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    posted a message on Button to remove useless red F3 graphic
    Quote from Writr

    It measures the amount of CPU you are using, which is far from useless.

    However, the fact of the matter is that f3 is not essential. The compass does a good job of helping players find their way back to where they were, and it's easy to use markers to measure distances with torches and such.

    Personally, I would rather Notch work on getting Minecraft to run better performance-wise rather than make that toggle-able (especially since it isn't technically a player feature). If he switches from using Java to something more CPU-efficient, you wouldn't be having this problem in the first place.

    It is obvious that you work very close to the spawn, and do not spread out projects along a large world to create a regional effect. For you, the compass would in fact come handy. Of course, for someone X12000 and Y-16000, having objects a few thousand meters apart can be a bit of a problem when relying on a compass.

    Also, say you don't primarily travel above ground, like you obviously do, placing markers and bothering yourself with landmark memory when there's a perfectly good co-ordinates system(nearly perfect, there tends to be this read blob that covers it on slower computers). You pop up after spelunking for a couple of hours, and use the co-ordinates system to travel back to home sweet home, there's no denying you haven't done this at least once.

    I'm truly sorry that you need a pretty visual graph to tell how your CPU is doing. I understand numbers are complicated and things like opening up task manager and viewing CPU usage are very time consuming and nobody can be bothered to do such a horribly boring thing. That is why, for people like you, I think that the graphic should remain as an option, so you don't have half a heart attack when you don't know exactly how spikey minecraft is making your CPU graph look.

    Unrelated, Minecraft is a BROWSER game, meaning the options are pretty much Java and CS5. Since >CS5 >Minecraft is basically laughable, Java is the obvious option. Of course if you want to be a selfish ******* you can attempt to demand that minecraft becomes an application-only game, and uses a "More CPU efficient code", implying that minecraft isn't inefficient at CPU usage and java is.

    Just sayin'
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    posted a message on The Standardized Papercraft
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    posted a message on The Standardized Papercraft
    Hello! I've been bored the last few days, so I started creating my own Minecraft Papercraft. When I looked around to see if anyone else was doing it, I was happy to see that there were a few threads about it. However, I was saddened to find absolutely no standardization to size, and very little work on it at all really. So i spent some time making a bunch of printable Minecraft Papercrafts!

    Also, I will be adding more to this thread, assuming you guys actually like this. If not, I'll let it die.


    [To use your skin, open it up in MS paint and resize it x200%, and then resize that image x200% again(x800%). Then copy the pieces onto the above image]

    Player Stuff:

    Item Using Arm and Pickaxe(Advanced)

    Creeper: ... reeper.png





    Coal ore


    Crafting Table ... eblock.png

    Diamond Ore



    Gold ore

    Iron ore





    Tree Leaves




    Mushrooms and Yellow Flower ... flower.png


    How to Papercraft:

    Needed Items:

    Printer(paper & ink)(Cardstock is great, but I use regular standard printer paper)
    Scissors(Kitchen Shears work best for me)
    Some kind of glue
    Exacto Knife/Razor(Optional for some papercrafts)
    A cool place to put your finished creations

    Step 1: Find the papercraft you would like to make from the list or another site/thread

    Step 2: Print! Make sure your papercraft doesn't get cut in half on two seperate pages.

    Step 3: Carefully cut out the image. DO NOT cut off the tabs(surrounded by black) on the sides of the image, they are important!

    (If there are things that need to be cut out on the inside, like in the door papercraft, use an exacto knife or razor)

    Step 4: Fold your papercraft however you're supposed to, should be made obvious with minecraft papercrafts.

    Step 5: Fold the tabs the direction they should be folded. Tabs should almost always be folded inside the papercraft, there are rare exceptions like in the minecraft man's arm.

    Step 6: Glue your papercraft together using the tabs! Be sure the glue dries on each tab before continuing.

    Best for me: Fast Grab Tacky Glue
    Any Tacky Glue
    Elmer's(Put it on your finger and rub it onto the tab, do not use too much or you'll wrinkle the paper)

    Step 7: If there are multiple parts to your papercraft, e.g. the minecraft player papercraft, glue them together correctly

    Step 8: Enjoy, and especially show your friends/family. Papercrafts are awesome.


    Please tell me if there are any errors in the papercraft images or problems that you run into. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

    Also, additions to this thread are very much welcome! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, this thread is about a Standardized Papercraft, so it would be very much appreciated if any additions to the thread are x800%. If your papercraft is cool and fits the criteria, I'll stick it on the front page of the thread and give you credit!

    Furthermore, I have no working digital camera at the moment(girlfriend + toilet + =[). Any pictures of the papercrafts you've made are appreciated, and might make it on the front page!
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