a forum rarely if ever are. It must seem like a big mess of opinions from an impartial eye...

    No wonder the developers rarely comment here. But regardless, I like the MC Forums! :sponge:
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    posted a message on Dinnerbone's adding a long-requested feature!
    Well shoot.

    It could be one of many things:

    - Red Dragon

    - Plugin API

    - Colored Lighting (Really personally doubt this since it seems rendering has gone to Ryan Holtz and DB owns this change)

    - Cubic Chunks

    - Fish/sharks/aquatic mobs

    - Birds

    - BUD Switch

    - Legitimate Sponge

    - Gryphons (Would be pretty awesome to see that THIS catches the dev's eyes)

    - Constantly recycled Ore/Biome/weapon/tool ideas.

    - Beets (not long suggested but nevertheless highly requested)

    Notice some of these features don't fit the full description unless extra functionality was required or added to the game.

    BUT in all honesty, I'm going to take a Benjamin the Donkey approach to this... We might or we might not get a good feature out of this. In fact, to many it will be bad and will always be bad.
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    posted a message on Beets are being added into Minecraft Pocket Edition.
    Currently the news on Beets is that they're confirmed for PE. They've also been confirmed to have been tested (in some ambiguous form) by Jeb_. Ryan Holtz has expressed interest in adding them to PC, but has made it clear that it is only a possibility as of right now and not a confirmed feature.

    Not sure why everyone else hates the prospect of more food in PC. Cows/pigs aren't the most practical of food-sources in every situation. I for one hope this escapes the testing stage on PC and sees itself fully implemented. Just like I hope one day the ender dragon will be improved like on Xbox.

    What I also don't understand is those who argue the other ports of MC need their own content simply because PC has more. For those on console, they have absolutely no place to bicker! The eventual goal for the Xbox version is to catch up with and keep with PC content and updates. This basically means that they plan to have all the features of PC plus the exclusive (this seems like a good and non-destructive attempt at exclusivity) mash-up packs. PE definitely needs some exclusivity because of technical limitations; but I'm sure the goal there is to include as much of PC as possible. Thus alienating the need to stay very unique

    In all honesty, I hate exclusivity it general. I'm not going to be PC elitist because I have the title on all major platforms; but, I believe the whole prospect of vendor locking is just a very fine way of separating your customers. I feel like Terraria was bogged down a bit by this, and I wish not the same of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on 1.8 possibly a mob update?

    Sorry Tweety...

    Looks like you'll have to wait for Minecraft.

    (Canaries with the same aesthetics/model quality as bats would be awesome)
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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    Where's BC_Programming when you need him?

    Unless he supports smaller oceans...
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    posted a message on Gone Fishing
    On my Superflat survival, I caught a name tag.

    A name tag.

    I can name my favorite donkey now. Well as soon as a I save enough iron for an anvil.
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    posted a message on Anyone getting a slight uneasiness with this update?
    As if we get all these good features now early, and then basic filler content and unnecessary buffs/nerfs later?

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    posted a message on What will minecraft look like in the future, say like in ten years or so?
    Quote from BC_Programming

    Thanks, backseat moderator!

    I felt as if I should make a witty-response to this and correct your definition of backseat moderation.


    You'll probably rip it apart.


    TBH, I can't even guess how Minecraft will look so far in the future. I'll just settle for waiting and seeing.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on new ocean generation?
    Quote from PuffinPuncher

    I didn't realise Amidst had updated to support the snapshot, and when I loaded it up I noticed this.
    Did Jeb swap back to his original suggestion for the 1.7 oceans that had all the mini islands? I thought I was finding a lot of them. Somewhere between the two (though closer to the no islands one) would have been better imo.

    Well Large Oceans are literally large lakes now.

    Its officially not an exaggeration anymore.
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