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    Version 1.16.4
    Address play.highlifemc.online
    Timezone GMT - France

    Ahoy! Welcome our server! please, make yourself at home 'n join our crew t' start the adventure in the seven seas!

    Pirate themed server! Islands, oceans, 'n some butt load of booty, wha' more do ye needs in a pirate's life? That's right,glory! A good treasure ain't a real treasure if 'tisn't shared, so don't get greedy, or pirates will come fer yer head!

    wha' do we offer? A butt load of stuff for your enjoyment! Random treasure, boss fights, player triggered events, outpost for a spawn, and a REALISTIC world! Although that's not all, if you want to experience the features for yourself, hop on the server!

    ✘ Theme - Pirates dream
    ✘ World - islands (mostly tropical)
    ✘ Simple GUI menus
    ✘ Custom currency
    ✘ Crates
    ✘ Ways to earn currency
    ✘ Events
    ✘ Player triggered events
    ✘ Compact spawn
    ✘ A fully functional spawn island
    ✘ A small tutorial path for newcomers
    ✘ Titles
    ✘ Everything will be PIRATE THEMED!
    ✘ shops, vendors
    ✘ Probably more stuff that i forgot abou

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    O N G O I N G P R O J E C T

    Yeah, this means you can produce narcotics, or work for the law as a police officer!

    The world is greatly modified with a mod "TerraForged", so the feeling of the environment is unique and realistic.

    🖐 Join us! https://discord.gg/hrQduH56XG📃
    Our Website: https://highlifemc.wixsite.com/info

    First thing first I just joined the server for the first time, what now?
    As you know so far, this is a survival server, you still can do the same things you're going to do in the regular survival server, so it's up to you if you want to live like a hermit, or play along by picking a role between an outlaw, or cop. Thought there wouldn't be any indication that for a fact you are an outlaw, players will need to figure that out, but as for a cop you will be given a role, so anyone on the server will know you are a cop. The server has a working economy, the spawn area is literally a town with functioning buildings and NPC's

    Drugs are one of the biggest features of the server
    To be able to produce drugs, you'll need specific ingredients. Although, obtaining fully produced drugs will get you jailed if caught!
    Cops are the ones who keep the tension in the server for outlaws, simply not to make it easy for every outlaw to keep their grind impeccable.

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