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    Quote from Hackaholic5069»

    sorry about the necropost, but slime chunks arent addressed in the original post. how do slime chunks work in cubic worlds?

    In the current implementation of the mod they work on columns, just like in vanilla. But there is no reason to not change it.

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    Quote from erykus»

    I'm also just curious as to how Extreme reactors might stop working. The mod itself doesn't matter, but I can understand why it presents a bit of a challenge for cubic chunks. Basically if the reactor is 176 blocks tall (not likely, but let's assume), or even if you're up high and just a small reactor goes over some y chunk borders, and chunk render radius is set to 10, then there's an issue with the multi-block structure. Is that correct? (I'm wondering why the y-axis here would present a different issue instead of say a reactor crossing a few x/z-axes with chunk render radius set to 2 or something).

    Is a band-aid for this something like

    • The extreme reactors mod checking if a player is in rendering range of certain block type
    • Checking if that block type borders a chunk border
    • If yes, load the chunk where the block borders another chunk, up to a limit of +/-256 blocks along the global y-axis from the origin point.
    • Loop the process until limit is reached or no more bordering blocks are found
    • If no more bordering blocks were found, then start loading the internals of the reactor?

    I realize a big part of the answer is: I don't know because I didn't code that mod.

    Obviously I have no idea about the performance implications, but I'm just wondering if that would theoretically fix such an issue or not.

    The reason it stops working, is an implementation detail in the multiblock handling library the mod author made.

    Because {some handwavy explanation about some issues} the mod for some reason can't use a method within TileEntity called when it gets loaded to initialize itself, and check if the multiblock is valid.

    Instead it listens to world global chunk load event, and every time a chunk is loaded, it looks at all the tile entities in that chunk, and tries to keep track of the state of it's own multiblock structures this way. And this breaks because after that, it never re-checks that the multiblock is valid, so if it doesn't get it right on chunk load, it will stay inactive.

    The big problem here is that the forge chunk load event is more or less meaningless within a cubic chunks world. The reason is the way cubic chunks achieves any reasonable mod compatibility at all: virtualizing vanilla Chunk. Normally, a Chunk object contains constant, 16 of 16x16x16 sections, an they are all loaded at once. Chunk has various methods to access blocks etc...

    Instead of adding a third coordinate directly to Chunk object, cubic chunks makes the chunk look like it's effectively infinite in height, with parts of it getting dynamically loaded and unloaded.

    So a "Chunk being loaded" really means that an empty chunk object has been created, without any cubes in it yet. So when ZeroCore is trying to list the tile entities there, it sees none of them. CubicChunks still correctly calls the TileEntity onLoad method, but because the mod sees the corresponding chunk load event long before the tile entity exists, it never adds it to it's internal structures, and never activates it.

    And I can't fire another chunk load event every time a cube is loaded, because that is very likely to break other mods. And a chunk load event has no data about Y coordinate.

    I know for a fact that ZeroCore WILL work fine if I re-fire the chunk load event on every cube load, but again, this is not something I want to do to avoid potentially breaking other mods (chunk load event can be used in a way that is compatible with cubic chunks)

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    Actaually, WorldEdit is getting closer to being compatible with cubic chunks. The most recent builds should work above y=256, there is a test build that works below y=0, and there are plans to make all of WorldEdit work correctly with cubic chunks.

    Currently this mos is alpha version. All by itself it has some known issues. Mod compatiblity could be better.

    A lot of it is likely to change in future Minecraft versions. 1.13.2 should be a big step for world generation compatibility. While progress on mod compatibility is slow, more mods become compatible over time. Eventually there may be time when you can just put cubic chunks into an average modpack and it will work.

    Right now if you want a modpack with cubic chunks, you really have to design around it, and avoid mods that cause issues.

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    Quote from ThunderBolt6»

    oh, so yes it generates caves downwards passing y=0? i haved worleys caves in, so passing y=0 only generates stone, but i still dont have ores, only stone.

    what i can do?

    yes, extending ore/cave gen downwards will work for me, but as i said above , no ore and no cave gen passing y=0(worleys caves on the modpack, so maybe thats a problem)

    Thee way it currently works is that there are 2 "modes": compatibility and cubic chunks world type.

    Compatibility mode will let you use any vanilla generator, but nothing really useful will generate beyond vanilla height range. And this is what is used when you enable cubic chunks in default world type.

    The other mode is actual cubic chunks world type. CubicWorldGen provides 2 such world types: CustomCubic (equivalent of vanilla CUSTOMIZED world type) and FlatCubic, equivalent of vanilla superflat. These generators have all the features at any height, but almost nothing from mods will generate there, and some features are still missing.

    There are plans to add "mixed mode" where it would use compatibility generator for vanilla height range, and a real cubic chunks generator outside of that range.

    For the parts outside of vanilla height range it would still have all the downsides of the generator used there (including no modded stuff there) but vanilla height range would have everything as normal.

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    Quote from vetador»

    I tried with a new world and I ran a few chunks until I find a chunk where I can't jump as described above. Also when falling in these *failed chunk* I'm falling very slow like having a low gravity.

    Again, any other mods?Forge version? Cubic chunks version? Can you also pose the log? Ideally come to my discord server so that we can figure out what is wrong. This looks like a major bug but noone else seems to have that issue.

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    The mod is now finally on CurseForge! And updated the description with links to it. Joining discord to download it shouldn't be needed anymore.

    Not all bugs have been fixed, lighting issues and performance issues still do exist, but I made a lot of progress. The mod is much more stable overall, there have been some compatibility fixes, and the world generator is a completely separate mod now. CubicChunks also has an API now that other mods can use.

    Minecraft 1.13 update will take a while, because it's a big update with a lot of changes affecting cubic chunks.It will also be a long time until forge stabilizes, but the main issue with beginning an update is that mixin doesn't work with Forge 1.13 yet.

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    This mod is a Forge port and a continuation of Cuchaz's Tall Worlds Mod, and also a successor of Robinton's Cubic Chunks mod. This fork of TWM has been in development for over a year, and it's still not ready for a beta release. I decided to created this thread anyway because people asked the same questions over and over again in TWM thread.

    More information, and how it works?

    The goal is to increase the world height and depth, without making the game too slow. This mod attempts to do that not by making chunks taller (like many earlier attempts), but by making them smaller and stacking them on top of each other, just like what Minecraft already does horizontally.

    Minecraft 1.2 together with changed save format got world height increased up to 256 blocks. This was possible without making the game slower by splitting a Chunk into 16x16x16 subsections, just like what cubic chunks does (and in fact the update has been inspired by Robinton's cubic chunks mod). But instead of dynamically loading and unloading them, Minecraft just removed the empty ones which decreases memory usage. This mod dynamically loads and unloads these 16x16x16 sections as player goes up and down.


    What is left to do?

    The full list of issues to solve can be found on github. Those marked with "beta release" milestone almost certainly need to be fixed before beta release.

    Mod compatibility

    Some mods will work, but many mods will break in unpredictable ways. Wile some mods may appear to work, even in 100+ mods modpacks, they are very likely to break when you actually begin to use them.

    Plans far into the future

    Some of these involve someone else making mod to do that, or just ideas that would be awesome to have but may never actually happen

    • Sponge compatibility - SpongeAPI has been designed to be able to work with cubic chunks. The Minecraft implementation however won't work with cubic chunks without compatibility patches. While I was already able to make sponge not crash and actually load a world, nothing else worked (even breaking blocks didn't work). This will almost definitely happen at some point.
    • Advanced terrain generation plugins/addons/mods/modules: more realistic terrain generators that make better use of the unlimited world height and depth
    • Stacked dimensions - nether below the overworld, the end above it. All as a single cubic chunks dimension with different 3d.
    • More realistic lighting system - I do have some ideas but I don't know if it will actually work
    • Approximate smooth rendering of faraway terrain - is it even possible in Minecraft

    Contact and donations

    You can contact me via private message, email or discord server.

    Donations: Patreon

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    I'm not sure if it's caused by some other mod (especially cubic chunks that we are testing on server, xareo's minimap is the least broken minimap mod there) but sometimes when switching dimensions xareo's minimap crashes with this exception: https://pastebin.com/raw/jPJGEUMt

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    Quote from BaccarWozat»

    Nether has bedrock removed on both sides and netherrack placed outside vanilla boundaries. I don't know what happens at Y<0 on The End but you should be able to build higher at least.

    Currently to fall out of the end you will need to fall all the way down to about - blocks. So this will be changed.
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    Quote from MattTCreeper»

    I don't think I'll be able to download the alpha either. I successfully set up the workspace, but the build always fails.

    What version of java do you have? Also, for these kind of issues, welcome to the discord server.

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