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    posted a message on Divergence[Based upon the book Divergent][PvP]
    Looks great!
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    posted a message on Test Please Ignore.


    Basic Professions. These are the recruits of the clan and carry out everyday tasks.

    Warrior- These Fight in the wars,raids, and battles we will undoubtedly encounter.

    Builder-These people make tools and such to help in battle, they also build new buildings
    and such for better protection.

    Miner-You just mine for materials, nuff said.

    Gatherer- Who wouldn't want to go out into the wild and get random materials.

    Advanced Professions. These are trusted members who are valuable parts of the group.

    Archer/Knight- Choose your path. Become skilled with the arrow, or become an expert with a sword.

    Architect- An advanced builder, you know what you're doing and design buildings.

    Miner/Forge- Choose your path. Mine for rare ores, or be an expert craftsman.

    Gatherer/Explorer- Choose your path. Gather items for the good of the group, or adventure to strange new lands.

    Veterans. These are your leaders. They deserve your respect.

    Colonel- You command a small regiments of the army.

    Head Builder- your in charge of all those who build and craft, you decided if a building is
    good enough or if we should make a certain tool or not.

    Head Miner- You send parties of miners down when we need the good stuff.

    Head Gatherer- When we need something special, you send people out to get it.

    Commanders. These are the people that make this clan great, they have the greatest powers and the most responsibility.

    General- You command the soldiers,Colonels, the whole 9 yards, anything that has do do with battle people ask you first

    Moderator (of the faction not the server)- You allow people into the faction, kick'em out, promote them
    (with my permission of course)

    Everyone is NOT Guaranteed a promotion!
    You must work for it and if we deem you not worthy them I apologize but your not ready
    You are NOT ​Guaranteed to keep your position, if you become Untrustworthy then you will be asked nicely to step down or we will demote you
    If you have any questions/suggestions don't be afraid to ask a mod or me for help!

    Application Below

    Why you want to join:
    What position you want:
    Did you recommend a friend?:
    Did a Friend Recommend you?:
    How long have you been playing minecraft?:
    Previous Server ban reasons(opt.):
    Age (opt.):
    What do expect to achieve in this clan?:
    What do you want to do first?:
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    posted a message on Fort Neptune Build (Using Custom Dokucraft RPG texturepack)
    Nice build.
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    posted a message on A skyscraper I made in minecraft!

    Enjoy! :D
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    posted a message on My friend is doing a Minecraft Let's Play and I want him to get some more views.

    This is one of his episodes. Please rate and comment and help him better his series.

    :D Thanks.
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    posted a message on ShadeCrest Creative | Ranks | WorldEdit | VoxelSniper | Contests | MultiWorld | Dynmap | Teamspeak
    What is your IGN: Beanboy112
    How old are you: 14
    Have you ever been banned before, if yes, for what: No
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since early beta.
    Tell us something you read in the rules: Make buildings look realistic.
    What is your plot ID***: 3;6
    How did you find us: Minecraft forum.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Name: Ethan Cramer
    Age: 14
    Location: Texas
    Interests: Architecture, Astronomy, physics.

    Character Info:

    Name: Lukim Cithri
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc): Human
    Residence (choose one city above or "Wilderness" for living out in the wild): Calidyrr
    Profession (choose 1): Merchant
    Background info:
    As a child Lukim lived in a small village near Calidyrr with his father. His father owned the town shop and provided for Lukim. Lukim helped in the shop whenever he could, as he very much enjoyed it and viewed it as a profession rather than just work. His father promised Lukim the shop when he turned 21 but Lukim had bigger plans. He wanted to move the Calidyrr and start his own shop. He wanted to dominate the economy. Lukim knew this was a bit out of hand but he was determined. He told his father about his plans and he asked his father to come with him. Although his father was hesitant to leave his shop at first, he soon decided it was what was best for Lukim. They saved up for 2 horses and set out for Calidyrr. In about a day and a half they had arrived. Lukim purchased a small house for his father to stay in while he gets his shop up and running. Now Lukim is in the city and soon to be following through with his dream.

    Account Info:

    Minecraft username: Beanboy112
    Roleplaying Experience (any roleplaying servers you've played on before): I've been on a couple role-playing servers, I'm looking for one with a bit more people though.
    Have you read our entire server lore (on our website)?: Yes
    Have you read our entire rules?: Yes
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    posted a message on Is anyone else having this problem?
    When I click on an mc forum post and it has a spoiler sometimes the spoiler won't open. Then I have to refresh the page and even then it doesn't work all the time. Anyone else have this problem or know a fix?
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    posted a message on [New Clan] Arcane Heroes [Need New Members] [Raiding] [PvP] [Socialist]
    IGN: Beanboy112

    Nickname(If you don't want one, don't worry.): Bean
    Age(We are not ageist.): 14
    Timezone: U.S. Central
    Why do you want to join?: I want to be part of an organized community.
    What MC skills can you bring t
    o the clan?: Building, and people skills.
    Do you specialise in anything, in real life?: Well not that it's relevant but I play drums and piano :P
    Have you got any screen shots to show us?: http://s1077.photobucket.com/albums/w465/Beanboy112/?action=view¤t=2012-03-28_204335.png , http://s1077.photobucket.com/albums/w465/Beanboy112/?action=view¤t=2012-03-03_101356.png , http://s1077.photobucket.com/albums/w465/Beanboy112/?action=view¤t=2012-03-07_161706-1.png .
    Tell us about yourself, Hobbies, interests etc: Music, astronomy, architecture.
    How would you describe your personality?: I'm fairly smart, and a people person.
    Skype name?:xsmallfriesx
    By applying, you fully accept the rules. ☺
    By applying, you also agree to understanding the ideology behind communism and democracy. ☺
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    posted a message on Chunk error much?
    I found one of these the other day
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    posted a message on [NEW!] ♛ Onslaught ♛ ||HARDCORE FACTION PVP|| - ||TREASUREHUNT|| - ||MOB ARENA|| - ||MCMMO|| - ||250 SLOT|| - ||NO WHITELIST|| -
    Your IGN: Beanboy112
    Your Feedback/Suggestion: None so far :P Looks great.
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    posted a message on ~~~Craftyn Towny~~~ Mob, PVP, and Splegg Arenas + Other Mini Games + NPCs + Shops/Economy ~~~ Come join today!
    IGN: Beanboy112
    Why do you want to join? I want to join a town and contribute to the community.
    What is your building style? Medieval/Renaissance
    Do You Agree to the rules? Yes
    Have you voted for us? I am about to.
    Have you Voted this post up (the green arrow at the bottom of this post)? Yes
    Who referred you? Deathmaker56
    Anything else you would like me to know? Nope :P
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    posted a message on Kingdom of the Snow (Now Recruting)
    what is the ip?
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    posted a message on Kingdom of the Snow (Now Recruting)
    IGN: Beanboy112
    Age: 14
    Ever been banned?: Nope
    Do you grief?: No
    Are you good at Building/Mining/Hunting?: I'm good at building and decent at mining and hunting.
    What rank would you like?: Archer
    Skype Username: xSmallfriesx
    Skills: Archery, building, design.
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