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    Australian Crafters Empire is an Australian Minecraft server, which has now been running for over 2 years, providing a fun, good quality minecraft server.

    IP: acemc.me:25739

    ACE - Towny

    This server includes:
    - Towny - A way to protect land from other players, but can add friends/other player to your town.
    - Lockette - You can lock your chests, to stop friends/players snooping around!
    - ChestShop - Make your own shops to sell blocks/items.
    - MobHunt - A map which you kill mobs, get better gear, to then kill mobs for money in a fun way, vrsing other players.
    - Games Map - A map filled with many different types of games, such as bombercraft, deathcube, spleef, rock paper sissors, and much more!

    This server is child friendly, meaning we do not permit any swearing or insulting language.

    IP: acemc.me:25739

    ACE - Mumble Server (for voice chat)
    This is the spot where the players, and the administrators all relax and chat while we're playing games, watching TV or just having a chat. There's many personalised channels different games and activities.
    If you want to know any other information about this server, feel free to jump on and have a chat, or feel free to send us an email found on the website.

    IP: mbl.acemc.net
    Port: 64748

    For any other information about the Australian Crafters Empire, please visit the website http://acemc.net/. There is a shoutbox, to let us know of the server problems, and a forum for posts about everything server and minecraft related, and posts about pretty much anything else.

    Thanks for you time, and hope to see you there.
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    Quote from Novas_mods »

    Reed-like Plant Tutorial

    Sweet, can't wait till you release that one.
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    Nice tutorials, what I have been looking for recentally is tutorials on plants, haven't had much luck yet so it would be sweet if you could do that. :biggrin.gif:
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