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    posted a message on Meat Block and various other storage blocks

    There's a few storage blocks, like for ore and wheat, but I feel like they aren't living up to their full potential. Storage blocks could be a lot more.

    For one, I suggest adding meat blocks for all the differint kinds of meat in the game. While it's a bit gross, it would be handy for storage, and could also be really cool building blocks for creative projects!

    I also think there should be a seed block, to store seeds, along with a sugar and berry block.

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    posted a message on A way to Reverse Crafting- The Deconstruction table.

    A lot of times i've been trying to make something in minecraft, only to click the wrong crafting recipe by mistake. Or, I finish a project that I way overestimated the amount of materials i'd need for it. Or I'm working on a project, and need materials for it in a pinch.

    That's where the deconstruction table comes in, allowing you to reverse the crafting of an item or block to revert it to it's bare essentials. I think this'd be a great addition that could really help with building.

    This wouldn't work with weapons or anything that has durability though, because people could use the table to have never breaking armor/tools.

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