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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    In-game Name: Bar3lyBlind
    How old are you? 15
    What is your timezone(GMT)? GMT -5:00 (Eastern)
    What time can you guard? (Ex: 1PM-4PM)? Well since i have school from 8-3, i can guard from 4-10 or 11 pm and then on weekends i can basically guard for like a whole 12 hours if I really want too but in general I will say like 12pm - 6/7pm and maybe longer.
    How long have you played on Killion?: Almost a whole week now, and I do intend to be on for a long time.
    What is your current rank (Block)? A
    Do you have experience with prison servers?: Yes I do have a big experience with prison servers, I've been on so many prison servers and by far this one is probably the best. I'm not saying that to suck up, I'm saying that because it's true.
    Do you have experience guarding?: Yes I have.
    Have you read ALL of the server rules, both guard and prisoner?: Of course, I always read the rules on any server.
    What makes you the best guard applicant?: Well, I can be extremely mature, but that doesn't mean I like to have fun. I will enforce the rules. I am very experienced on guarding, and if you accept me as a guard, I will do anything I can to make this server as fun for others as I have on this server. One reason why I have fun on this server is because the guards make the server safe and I really want to be part of that for other players.
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    posted a message on [Druidcraft] [HYBRID][1.6.4] 24/7 lag free server
    IGN: Bar3lyBlind
    What are you applying for?
    what are your skills?
    I can build pretty well, and I know a lot about plugins, and stuff like that because i've owned a server before.
    how old are you?
    what is you time zone?
    Eastern Standard
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    posted a message on NEED STAFF FOR MY SERVER 1.6
    Name : Joey
    Mc name: Bar3lyBlind
    applying for : Mod - Admin
    contact : Skype = Bar3lyBlind
    age: 14
    why to become staff : I want to become staff because I would love to bring my server knowledge to you. I've ran 2 servers, I administrated one, and I was mod on one. I know a lot about plugins. I can set up perms, kits, whatever you want me too. I am not good with Java Code so i can't create custom plugins for you. I listen, I cooperate, and I also have patience. (Very important) I love helping out servers. So msg me on skype or pm me on here, and tell me if I could be staff or no. I'm fine with any answer that you may choose.
    Thank you for your time :) - Bar
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    posted a message on ♆♆ || DeathCraft || PvP || Factions || Raid/Grief || McMMO || MiniGames || Creative || Auctions || Great Staff || ♆♆
    Death Craft is a server of mini games, creative, and survival. We wanted to make all three of these categories available to attract all sorts of people. People who like building, people who like challenges, and people who like griefing/raiding.

    Mini Games:
    We don't have many games yet because well we just started out. As time grows on, we will have LMS (Last Man Standing), Team Deathmatch, and CTF (Capture the Flag). Of course spleef, mob arena, and parkour mini games are available.

    Well, nothing to say about this besides that we have PlotMe.

    Well since this server isn't dedicated yet, there is not a donation page setup yet. But we do have a warp to see what you get when you donate. Just do (/warp donate) in-game to see.

    "I love this staff. Awesome staff!" - Unactive player Sausages12345.
    "This staff is awesome. I'm glad to be apart of them." - DonnyT
    "I hate all of you, lol." - j_rod115
    Bar3lyBlind - Owner
    Cardsrams - Co-Owner
    Sorrowfullz - Head Admin
    XxKMO01xX - Admin
    turzmobine - Admin
    DonnyT - Admin
    j_rod115 (a.k.a FlammingWinter) - Admin
    Bobuhi - Moderator
    TimAndTomRFunny - Moderator

    Main Spawn:

    Survival Spawn:

    MiniGames Spawn:

    Creative Spawn:

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    posted a message on Bar3lyBlind's Videos: Good Or No?
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    posted a message on Looking for a YT Video Partner
    Quote from Silent Shadow

    i call anyone a kid if they act like one, i dont mean by age

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    posted a message on Looking for a YT Video Partner
    Quote from Silent Shadow

    Name: John
    IGN: da_pimp
    Skype: johnathan570 (need to install it)
    Steam (If have one): 100noodles (tho i dont have many games)
    Age: 17
    YT Channel: Randomnolifegamer (could not think of a name and just made a new account)
    Able To Record: Yes with 60+fps never bellow 30
    Time Zone: not sure lol but im posting this at 403pm
    Days & Time Available: everday but due to my brother watching tv a lot, i can only get good audio record when hes asleep
    Funny(Fun) Level: depends on you i can be as fun as need be :P
    Mature Level: behond average for my age
    Any Other Info: I dont like kids, i dont like babys(not the infant, people who complain a lot)

    You don't like kids... I'm 13.. that's basically a kid.. ;P
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    posted a message on Looking for a YT Video Partner
    Ok, so i want a yt partner.. So we can do videos together, he/she gives me shout outs and i give him/her shoutouts and we play MC or CoD or whatever game together. Basically, what everyone wants lol... Here is my youtube channel: Bar3lyBlind

    Steam (If have one):
    YT Channel:
    Able To Record:
    Time Zone:
    Days & Time Available:
    Funny(Fun) Level:
    Mature Level:
    Any Other Info:
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    posted a message on New youtuber wants 2 co-commentators
    In Game Name: Bar3lyBlind
    Steam Name (if applicable): Bar3lyBlind
    Skype: Bar3lyBlind
    Computer Specs: ASUS
    Do you have a method of recording?: Yes
    Funny (1-10): Well i'm not funny, but i am fun to be around and i laugh to easy and so it makes the mood happy
    Mature (1-10): I can be mature and serious when i want to.. I'm kind of a follower like if you guys are taking everything the wrong way i will... So my maturity level depends on how you guys are acting, but by myself i would say a 7/10
    Anything else: I'm 13, american, i hate cheese, and i love dinosaurs, i'm pretty random, and don't know what else to say. Audios.
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    posted a message on Looking For YouTube Partners
    Name: Parker
    Skype: Bar3lyBlind
    Age: 13
    MC Name: Bar3lyBlind
    YoutTube: (Optional) youtube
    Can You Record? (At a good frame rate, with all of the high quality settings on. - 1080p) Yeah
    About yourself: I'm american, like to play games, fun, pretty chill
    Can You Host A Server? Yea
    What time zone are you in? Eastern (GMT -5:00)
    ​What days are you available for recording? Anyday, really.. And on weekdays 4-10pm and on weekends - anytime really..
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    posted a message on Bar3lyBlind's Videos: Good Or No?
    Can someone tell me if my vids are good or not?
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