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    Username: Battlefist888G
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Discord (you must have a Discord account): Battlefist888G#7778
    Timezone or country: US
    Why do you want to join?: I want to find an interesting server to join and play on and this seems just like the kind of thing I want to join I would love to be apart of this
    What can you bring to the server?: a kind of funny guy and someone who has 8+ years of minecraft and pokemon experience and 5+ in pixelmon
    How many hours a week can you play?: many as I want other then days im away so i say 18+
    Anything else you want to mention?: It would be greatly appreciated if you let me join
    Favorite Pokèmon: greninja or lucario [ik its basic]

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    posted a message on Looking for small Twitch streamers and YouTubers to join a new kingdom SMP

    i sent you a friend request my disc is battlefist888G

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