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    posted a message on Help find texturepack

    I found - Xenocontendi

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    posted a message on [1.12.2 - 1.8.x] New BINGO mini-game server! Already available!

    Some facts about whole project:

    • We opened in May 25, 2011 (we still have Beta 1.7.3 server! even two...)
    • We have a lot of custom developed plugins (not only for us) and 2 custom mods (on some servers)
    • Custom painted maps in WorldPainter (for MineZ and modded Sandbox servers)
    • Clean worlds and NO WIPES!
    • Admins 21+ years old
    • Lucky Blocks spawn chance when you dig stone/dirt on height 40- (on Bingo & survival Sandbox)
    • Creepers & TNT are explosive! But destroying blocks only on 40- altitude
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2

    I have some suggestions for Realistic World Generator, because in my opinion current map generation somewhere ugly.

    1. Sand beaches on biome borders

    2. More plains (50% of map, but configurable)

    3. Less mesa

    4. Less boulders and shrubs, no boulders on ice and water

    5. Jungle, Mushroom and some Swampland biomes

    6. Mo' Villages mod compatibility

    7. Too many clay underwater (100% by default, for example :))

    8. Plains on 65-80 altitude, not abover

    9. More structures, such as ice spikes


    1. Sandstone villages generating not in deserts (you can see it on South of map)

    2. Cross-like boulders (screenshot)

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    posted a message on Inventory Tweaks 1.61 (Jul 11)
    How to disable message "InvTweaks: settings loaded"? Or can you @Kobata disable this "MOTD message"?
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