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    "The manipulations are not a nuisance, but the villagers altering the world would be."

    Manipulation and alteration here feel like they could be used interchangeable could you at least elaborate on what you're trying to say? Perhaps with concrete examples as I have done (villagers sowing seeds, etc)

    "there should never be an NPC mob that plays the game for you"

    How is the NPC "playing the game for you"? There should be nothing in my line of comment that lends one to such a conclusion nor is it the intention behind the concept... do your eyes deceive you?

    "I don't think you'd feel any progression from seeing a villager wearing diamond armor."

    Maybe not a villager... but if it was one you had seen before on your explorations, one whose name you were familiar with... in this case you would feel like the npc, despite being a barbaric AI, had accomplished something within the game

    "They don't have personality enough that I can treat them as independent people."

    Look... the goal is not believable artificial intelligence... the goal is that, as you play the game and progress your own character in the world, so do the villagers improve their own standing in the world...

    "it is better than your previous suggestions in that it actually seems like it has a point"

    If you weigh my previous suggestions on their own merit, you will see that they are epic ideas... that is all I will say on that matter

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    "I am going to ignore how technically complicated such villagers would be and talk about just your idea."

    Such lines of comment were addressed in the 2nd and last sentences of my post

    "Making villagers do things that manipulate the world is a nuisance, at best, and deeply exploitable, at worst"

    Villagers in the current version of the game can already manipulate the world by planting crops if you admit here that this is, as you claim, deeply exploitable, I won't hold you to any doublespeak :2 but I do not believe that such manipulations are a nuisance... elaborate

    "In Minecraft, players would turn them into machines"

    So the problem isn't with the idea, it is with the players of Minecraft?

    "What kinds of villagers are there? What skills can they train in? What are their functions, and how do they fulfill it? How do they interact with each other? Do they drop anything? How do different villages react to each other? Do villages spread according to what you envision? How does any of this change how you interact with them?"

    I didn't go into great detail because, as I explain in my "original post" (OP), it is a very technically demanding concept and further details are perhaps just more "dreams in a cloud"... that is to say, I am more curious about the community response to such a type of suggestion...

    Regardless... I could sell a few hypotheticals to you;

    Types... the standard villager types still exist (farmer, blacksmith, etc) but their depth is better explored... a new type would perhaps be the "player replacement" I describe in the "original post" (OP)... I am not sure if this should be a new type or just a "subclass" of one of the preexisting types :2

    Skills... I talk about "skills" here as perhaps a variable inherit to the villager's "code"... for example, a villager with a high "woodcutting" skill may be found with a diamond axe, etc

    Interaction... the goal is to make them feel like they are a part of a "living" world and feeling a sense of progress when you return to a village and see a familiar villager wearing a set of higher-tier gear :2

    Drops... well, villagers currently do not drop the stock of their trades :2 and I don't think they should drop armor due to anatomy differences... perhaps tools then?

    I also added a small footnote to the "original post" (OP) of the thread

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    posted a message on META: The Current State of the MCF "Clans" Subforum

    Hello... Bartin here, leader of the infamous "Trade Dynamics Bartin" (TDB) -__-

    Let's face it guys, the clans forum sulks in the repugnant shadow of its former glory... between the 1000+ "Youtube" clans with 0-3 posts, server staff requests disguised as "clans" and the Mirage old guard starting drama with eachother, some trash has got to be taken out... the clans forum is in a volatile state right now and it's ready for a big change...

    Luckily for us, I've got a plan to fix the clans forum... but it requires moderator action -__- and the creation of a new subforum in the same vein as the "server recruitment" one to function as a containment subforum for the "Youtube" clans that spam this current forum...

    Additionally, moving the "Server" forum up at least ahead of or below the "Mapping and Modding" forum would generate greater activity... in my opinion, it should not be below the platform-specific forums :2

    Also, I've been doing this for the last few months, report any threads that ask for "server staff/server builders" for being in the wrong section... these are not clan threads, these are advertisements for "server recruitment" and should be in the aforementioned forum... they are not clans, and if they tell you that the meaning of "clan" is subjective; pay them no heed as subjectivity in truth is merely deceit and it shows their true yearning for the serpent's tongue... -__-

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    Hello Bartin here with another epic Minecraft "idea"

    I'll preface by saying that I know the current technology allowing for such a suggestion is limited at best... but there is always Minecraft 2.0 :2

    The current state of villagers is mediocre... however it's not just the depth of design and generality of the villagers that is flawed, it is also the spawn mechanics and lack of background (does anyone remember when they were called "testificates"?)

    Ideally: If I were to implement an actually good "villager" system, I would instead design it around being a replacement for players in single-player/low-populated servers...

    AKA, dynamically generated npcs that perform similar tasks to other players in the overworld... so rather than merely spawning villagers in villages randomly in key biomes, they would actually walk around the map, doing tasks specific to whatever their spawn "class" was... of course they would return to their village as well...

    They would have a few new features in order to make them decent "substitutes" for players:

    Randomized avatars (their skin perhaps has an emblem matching a banner at their home village**), randomized names... these would serve the purpose of making the world look more populated... Interestingly, these villagers have "skills" that they themselves can train (No, this is not a suggestion for skills in Minecraft... these are merely variables inherent to the villager that determine the equipment it uses as they change over time)... there is also permadeath for these villagers thus emulating a "rise-to-fame" situation where each world could have well-known villagers who've managed to survive all the way to max skill levels (perhaps they now carry enchanted diamond gear and run around with the effects of speed potion or on horses)

    Also, killing a high-skilled villager should not drop its armor as the anatomy of villagers is different from the player :2 and so wouldn't fit the player-character...

    However as I said previously, this is a very technologically demanding idea and is perhaps infeasible... well regardless...

    **I didn't want to make this a standalone suggestion because of how small and trivial it is, but I do think villages should spawn with "randomized" banners that are unique to their village (perhaps depending on the biome, the banner is chosen from a different "class" of banners... a desert village could never have the same banner as a plains village, etc)... this would grant villages a greater feeling of "life" :2

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    posted a message on A Possible Unexplored Method of Harvesting Crops

    "Please elaborate more however on how moving your couch works as a source of inspiration for you."

    When I moved the couch, I saw a dead leaf under where it once stood... this lead to the remembrance that darkness kills most plants and opened the possibility in my mind of it being implemented into Minecraft as a farming method :2

    "This is complex, and the simplest solution is usually the best one."

    Sometimes you want things to be complex as complexity signals prestige -__- ... think German-made cars, for example

    "Darkness-related harvesting is an old, old concept that works great for small applications, such as a building-specific farm to support that building's function"

    I did a quick Ask Jeeves search and couldn't find much literature on the concept :2

    "Bdoubleo100 used it during his Building With... season 2 series, way back when he was building his city that had all the various villages. I think he originally built it around 1.5.something, but last I saw it still worked.

    Hmm -__- I may have to check that out... and I can't think of any game changes between then and now which would have altered the effectiveness of the concept

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    posted a message on A Possible Unexplored Method of Harvesting Crops

    Hello, Bartin here... with a potentially epic way of harvesting crops -__-

    Let me preface this post by first saying I haven't tested this in the lab or reviewed the literature on the matter :2 At the very least this thread could serve as a platform for discussion on the stagnant meta for crop-harvesting...

    The Concept:

    While I was moving my couch I had the idea that it might be possible to harvest crops through... darkness

    The problem arises when crops only self-harvest off of low light levels when their soil is dehydrated, which will then revert to dirt (that is to say that dehydrated soil WITH a crop on it will not revert to dirt in high light levels) -__-

    I suppose the ideal mechanism is one in which, when all crops are ready to be harvested, the soil dehydrates, lights dim, crops self-harvest due to the previous conditions, and then the soil is quickly re-hydrated before it can turn into dirt.. :2

    Like I said, I haven't lab-tested this, it is merely an idea... an epic one at that -__-

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    posted a message on An economy in a server without inflation (NO MODDED) (NO PLUGGINS)

    Increasing the value of the currency isn't what leads to inflation -__-

    New players joining and "creating" more currency could, though...

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    posted a message on What do you guys do with poisonous potatoes?

    I consume them -__- as I consume enough, my character eventually builds up an epic resistance to the dangerous effects

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    posted a message on An economy in a server without inflation (NO MODDED) (NO PLUGGINS)

    Hello TheFAKEhansolo318... Bartin here -__-

    Do you know why inflation happens? A simple answer is as follows: If there is too much "money" going after too few "goods"... what we can draw from this is that inflation can not occur without an increase in the supply of "money" -__- ...you know what to do from here, follow the breadcrumbs of my words with the charge I have imbued in them...

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    posted a message on Suggestion for a potential new "biome"

    "This suggestion is pointless. If you can refute this point, you're welcome to, but otherwise, this discussion is over"

    You're not even putting forth an argument here -__- perhaps it is because all the ones you tried were epicly destroyed by me

    regardless -__- I am not going to repeat anything I already said, you know why my idea is epic

    "If you are, you surely know that a debater does not insult their opponent. However you have done this on numerous occasions"

    If your line of comment does not feature critical discussion of my idea, my responses will be brief at best...

    regardless -__- if you wish to have a true discussion - of course i cannot say no :2

    "Icy waters do not exist in the current version of Minecraft, therefore your suggestion cannot make boats more useful in icy waters as there is no prior standard of boats' usefulness in icy waters to compare with. It can add icy waters, which boats are useful in, but it cannot make boats more useful in icy water."

    Here you are merely arguing sentence structure -__- ... the same criticism you apply here could be made equally towards the hunger system, the point of my post was to state how this idea makes boats better and more useful in the same way the hunger system made food "better and more useful" ... although I can understand if you're so focused on trying to find a crack in my argument's armor you would go for a trite argumental augmentation such as this -__- nonetheless, you have been defeated yet again

    "Because good mechanics are interesting rather than annoying."

    Perhaps you should explain what you mean by "annoying" rather than just using it as a blanket term to disparage my idea without an argument :2 many games (and "weather mods") make use of epic environmental dangers such as freezing water, to claim that they are merely an "annoying" feature is a surprising level of disingenuity -__-

    "It is equally annoying for experienced and inexperienced players as prevention is simple. Any player who can craft a boat and right-click to mount it can avoid icy water."

    In much the same way that hunger is "annoying" for experienced/inexperienced players? Prevention is simple here... any player who can farm a carrot and right-click to eat can avoid starvation damage -__-

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    posted a message on Ender Storage "Cloud" - A concept for "free" storage space

    "What in heaven's name is this that you claim to have described?"

    I mention its function on the first page of the thread -__- perhaps you should have read the thread before making another uninformed comment :2

    "He just thinks you're parodying him."

    I wasn't wrong to figure that being such an epic wordsmith would elicit copiers :2

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    posted a message on Suggestion for a potential new "biome"

    "Stop comparing this suggestion to hunger. It's pointless." [/i]

    The comparison is valid and the logic behind it is sound, perhaps you should've learned the art of debate before going up against someone of my intellectual calibre -__- you have a long way to go

    "Hunger was added to make food better and more useful."[/i]

    Much in the same way that my suggestion makes the use of boats more useful in icy waters -__- you're just trapping yourself here

    "It takes seconds to turn away from it."[/i]

    Then why are you so concerned about how much of an "annoyance" this would be if the cold water could only damage you if you're submerged in it :2 seems to me like you may not be as epic of a boat captain as you claim to be... and why would you turn away from epic loot -__-

    "Look... That wasn't the point I was trying to make. The point is that this suggestion adds no actual danger. It only adds annoyance."[/i]

    Perhaps you thought this "argument" -if it could be called as such- was clever -__- ... but any player that has progressed sufficiently in Minecraft knows that the "challenges" Mojang put forth to be a danger (zombies, skeletons, etc) are just an annoyance to the skilled player such as myself... What I'm saying here is the distinguishing variable between "Danger/Challenge" and "Annoyance" in your world is "experience in the game" -__-

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    posted a message on Suggestion for a potential new "biome"

    This suggestion brings nothing but annoyance and an easily avoidable risk.[/i]

    How is something that is an "easily avoidable risk" an "annoyance" -__- seems you didn't think that one through... playing to your logic; avoiding starvation damage is "easily avoidable" but the damage I take if I don't eat is an "annoyance" -__-

    Like I said, temperature damage isn't a thing in Minecraft unless you're quite literally on fire. The only way cold would damage you, by Minecraft standards, would be if you literally froze solid.[/i]

    "Hunger damage" aka starvation wasn't a thing in Minecraft either, until they put it in... checkmate -__-

    Even if your boat breaks, you can just pop another one out of your back pocket, because this is Minecraft. This isn't fun. This is annoying.[/i]

    You knew what you signed up for when you entered the icy waters... with the epic loot rewards that come with the iceberg, come high environmental dangers -__-

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    posted a message on Ender Storage "Cloud" - A concept for "free" storage space

    "Is this correct?"

    The application is exclusively for multiplayer servers, not singleplayer worlds as I explained in the thread -__-

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    posted a message on Ender Storage "Cloud" - A concept for "free" storage space

    So I did some math and if you donate your whole ender chest, you'll earn 40.5 slots. 40. Point. Five...
    Seems like you're not as good at math as you thought you did.

    Your eyes betray you -__- in the "opening post" (OP) I mention that the numbers (ratio) themselves aren't important for the sake of explaining the concept... of course the real ratio wouldn't yield rationals (it would perhaps round up/down) -__- ... also I got an A+ in real analysis :2

    Then what happens to the donated slots?

    The sacrificed slots are used to participate in the EnderStorage Network as I explain in the "opening post" (OP) -__- ... entry is voluntary

    I'm pretty sure that them saying that he understands the thread IS on-topic, since they're discussing how he understands the idea

    No, they were insinuating that it was a sockpuppet forum account used by me, which is not true -__- ... any moderator could verify this

    Now that I think about it, how do you actually sacrifice them in the first place?

    It's not important for the sake of exploring the concept, possibly through some option that is unique to the UI of an Enderchest paired with the "wifi adapter"-like device I describe in other posts :2

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