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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Thaumcraft has a "Magical Forest" biome that spawns naturally, as well as some that spawn based on other things that you shouldn't really have to worry about (Eerie and Tainted Land, as the poster above mentioned.) It spawns fairly commonly, though by no means excessively, in my worlds. I'm no expert on Thaumcraft, but I think having a magical forest around is very helpful, if not required, for progression. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.) I can get a few screens if you need, as well as more info.
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    posted a message on Minestrappolation 3.0 - A Complete Vanilla Overahaul!
    EDIT: lol, found the Github issues page. Sorry for wasting your time by not reporting it there.
    Hello, I have a bug report for you guys. With

    -Minestrappolation 3.0.1

    -Clashsoft Lib 2.2.0

    -Brewing API 2.0.1

    -MC 1.7.10


    I am having missing textures for all of the stone blocks. I have screens if you need them. The console doesn't say anything useful and no crash:

    BaronVonNutBeard joined the game
    [14:40:48 INFO]: Client> [14:40:48] [Client thread/INFO] [FML]: [Client thread] Client side modded connection established
    [14:40:50 INFO]: Client> [14:40:50] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving and pausing game...
    [14:40:50 INFO]: Client> [14:40:50] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'New World'/Overworld
    [14:40:51 INFO]: Client> [14:40:51] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'New World'/Nether
    [14:40:51 INFO]: Client> [14:40:51] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'New World'/The End
    [14:41:08 INFO]: Client> [14:41:08] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Saved screenshot as 2014-07-21_14.41.07.png
    [14:41:14 INFO]: Client> [14:41:14] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Saved screenshot as 2014-07-21_14.41.14.png
    [14:41:15 INFO]: Client> [14:41:15] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving and pausing game...
    [14:41:15 INFO]: Client> [14:41:15] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'New World'/Overworld
    [14:41:15 INFO]: Client> [14:41:15] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'New World'/Nether
    [14:41:15 INFO]: Client> [14:41:15] [Server thread/INFO]: Saving chunks for level 'New World'/The End

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on MalisisDoors 1.12.2-7.3.0 / 1.11.2-6.1.3 (01/02/2018)
    Hey, I hate to be that guy, but...
    Are there any plans to backport to 1.6.4? I (and I'm sure quite a few others) still play in 1.6 because there are still some mods that haven't updated or are in an alpha state. This is just such an awesome mod and I would love to have it alongside all my others, even if it's not fully compatible. But I know that it would be a lot of work to backport and especially maintain two different versions, so I will definitely respect "no" for an answer.
    Thank you very much.
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    posted a message on Mods FAQ and security considerations
    Very well-written and helpful post. As a user of ~250 mods, I can affirm that all of this is correct. I actually never knew how to install a vanilla mod. I personally believe that this should be pinned to the top of the Mods forum section to help out newer mod users. Maybe you could add in a section discussing things like common crashes, Block ID conflicts, how to use config files, and stuff like that? I fully support any effort to educate and help out new mod users, as I remember the time I struggled to install Buildcraft for 1.2.5 for the first time. Good job :)
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    posted a message on WIP Modded Creative Build: Origin Tree
    Quote from Aiyoki

    A good way to improve on the design is to implement some more naturalism to it. it might take a bit longer to complete but might I suggest some "random selection" ?

    the stump is way too straight one way to adjust this and make it appear more random is to maybe have the tree leaning slightly in a specific direction and do away with the extreme straightness.

    And a tree of this magnitude will always have visible roots. this could take a while but having a random selection using sapplings to determine where the roots grow out from can make for a very natural appearance. The same can be done for any future branches that this tree will have.

    That is a great idea. What about having it be one of those weird trees that splits halfway up or something? Maybe something happened to it in all the years it's been standing? I don't know, just thinking out loud. The one issue is that I am a very poor builder and straight is the only way I've ever built before, but I'll certainly give it a try. Time for the good ol' flint 'n' steel xD Time is of no matter; taking a month to make an amazing build would have been much more worth my time than a three-day crap build. Thank you for the feedback.
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    posted a message on WIP Modded Creative Build: Origin Tree
    Hi! I've started a build in Creative mode with some mods that I'm calling Origin Tree. It is a large (by my standards, I don't know about you) treehouse that I will be working on for a while. I just started it and got anxious to post something to the forums, so here it is. I will be building this by hand one block at a time. Images and other stuff will be below. (I am very new to forums in general, so apologies if I screw up formatting or something like that.) Feedback is welcome, even if it's just "L0L NOOB U R SUKZORZ." That at least tells me I have something that needs improvement. Well, without further ado, let's take a look!

    Latest News:
    --Tore it down and started on a new tree to make it look more natural.
    --Finished the basic trunk and floor outlines.

    Not much here *ahem*
    "At the center of this strange flat world, there grows a massive tree. Carved out long ago by a civilization long gone, it stands as a monument to the union between nature and humans."

    It's a treehouse. At the origin of the world. The concept is not extremely fleshed out at the moment. I imagine this sort of grand staircase spiraling up the inside of the trunk to the top. Along the branches are homes, gardens, the works. I plan to have a bit of a magical feel to it. Beneath the tree will be a complex system of caverns twisting among the roots, supplying the earthen resources for the civilization that once lived there. Might have a sky temple thingy above it if I don't hit the world ceiling with the top of the tree. I will update the thread whenever something happens with my plans or the actual build.

    Alright, on to the good stuff. Well, right now, It's kinda just a big half-circle of wood. But it's something. I'm really just trying to garner preliminary interest for the build right now. I'll have more very soon.

    Thank you for reading all the way through my post. I hope I have not wasted your time. If you have something to say, please post below! I would love to hear it!
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    posted a message on i want to learn about feed the beast
    I know a little bit about it, and I have the resources to learn more. If you don't know any FTB servers, I could set up mine. I'm not super experienced with playing on servers, but I can certainly try.

    Skype: boxedgrizzly (I have a mic)
    Age: 15 (I promise I'm not a whiny little kid)
    Minecraft Username: BaronVonNutBeard

    BTW, I think this is the wrong section for this post. This section is for published mods. I believe the correct subforum would be "Looking For", but don't quote me on that.
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    posted a message on BearInABox's Modded Survival Server
    This is a start-from-scratch survival server with a lot of mods. It will not have a big sparkly spawn area; you will have to help me make it with the resources we gather. Anyone is welcome (no whitelist), and you can do pretty much whatever you want (major griefing is not allowed, but I can appreciate a good practical joke). Due to legal issues, I will not upload a mod pack, only the server configs. You will need these configs, as well as all the mods (listed below) to play on the server. I probably forgot something...tell me if I did.

    Server Version: 1.5.1

    Difficulty: HARD

    IP Address (nonstatic, will change)

    Mods (Google is your friend for finding these)
    Player API
    Better World Generation 4
    CoFH Core
    Better Storage
    bspkrs Core
    Applied Energistics
    Biomes O Plenty
    Carpenter's Slope
    Colored Water
    Dungeon Mobs
    Equivalent Exchange 3 (with Equivalency addon)
    Forestry (with Extra Bees 1.6-pre4 addon)
    Glowstone Wire
    IndustrialCraft 2 (with GregTech addon)
    Invisible lighting (Invistorch)
    Magic Yarn
    Metallurgy 3
    MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits (with addon found on website)
    More Pistons (by Sméagol)
    Painter's Flower Pot
    Primitive Mobs
    Redstone Energy Field
    Simply Horses
    Smart Moving
    Steve's Carts 2.0.0a99
    Tinkers' Construct 1.3dev32
    Thaumcraft 3 3.0.4b
    Thermal Expansion
    Twilight Forest 1.17.1
    Underground Biomes 0.3.4a
    Vending Mod
    Zombie Awareness

    Config Pack:



    I have a small YouTube channel, and I reserve the right to record and post videos from the server at any time. So don't share your life secrets, okay?

    Thanks for checking out my server; feedback is very welcome!
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    posted a message on [Forge][Tech][SMP]RotaryCraft - Machines, Power, Automation
    I found an issue. Apparently the Bait Box doesn't like new mobs added by mods; it crashes with a null pointer exception when it tries to render the bait box (at least, that's what I think happened; I'm no coder. I just saw crash and NEI render glitch.) Also, is it intentional that the Railgun, Projector, and Sodium Iodide Cannon render as iron blocks?

    Otherwise, amazing mod, I could see it becoming one of my staple mods.
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    posted a message on Chisel
    Amazing mod; I highly encourage you to continue adding new blocks. I may do a spotlight on it, but I am a terrible youtuber and may not be able to make a coherent mod spotlight. If I do make one, I will post it here. I will be keeping an eye on this mod. EDIT: It seems that the lapis block textures mess up after a little bit. I'm running quite a few other mods, but sometimes the blocks are fine and other times they're messed up without me changing anything. Is anyone else having this issue, or is it just me? EDIT2: It seems to be connected to the texture bug with Buildcraft facades, reported below I think.
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    posted a message on BearInABox's Modded Let's Play Series
    This is a little let's play by me with 92 active mods and a commentary by me. It's my first video ever and I have absolutely no prior experience with videos, so please tell me how to improve my casting skills. I have several episodes recorded already but only the first one has been posted on YouTube:
    This is meant to be a fun and informal let's play (despite my dull voice). The introduction is pretty long, but I think I did a pretty good job with the rest of it for a first-timer. In this episode I look around for starting materials and fail at time and hunger/thirst (from Thirst Mod) management.
    Thanks for checking me out and I appreciate any feedback you give!
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    posted a message on Mechanized - Walker Mechs in Minecraft
    I fully support this mod; If you make it, you will have an immediate download from me.
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    posted a message on [1.5.x] [Forge] [+3000 Downloads] Fancy Glass (v1.0.4)
    Great mod; downloading now. I encourage you to keep developing new blocks for this mod. And Linkin Park is awesome :)
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    posted a message on Looking for people to play with
    I'll play with you. I'm 15 and also have a mic. I'm kinda bad though... I'm BBP Regulus; feel free to add me if you want to.
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    posted a message on HELP!
    You may want to install an alternate launcher like MultiMC if you cannot fix the default launcher at all. To get your world over to the new launcher, create an instance, log in and then exit, hit view folder, and replace the instance's .minecraft with yours (I think that's how you do it). This may be more trouble than it's worth though.
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