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    posted a message on Into the Jungle is in need of Coders

    Into the Jungle is still in need of any coder that can be committed to working on the mod. I am willing to work and help out programmers in their tasks and what they want to do. Some work has been done for 1.12.2 from a now inactive coder. I am open to any level or skill of programming (beginners to experts, people that know how to implement in items and blocks to mobs, etc). I am laid back and there isn't exactly a strict deadline. If you want to port to 1.15, I am open to that. For more information or any questions, DM me.
    Curseforge (with barebones pre-alpha): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/into-the-jungle-a-primate-mod

    Discord: https://discord.gg/S4UM75x

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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!

    Extremely depressing, there will actually be a winner, and always be one single winner. Miss you all.

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    posted a message on Minecraft: Adaptive Lifestyles

    Hopefully this mod does take off. It is extremely complicated and probably scares people away. That could be interesting, some sort of tier system. I was thinking maybe instead Flight Strength could increase overtime, representing aging or something.

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    posted a message on Minecraft: Adaptive Lifestyles

    This is a concept mod: I will be making this mod along with a team!

    When you begin a world, you spawn with a menu in front of you. You have many options to pick.

    Terrestrial Lifestyle: A Vanilla lifestyle but with limitations on what you can do. You can't climb vines, slower in water, ect. No other info needed.

    Aquatic Lifestyle: You are extremely fast in the water, you can dig, build, and live underwater. Once every time, you would need to resurface to get air. You are very very slow on land and weak.

    Semi-Aquatic Lifestyle: Mix of Terrestrial and Aquatic. You are slower on land and slightly faster in water, you can be able to live on land and water. Every few minutes underwater, you would have to resurface.

    Arboreal (Tree) Lifestyle: This lifestyle includes faster climbing, ability to be under trees, climbing on most blocks, and much more. Inspiration is taken from Primates that live in trees. You are faster at climbing ladders and vines. You can easily live on a tree and meet many of your daily needs.

    Terrestrial-Arboreal Lifestyle: This lifestyle mostly takes inspiration from Gorillas and Chimpanzees. You can walk normally on the ground and be normal on trees, your heavier, so you wouldn't be able to do as much tree-activities.

    Glider Lifestyle: A Glider is some animal that is arboreal and can "fly". This takes inspiration from Flying Squirrels. You can fly from tree to tree, climb up trees, and walk on land slightly slower. Very much like having an Elytra

    Flight Lifestyle: You can infinitely fly, or somewhat. You can live on land or in the trees. You can't climb on trees but elevated places are good homes. You can launch and fly into the air and travel nearly anywhere!

    Airborne Lifestyle: You never land, you only can fly and be on land is very risky and slow.

    Subterranean: Dig through dirt, gravel, grass, sand, and other blocks. Often a side picks with Terrestrial, Aquatic, Semi-Aquatic, or Glider.


    Herbivore: You can exclusively eat non-meat products. Tallgrass, flowers, leaves, etc.

    Omnivore: You can eat nearly all food-stuffs ingame. Omnivore has few restrictions.

    Carnivore: You can only eat meats and some fish.

    Piscivore: You can only eat fish, you can use a button next/in water while fishing for a cool down, or find dead fish items.

    Ovivore: You can only eat eggs, feathers, and bones. Very limited but very filling.

    Insectivore: You can find bugs within the grass, plants, or nearly anywhere.

    When you begin, you will get a menu to choose the lifestyles that you want to pick. Right after that, you choose your diet. Whatever you choose, you will be placed in the nearest place that you are well adapted for. Aquatics will be spawned in water, Semiaquatics will be spawned on beaches, ect. This will account for diets too, so Subterranean Insectivores will be spawned in deserts or savannahs. If you don't want that, you will be spawned in the seed or random seed. You can be able to change the lifestyles later in the game. Each environment will get a semi-overhaul with ores and crafting for each environment. So you don't go mining for anything as an aquatic, you can do so in different ways.

    This concept mod will be planned further out.

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    posted a message on Recruiting Coders for Fossils and Archaeology Addon!

    I am recruiting coders for my new addon project for Fossils and Archeology, a prehistoric animal mod. The addon adds many AI behaviors and allows plants in Vanilla Minecraft to spread. The way of getting to apply is email

    or apply on discord. The link to the addon page is here: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/requests-ideas-for-mods/2948476-fossils-and-archaeology-addon-nature-integration

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/9NAHEmW

    For discord, PM/DM Bastion14, the owner of the server. Thanks for reading this!

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    posted a message on Fossils and Archaeology Addon: Nature Integration/Nature Rehaul
    Welcome to Fossils and Archeology: Nature Integration!
    This mod is going to either be a private or public mod, public for now.

    This addon does not add dinosaurs for now but edits the behavior of how they live in the wild. How they reproduce, breed, and generally live. Some factors may be added and if the mod adds the feature that the addon added, the addon will remove that feature.

    https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/modification-development/2948477-recruiting-coders-for-fossils-and-archaeology How to apply for coders

    Discord: https://discord.gg/xWkdMND

    This addon will also allow dynamic environments to happen, such as plants spreading or possibly a variant of prehistoric grass. This addon won't just focus on the F/A mod, it will also add dynamic vanilla environments, especially for plants. Vanilla plants like flowers, ferns, and mushrooms will be able to spread. Trees will not spread.

    Planned Concepts:

    Dynamic prehistoric plants

    Prehistoric Grass

    Naturally Breeding Dinosaurs

    Environmental factors that effect Dinosaur's Mood

    Dynamic vanilla flowers, ferns, and mushrooms

    Breeding Behaviors

    Anubite and Sentry Pigmen attack behaviors


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    posted a message on Answer the question above you

    I fear nothing

    Why do people still dab

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    posted a message on Recruiting Developers to "Paleozoicraft"!

    Recently I have started a mod project for Minecraft named Paleozoicraft. So far, there have been 10+ animals modeled and textured and ready to be added ingame. The mod bases of the Paleozoic era and the Triassic Period, the time before the dinosaurs and the earliest period of the dinosaur era (Mesozoic). So it stands out and is unique from other Prehistoric mods.

    The mod so far has only me as the developer, a Modeler, and Texturer. At the rate that it is growing, we need more developers of any kind. Coders, animators, and sound designers are in need, but anyone else is fine. We welcome any level of coder and sound designer, but animators and everything else needs to be somewhat experienced.

    This mod is heavily based on sea and land creatures. If you like sea animals, this mod is for. If you like insects, this mod is also for you. This mod has combat, dimensions, biomes, world generation, and lots of other features that most people enjoy.

    Methods of contacting me are commenting below or filling out the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/pxestDZfVKbnqAY53

    To contact me on discord, message on the discord and find Bastion14 and DM him (me).

    If you are interested, take a look in the other mods I have:




    Paleozoicraft: https://discord.gg/d2Az8Zy

    The Isle and Saurian Mod:https://discord.gg/EkHcu8G

    Cryptic Fauna: https://discord.gg/T8qAmZH


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    posted a message on Recruiting Coders and other Modders to "Film Monsters n' Aliens" Mod!

    I am recruiting coders to my second mod "Film Monsters n' Aliens". The title is not finalized but represents our concept. We are looking for coders, or any other person such as texturers and animators *others included*. My mod currently has me as a modeler and texturer as the only developer, and I am in need of semi-experienced people to help out. If you are willing to join, message below or in the discord: https://discord.gg/T8qAmZH
    If you are experienced or semi-experienced in modding, you are most likely allowed to join.

    The Mod Concepts: Adds monsters, creatures, and aliens from popular media. Examples are Demogorgon, Future Predator from Primeval, Quiet Place Alien, The Thing from The Thing, Bird Box monster, etc.

    If you want to join, ask in the discord: https://discord.gg/T8qAmZH

    Comment below, or message me here

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    posted a message on The Isle of Hell Creek: A Dinosaur Mod based off The Isle and Saurian!
    We are in need of new developers!

    The Isle of Hell Creek

    Note: summon Austroraptor with /summon revolutions:austroraptor

    Welcome to The Isle of Hell Creek, a mod about being a dinosaur or cloning one! This is a unique dinosaur mod that stands out from others, this mod will contain many things. Things from playing as a dinosaur, unique fauna and flora, and more games than just Saurian and Isle!

    What is this mod(s) About?

    Simple! Dinosaurs and survival material. Not everything will be focused on dinosaurs, but it will have plants and animals that lived before and after the dinosaurs. Some mechanics could include becoming a dinosaur, cloning animals and plants, or multiple other things.

    What will be Included?

    Many things! Dinosaurs, plants, other animals, weapons, items, blocks, and cloning!

    Want to Help?

    If you have any talent in Modeler, Coding, Animating, Texturing, or sound designing, you can apply on Discord or the Application Form.

    The Isle Update 1 Fauna List:
    Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)





    Hyperendocerin Rex (Hypo Rex)


    List for Saurian Fauna







    Current Developers:

    Bastion14: Lead Developer and Owner, Modeler, Animator, Texturer

    LordofLustria: Lead Developer, Animator, and Texturer

    Ikeleon02: Lead Developer, Coder

    Danigirl23: Marketer Advertiser

    Bug-Winge: Developer, Sound Designer

    JDAwesomeness: Developer, Texturer

    JurassicGamer8768: Developer, Modeler

    Akrivus: Retired Develouper

    Discord Server Link:https://discord.gg/EkHcu8G

    Wiki: https://the-isle-of-hell-creek.fandom.com/wiki/The_Isle_of_Hell_Creek_Wiki

    Application for Developer: https://goo.gl/forms/9WFq7wrR4NG8PXlE3

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    posted a message on Dinosaur Mod Project Open in Development: Application

    I am creating a Minecraft Mod about Dinosaurs, or really anything. I am welcome to invite others to my team to work on with me. If you want to apply, click here

    If you would like to join, apply there. I at least need 1 coder, texturer, and animator

    Possible Mods:

    The Isle Mod


    theCrafting Primal

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] GODZILLA MOD - NOW APART OF THE LEGEND MOD

    Nice mod! One thing is that some of the mobs are too small (Godzilla especially) The blocks next to it is 50 blocks tall, the first godzilla size

    Also, I guess Earth Godzilla would lag

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] GODZILLA MOD - NOW APART OF THE LEGEND MOD

    Question, will Earth Godzilla be added someday?

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    posted a message on Rollback Mod for Forge 1.12?

    Is there any way to have a rollback mod or something like a mod for 1.12 singleplayer? Like rolling back something to 1 minute ago in a 10 block radius?

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    posted a message on Jet's main page

    i dont want to ask

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