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    So your email link doesn't work and yo haven't updated your Twitter since the Warlords of Dreanor beta, which means it's basically impossible to contact you, and that means this incredible technology is simply languishing while you get on your with your life, and while I have nothing against you getting on with your life, it is a horrible shame that such an incredible piece of technology just goes unused in the field of interactive art while technologies like Planet Explorers (which seems specifically created for your tech) exists, so please, be a member of society and release your programs, those of us that havn't "moved on" from video games still gt a twinkle in our eye when we think of the possibilities (I'm a social anthropologist and the potential for video games and technology like this is stunning for research and simply fun)
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    posted a message on Unable ot change my e-mail
    So there is no option to change my e-mail except while migrating the account, which then requires me to have access to the old e-mail anyway

    WHat exactly was the plan for people who have mysteriously lost their accounts (google has no record of the account ever existing), was it just that we buy a new account?
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    posted a message on Even after an update devoted to biomes
    Quote from Crafterguy3x3
    It wasn't promised for 1.7, so don't expect it. Just wait. ;)
    Living fish were in fact promised by Notch years ago

    Quote from KingzofDawn
    What do you see when you gaze out into the ocean? Water. What's in a river? Water and rocks.
    What do you see when you look out at the plains? Grass. No, you don't see any mobs. Yet, there are mobs in the Minecraft plains. Why? Because that is what the game is about: a fun, living world to explore. Plus, take a glance underwater and tell me it's just water and rocks. Without lying. Go ahead, make my day man.

    Quote from SharkMonster
    Even after a pre-release. People still complain. Oceans were not promised to have life in them. And what are you looking at an ocean in real life any way? Water and Rocks, sure the Minecraft ocean has no fish models but it has fish in it. ( Like Kingz said )
    Can you tell me what was promised that is in the game? Oh right, Notch promising something and something being a good (and implied, simply by the existence of oceans/mobs etc;) feature are not the same thing. Plus he actually did claim to be working on living fish mobs. More biomes were never promised, but it was a great feature. Why do you think that ocean biomes not being explcicitly promised as an upcoming feature somehow makes it not a bad thing that it wasn't an included feature? You want to know what was promised? Game improvements. What about water biomes is not an improvement? What about not having water biomes is not lame?

    Quote from PopuliMinistrum
    People need to learn this lesson... Just because you WANT a feature does not mean it is IMPLIED and does not mean it is PROMISED. So just because you want a feature, do no assume it will be added because you want it. That is a fallacious and rather stupid thing to do.
    Nobody ever suggested this in this thread at all, a good feature that fits with the theme of an update being added is not a crazy concept. Plus, Notch promised living fish years ago.

    Well, I can see too many of you are more concerned with "looking like true fans" than you are with actually enjoying and improving the game. Just a bit of adivce, ignoring a flaw in something just to fit in with it's fans doesn't make you some sort of hero in the eyes of Mojang
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    posted a message on Even after an update devoted to biomes
    No water biome plants, mobs or anything other than water

    Why this insistence that oceans/rivers etc; are all empty and have nothing to offer? Why this resistence to creating fun and interesting water biomes?

    What can I do to get an implied/promised feature (that actually had something to do with my buying the game in the first place) actually implemented?

    What is the reason Jeb has to justify this? Water is an important part of the world, plus it has potential to be interesting and this update was specifically about updating and improving biomes.

    One thing I can assure you of: plenty of players that bought that game based on the potential to explore interesting worlds are thouroughly upset by this wasted oppurtunity
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    posted a message on What possible reasoning can there be to NOT include mob spawners in creative?
    Please just explain this to me: why has someone at Mojang decided that creative mode is not the place to include a part of the game? What sort of reasoning could justify simply cutting out an option in the sandbox mode?

    This just frustrates me, there is not actual reason (beyond it being difficult and Mojang feeling that folks buying the product under the assumption that "do whatever you want" actually means doesn't actually mean that effort is going to be a part of it) for this at all
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    posted a message on Please do not mention flaws
    Quote from Samiboula

    If we don't mention flaws the game can't be improved.

    This is exactly the point of this thread, thank you for summing it up so nicely
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    posted a message on whats this horse update thing
    Quote from Samiboula

    Yes it's true. Jeb's put pictures of himself riding a horse before, and they've announced they're adding them.

    Waste of time imo, what about underwater flora and fauna?
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    posted a message on Please do not mention flaws
    Lately I have been noticing a trend on these particular forums of forum goers and moderators behaving with great hostility toward players that happen to perhaps insinuate that Minecraft has flaws, which is completely ridiculous

    Please understand that pretending something doesn't have flaws does not help the developers, any good developer (which I am sure Mojang is) wants to know how to improve it's product and must listen to constructive criticism in order to do that

    There are a number of people to whom minecraft is deeply important, I am one of these people and would like to do all I can to improve the product and Mojang

    Those of you more concerened with white-knighting and "fighting the good fight" for the latest trend or brand are simply hurting Minecraft, please refrain from abusing those of us that actually want Mojang to continue to succeed both financially and creatively

    Just remember: behaving like a child will not help Mojang
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    posted a message on Save a horse code a:
    Quote from SeaTriscuits

    Oh my God, the next time I see another topic about horses I am going to smash my computer and light it on fire.

    At the very least we then won't have to put up with your shortsighted hatefulness
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    posted a message on Stand up against cracked minecraft!
    Quote from PotaterCrafter

    Hey guys, Derpy Potater here, and it has come to my attention, just how many cracked users there are... this REALLY ticks me off. Mojang works hard on this game and they only ask $30 for one of the greatest sandbox games ever! Yet, everyday, TONS of cracked users, too lazy to actually buy the game, pour on into cracked servers not giving a crap about illegally playing. I am a realist, I know I can't convince every-single-idiotic-spoiled cracked user to buy the game, but I know I might, just MIGHT be able to convince at least some, and then have those I have convinced to spread the message. A lot of cracked users when confronted with the statement, "Dude, just buy minecraft already, it's only $30!" their excuse would be, "I'm sorry man, I just really love this game, but I don't have enough money, my family's poor, are you happy now? You revealed my embarrassing secret, are you proud now *rages*??????" Well, I know for a fact, a lot of times, they say that just to shut up the questioner, and they in fact, have plenty enough money for the game. However if you really don't, and you really love the game so much, as to play it illegally everyday, then save up money! if you're a kid, mow lawns, do work along the lines of that, and do chores. If you're a teen, get a job at wal-mart, mcdonalds, Stop & Shop, places like that, I'm sure you can get enough money after just alittle work. If you're an adult, same as teen, job!!!!!!!! So you see.... even if you complain about not having enough money, getting enough isn't really that hard in most cases. So spread the word, "Don't play cracked minecraft!".

    I'm Derpy Potater, and I approve this message.

    You are fully aware that Markus "Notch" Persson has specifically come out against the current "anti-piracy" trend in the industry and stated that pirates are more than welcome to play his game and he will never take legal action because he believes that piracy has an important role to play in the industry right?

    Because it seems to me that a whole lot of Minecraft players are coming out to "defend" Minecraft whiel completely ignoring what the creator of Minecraft has stated as his view on the whole piracy issue.

    Also it seems that those who complain about piracy tend to live with their parents or go to college on a fund and work some burger flipping job to pay their incredibly minor bills

    Many people do not have such luxuries and must work 50 hour weeks to make barely enough to scrape by. Plus many people simply don't want to support a low quality product and would prefer to know whether or not the game is worth the cash, as we all know a demo does not cover ever aspect of the game and pirating is the only way to be certain.

    You really don't want people pirating games for some reason? Buy the games for them out of your own pocket.

    And just to be clear, I bought Minecraft way back in beta and was burned pretty hard by what it became. While I still love it, I know that what I bought all those years ago is not what I got years later.
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    posted a message on Save a horse code a:
    - Set of new hostile mobs
    - Set of underwater biomes, including underwater flora and fauna with interation
    - Set of new potions
    - Village interactivity
    - New and exciting biomes
    - Above land structures with interactivity
    - Below ground structures with interactivity
    - Underwater structures
    - Those elusive red dragons we talked about ages ago
    - Those elusive fish we talked about ages ago
    - That elusive "purchase the alpha and gain access to every version of Minecraft on every platform from here-on out" xbox passes for those of us that bought the game in alpha
    - Neutral mob herding behaviors
    - Better villages
    - More magic
    - A counterpart to The Nether with the same level of mobs and resources
    - Day time mobs mode
    - Stranger biomes

    Just uncertain as to why out of all of these implied/blatantly mentioned as "coming soon" features the entirely-dissimilar-to-vanilla-play horses who's functionailtiy is already filled by pigs takes the cake

    "We", being those of us Minecraft players with common sense, very much feel that many of the aforementioned features are necessary and awesome, "we" really only want to have fun and feel that our ability to have fun is being nerfed, for lack of a better word, by the some of the decisions of Mojang

    This horse concept doesn't fit with the "almost crazy" feel of Minecraft, the obvious choice is never taken and thus Minecraft has always been "quirky" in a special way. The choice to add Ocelots instead of some more obvious jungle animal, make pigs rideable animals, creepers, carrots, Testificates and all manner of just-shy-of-insane choices made Minecraft a bit strange and ultimately more interesting.

    While we can accept that the development of horses is a given and cannot be stopped without hurting people's feelings (not that DrZhark has ever had any qualms with hurting people's feelings, I used to work with him back when his name was Olofmoleman and while I thought he was a pretty cool guy he was always oblivious to half of the social queues we sent him and it made him come off as a bit unlikeable) but I hope that this "obvious choice" thing doesn't become a trend in the future of Minecraft.

    We also don't need hateful garbage ­ in this thread, we all love Minecraft here and want to see it improved. Treating detractors with the product's best interests at heart badly only hurts Mojang, you aren't helping anyone by protecting potentially smeared feelings and enabling bad decisions
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    posted a message on Water Biomes?
    Can this be a proper thing in 1.6? Mobs and plants for the water depending on biomes?
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    posted a message on Using mods in vanilla LAN servers
    Quote from aminecraftguy00

    Yeah, you need both clients to have the mod. I don't think all mods support LAN though.

    Thanks for the reply, I will ask the modders in question if their mods work over LAN
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    posted a message on The Mod API is a horrible idea
    This is pretty stupid, the API is a standard feature

    You're unwillingness to mod has nothing to do with the API, if you don't want to mod anymore you should find another hobby

    The rest of us will enjoy a good API, plenty

    Most modders will also enjoy having their mods accessed more easily
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    posted a message on Using mods in vanilla LAN servers
    Can I install mods on two systems and play with them both on the same vanilla LAN server? Every bit of info I have found on this subject has been conjecture or other questions, can someone who has tested this tell me their experience?

    Do I need to start a server and install the mods there or can I just install the mods on both clients and play? My hope of course is that a mod like Mo' Creatures will give our LAN games a bit of spice.
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