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    This is in my Sky Factory 3 world. So what happened was. I created a dark room to kill mobs for mod chunks. It was working pretty well and I didn't need much so I decided not to automate it. When I had enough, I left it alone and forgot about it. A few hours later I noticed my world was running a little slow. I have a lot of Cloches and I know they cause lag. I found out how to fix that pretty easily. I looked around at what was causing it until I realized, my dark room is full of mobs. I have a Draconic Staff that is pretty upgraded So I thought, "I'll just kill all these mobs quick and light up the inside so they stop spawning. I killed them all with 1 swing and my game crashed. Start it up again and it crashes a few seconds later. Now I can somewhat stay on but I can't open my inventory without it crashing me. I've included a link to the latest crash report.

    I really don't know what I'm looking at in the report and was hoping that someone can point out the problem.

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