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    posted a message on Getting frustrated... Buggy game!
    Quote from Reinette34»

    Decided to post a photo to hopefully make it clear what's happening.

    If I try to select the block with the red cross (for example,) the game is selecting the one where the orange arrow is pointing. Happens on all surfaces. It's like the view is off kilter or something.

    Just for clarity:

    Beta version of the game was working fine apart from crashing when closed. (known bug)

    Removed myself from the beta program and had to uninstall the game

    New version of the game was bugged as above

    Uninstalled, restarted my tablet and installed it again

    Game still bugged so played with settings, deleted a few things on my tablet and checked Android is up to date.

    Game was still bugged and is currently unplayable.

    I've just seen there's an update on the store. I'm going to give that a try.

    It looks to me like "split controls" somehow got enabled in the settings, have you tried disabling it? To do that, go to the controls section of the settings menu and press "Touch". In that area there should be an option called "split controls" that you press to disable. Hopefully this helps! Here's a screenshot of it:
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    posted a message on Functional Tardis in Minecraft [Taking Suggestions]
    Important: This page is very outdated, and I will update the information when I get a chance. The Updated version of this is at

    Hello random wanderers of the internet wasteland!

    This is the page for a Doctor Who adventure map which I am currently in the process of building! It is a non-linear map where you can pilot the Tardis to twelve different locations. Each place will have a small adventure associated with it similar to the Doctor Who episode in which it appeared. All the small adventures will tie in together to help you get to/complete the thirteenth (secret) location. As well as bring able to explore the universe, the Tardis also has a vast interior and will have at least fourteen rooms.

    It also features a fully functional Sonic Screwdriver which has multiple modes. Each mode does a different thing that can help you throughout your adventures! This map will also feature some creatures that appear in Doctor Who.

    This map uses a built in resource pack that is bundled with the Minecraft world. Whenever this world is loaded, the resource pack is automatically applied. I am trying to remodel as few blocks as possible to keep it with the original Minecraft look. Because of this, it is recommended to use the default Minecraft textures while playing it.

    ----------------------------l I am currently taking suggestions for places that the Tardis can travel to. l----------------------------

    If I use a location that you suggested, you will be credited with suggesting it in the map.

    The Bank of Karabraxos from Time Heist


    Anything that is in blue is completed, the words in orange are work in progress.


    • Console Room
    • Living Room
    • Garage
    • Coffee House
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Drawing Room
    • Storeroom 89
    • The bathroom sealed in a time loop because of a leaky faucet
    • Aquarium
    • Swimming Pool
    • Library
    • Architectural Reconfiguration System (That big tree thing in Journey to the Center of the Tardis.)
    • The Eye of Harmony


    • The Bank of Karabraxos from Time Heist
    • The Library from Silence in the Library
    • Wester Drumlins from Blink
    • The Torchwood Hub from Torchwood
    • New New York from Gridlocked (Suggested by StoatPatronus)
    • Bad Wolf Bay from Doomsday
    • Demons Run from A Good Man Goes to War

    Sonic Screwdriver Applications:

    • Ignite - Creates a fire. (Might remove)
    • Repair Wiring - Places a redstone wire.
    • Scan - Scans a computer system.
    • Detonate - Creates a small explosion. (Might remove)
    • Control Systems - Allows you to hack into a computer system.
    • Destroy - Destroys fire and redstone wire.
    • Fly Tardis - Activates the Tardis flight.

    New Creatures:

    • The Weeping Angels
    • The Vashta Nerada
    • The Silence
    • The Cybermen


    Important: This map is not yet available for download. I will put it up for download when it is finished enough to be playable or when it is finished completely.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Torchwood, those belong to BBC.

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    posted a message on Squid problem in theme park

    One option would be to do the command

    /gamerule doMobSpawning false

    That causes the world to stop spawning mobs naturally. They will still spawn by artificial means like spawn eggs or monster spawners, they just won't spawn randomly in the world anymore.

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