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    Hello traveler, this time, you embark on a great adventure, as you will have to go through the dungeon of the evil pillagers.

    The reason for your trip is to assault the western base of the pillagers, since there they protect one of the 4 ender crystals, which they plan to use to bring back the ender dragon, to bring chaos and destruction to the planet, and you You must avoid that by destroying the crystal.

    This adventure will not be like a walk through the park, since this is a very well protected base, and attacking it will not be an easy task, since there are pillagers guarding all the time, it also has different traps which you must avoid, and you also have to mention that the dungeon is quite large, and it is very easy to get lost.

    To complete this adventure is not only to reach the goal, since for that you must collect the 12 discs to open the 12 doors that protect the glass, and those discs are hidden and highly protected, you must also go to the end, and with each disc You will also have to collect End's eyes, to be able to open the portal and destroy the crystal.

    But the good thing is that you will not be alone, since within the labyrinth there are a few friends who will accompany you in a few moments, and will give you advice and what to do, there is also a lot of equipment that you can use to advance more easily.

    And there are many secrets that await you.

    You can also save your checkpoint, in case you die.

    And to further expand the experience, you can also use additional texture packs.

    This is an update I made of my previous map "El calabozo", and here I added a lot of new things and fixed various bugs, I hope you enjoy it. :)

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    Hello traveler, you finally woke up, well, I guess you don't know very well what's going on around here, so I'll explain, after you attacked the dungeon and destroyed its crystal, the pillagers trapped you in an icy prison, but don't worry, I'll help you.

    This will be a somewhat different adventure, since here it will not be so easy to kill all the pillagers you see, now they far outnumber us, we do not have good equipment and they are armed and more aggressive due to the attack on the dungeon, so now we have to be stealthy.

    First you will have to leave the cell area, finding the necessary keys to get out of here, and later you will have to continue exploring the rest of the prison, looking for the keys to open the next door, and so on until you reach the main door of the prison. prison, through which you will have to escape.

    As I said just now, we can't fight pillagers very well, so you can hide in the piles of barrels, wheat and books, where they won't be able to see you and will move away, but hiding there will reduce your vision quite a bit, so that you have to manage to go from hiding place to hiding place, and if you don't have a hiding place nearby, you will only have to attack the pillagers.

    As in the previous map, you will have a loot as you advance in the game, but this will not be as big as the one in the dungeon, since it is a somewhat smaller and humbler prison, so they do not have the equipment of a great fortress , but I think that you will be able to advance well with the loot that you can find there, you will find it both in chests with the naked eye, and in chests a little more hidden, so you will have to be very attentive to every corner of the prison, and maybe find a great secret

    But hey!, what are we waiting for? Come and get ready for this new map, I know you'll love it! :)

    view here!

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