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    I have five desktops, five laptops and four servers. I need to buy another server so it will be all fives, lol. Best depends on your use case, it isn't a "one size fits all" answer. I prefer desktops, but when I travel I don't like packing up my large PCs. Having a powerful laptop comes in handy then. Ultimately though I gravitate towards desktops as I like the ease of upgrade. You don't get that with a laptop.

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    I'm satisfied with Windows 10. Does what I need. I could do without the forced updates and telemetry, but c'est la vie. Windows 11 looks good, but it needs a few years under its belt before I make the plunge and change over my main workstations.

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    Quote from Zanybrainy2003»

    Aside from both of those, I can prove that robloxian can kill steve in a fight with catalog gear.

    Why are you fixed on that so much? Nobody cares. Minecraft Steve could kill Gordan Freeman easily, but do you think that makes Minecraft better than Half Life? Of course not.
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    Tougher than Leather - Run DMC

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    If the worst thing in your life you have to deal with is being forced to socialize, you have it pretty good.

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