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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Vanilla][MC Patcher 4.2.1] Graphic bug?
    Hi there,
    I just installed minecraft again and patched it then put up the [Sphax PureBDcraft 256x256] Texturepack,

    Now the point where the blocks attach to each other don't fit properly..

    The lines don't show well but while playing its worse!!!

    If anyone needs the Snooper Settings:
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    posted a message on 8 Staff members needed

    Skype name(Required): "will send if interested"

    IGN: Beanmen

    Age: 19 "almost 20"

    Timezone: GTM +1

    How much do you know about mythology? Enough and i'm willing to learn more about it

    How good are you at being a staff member? I had my own server for over 2 years

    Have you ever intentionally griefed? (Be honest) No

    How intrigued are you by this server? It sounds like a fun server and i would love to help out :)
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    posted a message on 1.4.7 Survival Server Looking For Experienced Staff!
    IGN: Beanmen
    Skype (optional): Will PM it if you are interested
    Teamspeak Name: Will PM it if you are interested
    Age: 19, Almost 20
    Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I had a lot of experience with my own server i nearly hosted for 2 years, then i quit playing minecraft till about 2/3 weeks ago, and i want to make a new start by joining a server and helping out the staff
    Why should I pick you?: I'm an adult, who had a lot of experience dealing with problems in a server,
    Have you been a Mod before? if so, how many times?: I've been the owner of a server for 2 years.
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    posted a message on [Server Recruitment] MASSIVE PROJECT - ROLE-PLAY - SEEKING STAFF & CODERS

    Name[Optional, and encouraged, not necessary]: Jeffrey

    MC Name: Beanmen

    Email: Can PM it to you if interested

    Skype[I’ll have that if you send via skype]: Can PM it to you if interested

    Skills: I had my own server for about 2 years, then i stopped playing, and i picked up playing about 2/3 weeks ago so i'm trying to find some fun server to help out with

    Example of Skills[photo, save, etc]: My old server is offline so i won't have the "example of my skills" for you.

    Age[No need to answer]: 19, Almost 20
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    posted a message on Mineeria - Accepting admins and staff
    Staff App
    *Age 19 "almost 20"

    *Country The Netherlands

    *Gmt +1

    *Ways to be contacted Skype, Imessage/Facetime, Teamspeak

    *Why moderate for us?(Paragraph required) I love to help out people, solve problems and just see that everyone is enjoying themselfs in the server, and to punish people when needed, i just like to be part of a community what can lead to some or many friendships. because when you get to know most of the players that come to the server very often you will get to know them and they even can help a bit in the helping progress when someone new on the server needs any help.

    *Any past experience? (List servers and ips here) "i can list the ip but it won't work" My own old server "site in my banner"

    *Interests Building in survial, helping people to get started, solve problems

    *A bit about yourself
    Well, My name is Jeffrey, Im 19 years old and live in The Netherlands,
    i started to play minecraft just when it got out of alpha modes, i enjoyed playing it everyday after school till i went to bed, i made many friends out of just the game, now i'm done with school i have allot of spare time so if i get picked i can focus a 100% on just the server :)
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    posted a message on JC Server [IN NEED OF STAFF]
    Age: 19 "almost 20"

    Gender: Male

    #Skype Name(If you have one): Can PM it ;)

    Are you able to stop people from breaking the rules? Yes, and if necessary a kick or ban

    Have you ever had experience with being part of a staff team? Yes i had my own server for over 2 years and i have been in the staff of some other small servers

    Will you follow the rules? Of course that is a standard..

    Do you abuse your powers? No i won't.
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    posted a message on Need builders for a medieval server
    Name: Jeffrey
    IGN: Beanmen
    Age: 19 "almost 20"
    Building Experience (Pictures are a plus): Can send with skype
    Skype/Other ways of contact: Pm me if you are interested
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    posted a message on Looking for a few good people.
    Hi there,
    I would love to help you with your server,
    if you have any admin or mod spots available i would love to help and get this server to a fun place to stay :)

    *some info*

    IGN: Beanmen
    Age: 19
    Old experience: Yes, Had my own server for over 2 years and have been staff on some other small servers

    you can always pm me for my skype :)
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    posted a message on Noxusgaming - Looking for 20 -30 more!:[Builders][Helpers][Moderators][Programmers][Graphics artists][Web developers]
    In-game name: Beanmen
    Age: 19, almost 20
    Can you use TeamSpeak 3? i sure can :)
    Do you have a microphone? I do have a microphone
    Previous server experience?: My own server 1,5 years ago, and some other helper/mod rangs in other old servers
    Preferred method of communication (e.g. Skype, TS): Skype, TS
    Previous moderation experience?: Some older servers, but i stopped playing till like 2 weeks ago..
    Have any external skills?: Friendly towards other members, always trying to help

    you can always PM Me for my skype :)
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    posted a message on 365 Days of Skins!
    March. 1: Skin like Justin Bieber

    March. 1: Don't play minecraft.
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    posted a message on Premium Account Validation Script
    And how do it put this script in html?
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w36a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from Hsenfow

    Have you noticed how, yet again, the minecraft developers have stolen content from a mod?
    The "mob" heads were originally created by Jammy780 in the mod found here:


    They use it, not steal it whiner...
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    posted a message on Sunny Islands on the Ocean
    cute how you use paint xD

    epic work tho :D
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    posted a message on Closed
    In-Game Name: Beanmen
    Age & Location: 19 - The Netherlands
    Reasons You Should Be Accepted: The server looks great, and when i joined they greeted me so friendly, so i immediately knew it is a friendly community, and that is what i want :)
    Have You Played Minecraft Before? (1): Yes, for a long time already haha.
    Any Previous Bans? (2): For so far i know, No.
    Anything Else?: Hope i get in haha looks like a fun place to be :D

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