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    posted a message on 🍓 Raspberry Craft 🍓 vanilla / 1.18.2 / SMP / 18+ / discord / dynmap / simple voice chat / white list


    No cheats like x-ray and auto miners, this a vanilla so play the game how its meant to be played.

    No stealing, don't take things that are not yours.

    Don't grief people, pranks are totally fine, but be willing to clean up what you did.

    be respectful to people, its Minecraft were all here for fun, (and sometimes war).

    take care of the world, mine the hole tree fill creeper holes, the little things matter.

    no duplication at all, if your building a tnt duper for a farm let me know first.

    Joining the server:

    If you would like to join please answer the questions blow. once done I will invite you to the discord server. don't worry if I don't respond to people, I'll respond later when I start adding people to the discord. Try to be clear and have detailed / clean response. The more people that join, then we can do stuff like events and have game night. Have a question about the server, please let me know.


    what is your In Game username:
    do you have discord, what's you discord username#:
    what's your Age:
    Country / time zone:
    what experience do you have with other Minecraft communities?
    why do you want to join Raspberry Craft?

    Do you have a favorite build style? (just added this one, so if you commented already don't worry.)
    Do you have any other hobbies?
    What part of Minecraft is your favorite?

    I will DM you on the Minecraft forum, because I cant contact people on discord without being a friend, or in the same server!

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    posted a message on [Hermit Craft / dream SMP like server] SMP, mostly vanilla, proximity voice chat, and dynmap. 16+!

    Hello, this server is a Hermit craft like server! we have simple voice chat, a dynmap, and multi player sleep. if you are interested in become part of my community now is your chance. join this discord and answerer some question and you can be a part of my server.

    This server is brand new. be one of the first people to become part of the community.

    This server will stay up to date with the latest version.

    Discord testing server : https://discord.gg/7DwMbead

    if you have any questions let me know, have fun.

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