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    Another little tidbitty idea thingie:

    You COULD simply make an alpha-beta style of map that's a certain size. You would add the small handful of biomes if you were making it alpha-ish (forest, desert, hills, ocean.. (I might've forgotten a few!) And make the terrain like how it was generated 'back then' (you could use the older versions on the launcher for reference) Or if it was based on the beta versions, a few other biomes could be added (Taiga/snowbiome , extreme hills and other beta added biomes).

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    I think most people who played the game when it was in the alpha and beta stages respect those versions more because of the fact that the game was more simple. There was no crazy 3 headed monsters, there was no command blocks (though to be honest those things are my life xD) and there was no insane biomes (ice spikes, mesa plateau and such).

    Now, there's a possibility that it could also be the feeling of learning how to play the game. Maybe people miss the feeling of accomplishment after finishing the giant cobblestone creeper that took 7 months to build, whereas now there's creative mode, slicing the time on building it to three days. Or maybe people miss exploring underground and adventuring in the average humble alpha world without the fear of endermen tearing your head off.

    Or maybe it's just because people like the older versions because they do. Of course, I can't ask every alpha and beta starting player why they might prefer the "the good ole days of minecraft", but the two theories I mentioned are what I think.

    ~End of reply~

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    Hi! (I'm terrible at starting threads, lel :P)

    I wanted to see how people like my WIP texture pack. It's called B-Craft, and it's kinda a plastic-ish texture pack. The textures are very simple, but that's the point of the pack. I made it in Microsoft Paint, and you might be thinking, "Ooohhh, MS paint sucks.. this texture pack must be terrible.."

    But I made it in MS Paint for a reason ;)

    I hope you forum users that download this pack enjoy it, and please tell me what you think in the comments.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jc6mshj1wdih4i8/B-Craft v2.3 WIP Release.zip

    A small note though: I didn't edit the block models that weren't blocks (flowers, saplings, brewing stand) because the part that would usually be transparent turns white, making everything looks VERY strange. Same with the items, the transparent parts turns white.. If anyone may have a solution, please tell me! Thank you.

    Anyways, hope all you readers enjoy!


    -BajBoy :grass:

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    LOL, pretty good.

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    Hai! This is a map I've been working on for a while. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category. If it is, I stink. Anyway, It's kinda what the title says.

    The map consists of just an abandon mineshaft with a rollercoaster on it. (and a little suprise at the end muahah) :pigout: by MineWarCrafter

    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?uy7geoh2zud83bf

    And no, there is no virus. I'm not a hacker. xD

    I hope you all enjoy xD

    It's a derpy map, yes I know. But at least I tried, lol.

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