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    Sorry, I shifted my application to the website, and this is the resulting blank post. Looks good so far though!
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    Bump - Still wanna see this for 1.2 - Come on guys, spent 4 hours on this thread.
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    Bumping - Please, ANY form of response. Suggest, comment, give me a Notch or Diamond? Anything. Also, sorry if bumping isn't allowed anymore, I've been gone a while. Can someone tell me if I'm allowed? Sigh. Also, I spent 4 hours typing this, so I don't care if you don't have anything important or dire to say, all posts make me happy. :>
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    Quote from Flamespike

    Definitely would like to see this.

    Thanks! Anything you'd like to change or suggest? I really like-a-teh feedback.
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    Awesome story, bro! But if yo kill Amelio, I'll kill you.
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    I agree with the post of requiring 2 to get one. If you're debunking for parts, you're gonna damage some things.

    Also, I think it should go in parts. Example:

    Any tool (We'll say pick!) turns into a handle and a pickaxe-head (Or whatever tool it is, Sword Blade/Axe Head/Hoe Rake, etc.), then those turn into materials.
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    Cleaned up the code so you can read the commands smoother. Any ideas/tips to make it look better? Is it understandable? Come on guys, I need feedback for this 4-hour typing work.
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    Quote from Evar678

    I don't think its much of a trouble or anything.

    Anyway, I personally like the idea.

    Thanks. I just cut the thread and reposted it, so I just want it deleted.

    And if you like it, please, show it some love over in the requests section!
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    Alright, this thread will be a doozy to keep track of AND to maintain, but I have great vision if any brave SMP modder wants to take it under his/her wing.


    The Castle Wars Mod
    Yet to be made, much to be anticipated.

    The General Idea
    So the idea is to have a mod that can add a great SMP fighting game without making a server dedicated to the game. This would involve a portal of sorts, where you enter a portal made of a certain block, or series of blocks, that went to a waiting room. When a minimum number of players are met, say 4 (2 per team minimum), they are taken to their team's castles and assigned a class. Each game will have it's own 2 chat systems aside from the main game's one, so that the server doesn't require dedication to the game to operate. They will then commence in a game of Castle Wars. There should be a general command for all scripts, that pulls up a list of the Castle Wars commands, as well as some other basic ones:

    /cw help <Page#>

    I will go in order of the terms underlined above.

    Alright. This will require a form of starting portal, where the people who wish to play enter the portal and are taken to the waiting room. The portal should be made of either something only an admin can obtain (Such as sponges or bedrock!) or should be something that is rare and cannot be built by players who don't have permissions. For ease of making the mod, I'd recommend the first of the options, since an admin can just make it out of sponges and then lock the area so a player can't break it and take it, or make one naturally (They can't get sponges!). To activate the portal, there should be admin commands like:

    /cwportal on
    /cwportal off
    /cwportal block <Username> OR <UserGroup>
    /cwportal unblock <Username> OR <UserGroup>

    Waiting Room
    The waiting room should be the destination of the portal created. The location shouldn't matter, and should be able to be chosen by an admin. That admin can then either make it out of Bedrock, or protect the land area. You could also add a protection automatically for a 25 block radius of the waiting room. There should also be a set-able wait time, and possibly various time-based commands. Also, abilities to kick players. Commands should be:

    /cwroom protect #OPTIONAL# 
    /cwroom time <TimeInSeconds> #WAITING TIME FOR THE GAME START#
    /cwroom pause #OPTIONAL - To pause the timer, as to wait for people#
    /cwroom start #OPTIONAL - To Automatically start the game#
    **/cwroom svote #OPTIONAL - Start a vote to activate /cwroom start#**
    **/cwroom svote <Y;N> #OPTIONAL - See /cwroom svote#**
    /cwroom kick <Username> #ADMIN KICK FOR ROWDY PLAYERS#
    **/cwroom votekick <Username>** #INITIATE A VOTE TO KICK A PLAYER#
    **/cwroom kvote <Y;N>** #SEE /cwroom votekick#

    Player Numbers
    The number of players should be a maximum of 16, with eight for each squad. The number of players decides what classes will be on the field. There should never be an uneven amount of players. The game will not start until there are even players. Instead of code, I will use a chart to try to communicate this:

    Players(Lobby) - # Per Team - Included Classes
    4 players - 2 per team - 1 Fighter, 1 Builder
    6 players - 3 per team - Above, +1 Scout
    8 Players - 4 per team - Above, +1 Cleric
    10 Players - 5 per team - Above, +1 Battle Mage
    12 Players - 6 per team - Above, +1 Farmer
    14 Players - 7 per team - Above, +1 Fighter Class (Bonus)
    16 Players - 8 per team - Above, +1 Scout Class (Bonus)

    The castles are like the waiting rooms. They should be admin set, in any location. However, this is the only section where the mod itself must provide protections. The teams must be prevented from breaking all of the blocks except for a block that acts as a flag or king, where when it is destroyed the other team gets a point, and everyone is teleported back to their castles with all of their starting gear, and it's like nothing happened. This happens until one team scores at least 3 points by doing so. When 3 points are reached, the game is over, and the winners are announced globally, and they can go on to their drunken little celebration raving. The amount of points could also be changed with a code? Commands:

    /cwcastle set <Red;Blue>
    /cwcastle setflag #LEFT CLICK A BLOCK TO SET IT AS THE FLAG#
    /cwcastle points <Number> #POINTS REQUIRED TO WIN, THAT IS#
    /cwcastle delete <Red;Blue>

    The classes will be randomly assigned to a player when placed in their castle. See the player number charts to see what classes go in when there are a certain amount of players. However, I am open-minded towards the idea of just choosing your class with a command. I was also consider the idea of spending Castle Points (See Castle Wars Info!) on obtaining upgrades on things like how many of things you carry, what material your tools/armor is made of, etc. Here is a list of the classes and loadout:

    A standard melee class. Equipped with a stone sword, an iron chest-piece, and leather boots, this person will have to be a player who is good at hand-to-hand combat with their swords. Also has 10 pork chops, 10 steaks, and a flint & steel with them.

    A standard worker class. Working with full gold armor, a diamond pick and shovel, 5 stacks of stone, and a stack of glowstone, this guy is ready to expand on your castle, build a sniper's perch, or generally do anything to give your team the advantage. Usually leads into battle by connecting the castles in some way, he is going to need some cover from a friend or he's done for. Also comes with a stack of ladders, and the same food as a fighter.

    A standard ranger class. Working with full leather, a potion of swiftness, a bow and 2 stacks of arrows, and a little bit of bread and melon, this light-traveler is often the one who runs flanks or snipes. Best played defensively, a scout makes a great guard, as he can assist a fighter, or knock an enemy scout/builder off of their castles or towers.

    A medical magician, the Cleric runs around with Splash Potions of instant healing, regeneration, swiftness, and a little bit of poison (For defense/suicide/strategy). The Cleric has no armor, and a stack of cooked fish for himself. Fighters and scouts will often visit or bring along their Cleric to help them win battles with a little bit of a healthy advantage.

    Battle Mage
    A fighter wizard, this player packs a nice punch with him going into battle. The opposite of a Cleric, he packs Splash Potions of: Instant Damage, Damage, Poison, and a few personal or strategic splash potions of Insta-Health. However, like the cleric, he has no armor, and his deadly magics may not be given a chance if he is played incorrectly.

    A stay-in-castle player, the farmer packs 2 stacks of melon slices, 2 stacks of all types of cooked meat, 3 stacks of seeds, 4 saplings, a diamond hoe, and a diamond axe. He has no need for armor, as he stay in/around the castle and makes food and other things for the rest of the team. A good player to assist hungry scouts who don't have need for heavy foods, or Clerics who stay back and act as an in-home nurse, this character is very useful but not necessary addition to a great empire.

    Chat Systems
    The Chat should be divided in a way where once you enter the waiting room, you automatically chat to everyone in the game. Then, once in the game, your chat should remain focused on the generalized CW Chat, but with a command you should be able to talk to just your team. Commands:

    /cwchat on
    /cwchat off
    **/cwchat channel <General;Team> #CHANGES BETWEEN GENERAL CW CHAT AND TEAM-ONLY CW CHAT#**
    /cwchat mute <Username>

    The Game: Castle Wars
    The game itself is a very simple thing. You get put in a castle with your teammates, and must successfully infiltrate the enemy base and destroy their flag/trophy/token. Once this is done, the round ends and the team gets a Round Point. Whatever the admin has the Round Points set to (default is 3) is how many a team needs to win. On top of Round Points, there are Castle Points. 10 Castle Points are awarded to the individual player who breaks the trophy block. A player gets 2 Castle Points per kill. Everyone on the Winning Team gets 25 Castle Points. Castle Points can be spent to upgrade your class's weapons, speed, or things you have in your inventory. You can buy things with commands (That I will list below) to assist your mates when you play. Purchases are permanent, but when you buy more than you can hold in the game, you must sell some things to make room. The selection of a team process is random, and for balance purposes. All/Any rules that the admin wants can be enforced by blocking an unruly player from the portal with the portal block commands above, muting them in the chat with the chat commands above, or just banning them from the server. Rules can be anything from 'No killing until our castles are set up' to 'No using Lava' or even as far as 'If you kill me, you're banned forever'. These rules are not set in the mod, but set by the admin of the server and cannot be changed by the mod, since it's their ****ing server. If you get killed in the game, you just come back as either the same class or a different one that you picked BEFORE YOU DIE. When you start, you are given a random class by default. Final commands are as follows:

    **/cwpoints help <Page#> #GIVES PLAYER POINT PRICES FOR AN ITEM!#**
    **/cwpoints sell <ID> <Amount> #USER CANNOT SELL UPGRADES#** 
    /cwpoints disable <ID>
    /cwpoints give <Player> <Amount> #COMMAND FOR GIVING PLAYER POINTS#
    /cwpoints take <Player> <Amount> #OR# <All> #TAKES POINTS FROM PLAYER#
    **/cwclass select <Class#> #CLASS NUMBERS ARE IN ORDER OF 1=FIGHTER, 2=BUILDER, 3=SCOUT, AND SO ON#**
    **/cwclass change <Class#> #CHANGES TO ANOTHER CLASS AFTER NEXT DEATH#**
    **/cwclass random <ON/OFF> #SELECTS RANDOM CLASSES ON DEATHS#**

    I understand that this is some kind of pipe-dream. And I understand this is a lot to ask of a TEAM of persons to make, let alone a SINGLE person. However, if you give this a chance, I can almost assure you there will be a large of community of downloads and donations. The only real reason I spent 4 hours of my weekend to type this was to hopefully get good feedback and suggestions, fine-tweak the plans, and hopefully get someone to agree to do it in the future. Even if nobody does this, I hope this thread gets some love, suggestions, and hell, I'd even like haters to hate and potatoes to potate. And for a tl;dr version of this four-hour beast: Sexiness. That is all.

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    Yeah, I just came back and was like, "**** me with a rake."

    Requesting thread move/delete. I'm blind as all hell. Sorry for all troubles.
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    I misplaced this. My fullest apologies.
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    That's Excellent! Thanks! Any updates? My computer died out a bit for a while.
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    Minecraft Username: BathTubba (I like servers that can use /Nick to change it to Tubbs or my RP name!)

    Roleplay Name: The Stranger, Ozgin

    Homecountry: I, Ozgin, have no home country. Actually, that's a lie. I don't remember where I am from, as I have no recollection of my former life, besides my name. I do however, remember stumbling out of the Nether and passing out. I also have distinct memories of the Churches in Melerian City, but I don't remember my business there. I do, however, have a deep interest in Magic and Dwarves.

    Physical Appearance: After stumbling from the Nether, I was burned. Badly. I can still to this day feel the fire in my red eyes. I were a cloak and hood to cover my face and body. All that is visible are my hands, and that's only from the bottoms of my sleeves. I'd rather not talk about my physical features, after the accident.

    Personality: I can be a dark, cold and angry person. If that's how you wish to have me. I find that most people nowadays avoid getting on my bad side. However, I can warm up nicely to friends. I think deeply about everything, and am never completely honest about myself. One thing that helps this is my lack of ability to remember my past before I was scarred by the eternal blaze of the underworld. I can be a great military asset to whoever will house me, and serve primarily in the field of espionage.

    Well, from what I've pieced together, here goes. I believe I was raised in or near the Melerian City's thresholds. My mother, who I occasionally believe I see in my dreams, was an old mage. I don't recall or find records of a father. I don't have a waya to find him through my features, as they were damaged in my last trip to the Netherworld. The trip that altered my appearance, and layed the foundation for my inner rage.
    The trip to the Nether before I lost my memory is blurry, but here's how I can explain it. I was searching for something, perhaps something legendary. I don't know what, but it must have been important. I'd been travelling for hours before I was blindsided by a Ghast. I heard his faint moan as he flew down from a ledge behind me. I sprinted. I made it to the edge of a cliff over a lake of lava. I grabbed the edge and swung down for the portal lying lake-side. As I fell with a rope as my only line of safety, the Ghast took shot. Needless to say, he hit me. He partially melted the skin on the side of my face, and down my chest to my belly-button. It felt like needles all over me. The rope was still just barely attached when I felt I reached the rope's limit, and swung through the portal. That's where my memory picks up, and I can vividly remember the group of elderly men applying water magics to my body and contacting help. I now enjoy teaching stealthy skills and minor hidden redstone, but my preferred job is with Governments, as a spy and negotiator.

    Reason to Join: I would like to to join to find a serious experience on Minecraft, where I can take others seriously like they can me. I also enjoy pushing the envelope while staying in character and not being hated. If you allow me in, I will embrace your rules and role-playing experiences, and perhaps make things funner for others as well.

    Do you agree with the Server Rules?: Of course, and mature non-imbecile can follow standardized rules.

    Do you believe that you are trustworthy?: I do believe I am, yes. I will go as far as I am allowed, and only such.

    What will you Contribute to the server?: I will attempt to make an enriching and complex twisting to the role-playing community on your server, as well as help things run smoothly in any way that I can.

    Special Code: [/*$]
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    Bump. Will not stop until made.
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