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    posted a message on Pam's Mods - May 14th, 2018 - 1.12.2u Released
    • Every recipe using salt is still repeated however many salt items are encountered. Presumably it's a leftover from when it didn't use Ore Dictionary straight - but it does now, so there are multiple identical recipes if any other mod adding salt (e.g. Mariculture or Mekanism) is present.
    • Hotdog and Sau(s)age in Bread have swapped recipes and food values: sausages in bread are plain sausage plus bread or dough, baked, while hotdogs are the ones which have condiments added onto a sausage placed into a cut lengthwise bun, while in-game it's the reverse.
    • Foods that would logically be capable of having multiple sausage types used (hotdog, sausage in bread, bangers and mash) can only take 1 type. I suggest adding listAllsausage OreDictionary entry and adding maple sausage, (battered) pork sausage, chorizo, and any future sausages to it and using it in aforementioned recipes.
    • "Chai tea" is nonsensical name translating as "Tea tea", "Masala Chai" means and is properly translated as "Spiced Tea". If you want to keep the flair while being correct, call it "Masala Tea" instead, which avoids tautology.
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    posted a message on Solar Flux - a.k.a. CompactSolars for Redstone Flux
    Mods that run on updated RF API (EnderIO, MineFactory Reloaded) seem to be unable to directly accept energy from Solar Flux solars anymore. Could you please update to alleviate the issue?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Tinkers' Steelworks
    Quote from KimiroDragon

    It's not as silly as you think. There's a form of steel that is -snip- known as blister steel.

    I learned something today.
    Quote from KimiroDragon

    Using pure oxygen would -snip-

    I know, and burning through steel with oxygen (more applicably, a jet of oxyacetylene fire) is fun, but realism vs. fun still applies.
    Quote from KimiroDragon

    Another reducer does come to mind though: Aluminum.

    And then Steelworks adds proper aluminium-making process instead of silly smelt-aluminium-in-open-smeltery-or-furnace thing... though that's very unlikely, because real aluminium requires electricity.
    Quote from KimiroDragon

    All that said, though, yeah - oredict'd support for various other chemical options would be an awesome idea, but I'd hope the tradeoff between realism and fun still leans more towards the fun side of things - nobody* wants to have to roast lime in a specially constructed separate machine just so they can make a little bit of steel, or build a massive milling machine to reduce iron ore blocks to exactly-sized chunks for processing.

    *Except players who enjoy GregTech.

    Nobody would want that, unless quicklime makes them able to make three ingots per ore blocks. Then it's called Engineer's Toolbox.
    And massive machine to reduce ore is Mekanism's fourth tier processing, which makes five ingots.
    They're both fun, though, while making lime specifically for steel isn't. And a great example of a thing being decidedly NOT fun to use is Mariculture's titanium processing. 40 blocks of limestone for a measly chance at magnesium ingot processed one-to-one with titanium to make a pure form of it? No thanks.

    Who says GregTech can't be configured, with a lot of effort, to minimize it's rusty-iron-axe surgery on everything else in the game?

    Quote from Gyro

    Making magneseum and limestone usable would be fantastic, especially for the collection of mods I'm using right now - Chisel provides limestone, and Tinker's Steelworks would give me a reason to enable Metallurgy magneseum.

    Quote from Toops

    Bearing all that in mind, I would like to note that I have been planning on adding a few raw materials to the mod myself, such as lime and magnesium as you'd mentioned. However, I don't want to add a bunch of stuff which only has only one crafting purpose + decor. Magnesium in this instance could be used to create something akin to flares or simply used in the fireworks recipe, and and as an aluminum/magnesium alloy - magnalium - it would make a fine arrow shaft and tool handle, among other things. As an added bonus, for no reason other than Minecraft logic, magnesium blocks could do something fun, like repel Creepers. Meanwhile, lime could have many potential uses

    Chisel also provides marble, which is also mostly calcium carbonate, same as limestone.
    I would rather welcome more uses for magnesium. And for aluminium and alumdust.
    Also, you can safely ignore petty bickering between Greg and mDiyo and add at least Ore Dictionary compatibility, since GT does have magnesium and magnalium... and calcium carbonate... and a lot of things, really. It would be really nice if it didn't have carpet-bombing approach to modifying recipes and was content to just be a high-tech-tier mod instead of trying to be a complete game overhaul... which is also part of reason TiCo conflicts with GT - they're both overhauls, but while one makes game arguably easier, the other makes it unarguably MUCH harder.

    P.S. And if you're willing to step on Metallurgy's toes, "refined gold" could be called Orichalcum according to the following passage:
    Quote from TVTropes on Exalted »

    ...and orichalcum looks like gold, except shinier and possessed of an inner fire, so orichalcum weapons go beyond gold-plated and are purely made out of a purer form of gold.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Jay

    Considering 1.6.1 isn't out yet, that's not a problem NOW.
    Mine will still work better currently, as people cannot exhibit the self-control to not use the broken IDs 118 and 119, as evidenced by the massive problems people had before I made my patch, and yours does not hide them (though it also doesn't show anything but the first 16 cover plates on the other two, but those plates are just as broken)

    E: Just out of curiosity, did she even mention using metavalues over 1000 anyway?
    She still has a huge number of them below that number available...

    Yeah, yeah, I get your point. However, one can simply install yours and then overwrite it with mine, since broken-id exclusion and metavalue limit are handled by different files.

    She mentioned that new ones _start_ at 4096 and go up from here.

    EDIT: Anyway, here you go. Metavalues ID limit raised + compatible with Buildcraft templates + removes wrong IDs from TMI list. Old file deleted, link changed where I can.
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