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    Server Details:
    SERVER IP: ddtsmc.com
    Teamspeak IP: ddtsmc.teamspeak3.com:8438

    (Original thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/objective-servers/765523-dont-drop-the-soap-prison-server-1-5-155-slots-no)

    We are currently open and busy adding additional features!

    Don't Drop the Soap! is a classic, no-nonsense, non-OP, prison server in which you start at bottom doing hard labor jobs while trying to stay alive. Make money and purchase your way up the ranks! Join a gang, make friends and enemies, and fight your way to the top. With enough money, you may buy yourself out of prison, into freedom. More on these ranks and what jobs you can do to earn the ranks will be specified later on in this post.

    The server is online 24/7 ran on a dedicated server. We have 75 slots at the moment with little to no lag.
    We are currently in the process of reintroducing past and new features into the server, so look out for those in the coming weeks!

    Cost: $0.00
    This is the starting block; all new players arrive here. This is where your journey begins. Here, the most brutal PvP area and hardest working jobs make life grim.

    Cost: $15,000
    A small step up from Block 3. The decreased PvP and higher paying jobs make the prison seem a bit better, but don't forget to watch your back.

    Cost: $35,000
    The second highest block, this area has well-paying jobs, and a reliable source of ready food. The clean space and nice architecture is much needed upgrade compared to the previous blocks..

    Cost: $70,000
    The most elite block prior to being free. This block has jobs that can't be beat and has no PvP areas at all. Choose from a variety of jobs including the snow mine and the cow farm for a steady income of money.

    Cost: $120,000
    You have finally bought your way out of prison to freedom! You are free to roam the world outside. You can build whatever you want, wherever you want! Hide your base well because griefing and raiding is not prohibited. You may come back to Soapville at any time to sell or buy any goods you have or may need. Keep in mind you must still abide by prison rules while visiting fellow convicts in the prison.

    The highest achievable rank on the server comes with great responsibility. The Warden maintains all activity going on in the server and prison. Only earned through trust and loyalty. The Warden regulates events, moderates the chat, and keeps the server at its best.

    It's not easy running a server like DDTS. Server costs are high, and we depend on supporters like you to keep the server running. You can visit our server shop at: shop.ddtsmc.com

    Failure to comply with these rules will result in a mute, kick, or even ban.
    - No use of any type of modded clients (there is a list of approved mods).
    - No advertising of any other Minecraft server - No excessive use of offensive language (Will be enforced at administrator's discretion).
    - No use of x-ray texture packs.
    - No abuse of exploits/glitches (Report all server exploits to administrators as soon as possible).
    - No spamming (Minor spamming results in a mute, increase in mute time after each consecutive offense. Major spamming results in a ban.)

    These are the role-playing rules of the server. If you do not comply with these rules, you will not be banned, but instead placed in "solitary confinement"
    - No PvP abusing.
    - No PvP camping.
    - No safe-zoning.
    - No damaging potions (harming, poison, etc.).
    - No wielding contraband (swords outside of animal farms, flint and steel, bow and arrows, lava).
    - If caught with a contraband item, a guard will ask for it and count down from 5.
    - Building in the mines or any other farm.
    - Attempting to harm other players in the mines, in the form of traps, pitfalls, etc. (3 day tempban,)

    Guards are entrusted with the task to keep the prison safe and be friendly to all prisoners. There are different guards, each with different levels of responsibility.

    Trainee Guard:
    The newest recruit. Freshly picked, trainee guards are the most inexperienced, and are under probation. They spend their time learning the job from more experienced guards from block 3, all the while helping them out with keeping the prison under control. Not many make it past this testing phase.
    Now, well experienced, guards are those who keep order around prison. They give prisoners a security and keep riots at a minimum.
    Alpha Guard:
    The best of the best guards. Hand picked by the wardens, these guards have shown their loyalty to guarding, and thus have earned the prestigious name of Sr Guard. Sr Guards help guide the new trainee guards, and normal guards. Access to the ban and mute commands.

    Becoming Guard:
    Think you have what it takes to become a Guard of the server? Follow these steps:
    - Fill out the application found below and post it on the thread. Do not leave anything out.
    - Wait patiently while a Warden reviews your application; spamming a warden is not a good way to be noticed.
    - Include "Best of luck" at the end of your app, or it will be denied automatically.
    - Reread the guard rules and information while you hope to be accepted.
    Swords of any type
    Flint and steel
    Any harming potion
    Any tool that was used to harm other players
    Guard Rules:
    - If you, a guard, are killed, all offenses against ANYONE are forgotten.
    - If you see a prisoner with contraband, ask for it and countdown from 5 to 1. If the prisoner does not give the correct item then jail them, regardless of complaint.
    - If a prisoner is "contraban-trolling" you (constant wooden swords, full inventory), and you've asked for contraban 3 consecutive times, you may jail them without asking for the rest of the swords.
    - If you see a prisoner PVP someone and then run into a safe-zone, warn them in this format: "pvp warn " If they repeat the violation, and you remember the PvP warn from earlier, jail them. PvP warns will only reset after jails.
    - If a prisoner PvP's you three consecutive times (after death), issue a "continuous pvp warn." If they proceed to PVP you a fourth time, jail them.
    - If you see a prisoner running back and forth from a non-pvp zone to a pvp zone for the sole purpose of safezoning for pvp jail them immediately, no questions asked.
    - Any use of a harmful throwing potion is an instant jail. If there is only one prisoner in the area with access to harming potion, that prisoner is to be jailed.
    - If a prisoner is found on a walkway/platform that is not normally accessible by normal players then the prisoner must be asked to get down and you will countdown for the prisoner to get down from the area. If the prisoner does not comply, he or she must be jailed.
    - All of these rules are subject to change, be sure to stay updated.

    In order to be promoted from Tr. Guard to Guard, you must have been employed for at least 2 weeks, and pass a personal exit exam concerning the prison rules with a Warden or Alpha Guard.
    Alpha Guards will be hand-picked by the wardens, at the wardens' discretion.

    Guard Application:

    In game name:
    What is your timezone?
    What times can you guard?
    Do you have experience with prison-themed servers?:
    Do you have any experience guarding?:
    What makes you the best selection for guard?:
    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?:
    What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?:

    Moderator Objectives

    - Welcome ALL new player.
    - Assist all players.
    - Help the Wardens keep the chat clean.

    Moderator Requirements:

    - Have general knowledge of commands.
    - Be a part of the community for at least 3 weeks.
    - Know how to moderate a server properly.
    - Must be rank Free.
    - Must be proficient with English.
    - Must have a working microphone and Skype or Teamspeak installed.
    - Fill out an application if you think you have what it takes.

    What to mute for:
    - Manual chat spam
    - Harassment
    - Out of control chat fights
    - Excessive profanity

    What to ban for:
    - Advertising
    - Excessive use of profane language

    Moderator Application:

    In-game name:
    Current rank:
    What is your timezone?:
    How long have you been playing on the server (and did you play on the original server?)
    Have you ever been banned from the server?
    If so, why?
    What makes you the best choice for moderator?
    Are you known by any other usernames? If so which ones?

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    We now have our own private forums!
    Come join our community at forums.ddtsmc.com
    Please post all staff applications and ban appeals there.
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    Quote from hamann10_Guard»


    This looks bad, and I dont want to explain because its not worth it, knowing I will never be unbanned

    But I will summarize, I was not xraying and I was using it for something else, anyway I will join on an alt.

    Just hoping my reputation isn't screwed

    Doing this will only hurt you more. Evading a ban on another account will get you ip banned. Wait until our website goes up, and then you can submit a ban appeal there.
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    Quote from Nickorator»
    Nickorator's Chat Mod Application
    In-game name: Nickorator

    Quote from binbur»

    Ranger59's Chat Moderator Application

    In-game name: ranger59

    Both accepted for chat mod. Welcome to the team
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    Factions has been added to the server.

    • Each player will have a maximum of 10 power. You will lose 4 power per death down to a minimum of -10 and gain it back relatively quickly.

    • Land can be claimed outside of the prison by using /f claim

    • Homes can be set within a faction's land.

    • Chat with only your faction members with /f c f or only allies with /f c a

    • Your faction's land can be claimed if your factions claimed land > your faction's power. For example, if your faction has 50 maxpower but only 20 power (due to deaths) and 25 chunks of land claimed [25/20/50], then your land can be claimed until your power is greater than or equal to your land.

    • Raiding by other means is also enabled (TNT)
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    The issue has been fixed, and the whitelist has been turned off.
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    We are aware of the bugs and that the server can and may crash and rollback. However, while we try to diagnose the problem, we are going to put the server up simply so we can analyze more info while the server has players online. Thanks for your patience.
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    Whitelist enabled while we fix some bugs to prevent further crashes.
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    Quote from realsimple1»
    If you have the time I'm sure that everyone would love if you could maybe give us hourly updates how the server is going during the day , that would be awesome but don't Rush I want the server to be the best it can

    I'm glad that everyone is hyped but the truth is that we are not working on the server 24/7 - AYF and myself are both full time students, so we don't have unlimited time to allocate towards the server. We are working non stop in our free time, but our productivity is restricted by our schedules.

    With that said, we should be opened very soon.
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    Adding some final touches. It is possible that the server can open today or sometime tomorrow.
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