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    Thanks for the compliments! I really enjoy building in survival.

    I really miss my industrial park world, so I thought I would build an industrial park area into my new world, but make it even bigger! I'm using some slightly different designs, plus I'm making everything even bigger.

    Chicken farm is complete, but with a different design than my Industrial Park world.

    I am working on the first floor now of the giant auto farm. First two rows are wheat, next two are carrots, and the last two potatoes. Each floor will have 688 of each crop planted. There will be auto harvesting with water, which will carry it to hoppers.

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    Animal Farm Tour (08/16/2014)

    I completed my sheep farm so I thought I would organize the photos better. Enjoy :)

    I built this farm to supply colored wool, plus supply beef and leather. I just got carrots but haven't built a carrot farm yet, so the pigs will be coming later. There is a small farmhouse, plus a three story barn (though it doesn't look that way from the outside.) The floor are low to prevent Endermen griefing inside. The animal pens outside also have 2 - 3 tall fences because of Endermen.

    Time Lapse Construction Photos

    Stairs down to the Farm

    I needed some stairs down to the farm and thought I would just build them now. In the future I am going to come back and add a nice gatehouse here, but will just use these doors for now at the top. The water fountain is what I really like since it is fed from the fountain in my courtyard.

    The water starts here at the fountain in my main yard.

    It travel underground and comes below my doors

    And then passes under the steps:

    Construction Photos

    Pics from the construction of the farm:

    Need an area for cows. This looks like a good place, but it does need a retaining wall, I think


    First night in the house. Creeper!

    The barn going up:

    Lake Expansion:
    I like this bridge, but I want more water.

    So, I expanded the lake. Almost all of it is 2 blocks deep now.

    Sheep pens complete:

    And then I fell taking that shot!

    Completed Animal Farm Tour

    Pictures of the completed farm (though I still need pigs).

    From above. Sheep all to the left with the blocks telling me what color sheep is in each pen. The cows are above the barn.

    Looking across the farm. Most of the time when I am shearing sheep I run along the tops of the walls. It makes it fast to climb down, get some wool, then climb right back out.

    I made this wall that shows all the colors available and what makes the correct dye.

    The wall is by my house:

    The farm from the bridge. The covered area is my storage area.

    Storage area where I keep harvested animal products, tools, and food for the farm. I also have some emergency repair items in here in the event of a creeper.

    Looking down the first row:

    This is how I move sheep to the big yard where I can bred a lot of sheep of one color. Full grown sheep have trouble getting out one gate, they also stop following you right after the mate but their offspring follow you immediately.

    So, each pen contains 4 sheep. I breed them and then immediately lead the baby sheep out of the pen and down to the big yard where I will then breed them. Right now I want a bunch of red and green.

    The farm house has some backup dye, in the event anything happens to my sheep. I'm a little paranoid.

    The Barn:

    Back side of the barn with access to the top floor for animals:

    Inside the 1st floor. Second floor looks similar:

    3rd floor (Hay Loft) of the barn:

    Now I can start adding color to my builds!

    And my realm continues to expand.
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    Quote from serphans
    this is amazing! my survival worlds are usually just built inside a mountain, nothin' too special, this took a lot of skill!


    I like to work in survival, but it takes a lot of time to build this stuff. I also think I build better in survival since it forces me to slow down and think.
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    posted a message on Show Me Your Kitchens!
    I really like those kitchens and the Soartex texture pack. I've been using that texture pack for a long time. Love it!
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    posted a message on --Aeria-- A Flying Steampunk City! ~Update 4~ Museum and Clock Tower
    This is really great! I love the colors.
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    It's been far too long since I updated this thread. I added a bunch of photos of what I have been working on. Enjoy.
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    Updated Saturday (08/16/2014)

    Finished my Sheep Farm. Photos in a new post below (Updated 08/16/14)

    This is my legit survival world. I try to take a series of pictures as I build so you can see each project as it is designed, rebuilt, and finished (i.e. given up on). I plan to keep playing this world until something farces me to make a new world.

    It's been a long time since I updated this because my life has been crazy for me, but here we go. My focus now is building cool things that will provide me with resources. Once they are complete, then I'm going to start expanding the castle and build a city.

    I'm moved all my images to imgur now, so we'll see how that works out.

    I have marked the spoilers that I have updated.

    Mods: None
    Texture: Soartex Fanver

    Original Introduction Text
    Text from Oct. 2 2013
    I thought I would create a survival world and stick with it for awhile since I am really busy right now (grad school, full-time work, baby on the way).

    I hope to take a series of pics as construction happens so the evolution of the area can be shown. Any suggestions appreciated.

    Right now I am working on the main keep and will expand the curtain wall later with more buildings, houses, farms, etc.

    Found a good place to build, no idea where my oiginal spawn was. It has a good mix of biomes close by (Jungle, Desert, Swamp). I started mining right away and went all the way to bedrock. So far I have started on the main building, throne room, mine, tower, basement and storage. Plus I have sheep, cows, and chickens.

    Starting out (10/2/2013)
    The Original Dirt Hut (before I installed Soartex)

    And the basement, where I have been sleeping.

    A nice lake to start some farming. That's my navigation beacon on the roof.

    Walled off (10/2/2013)
    Building the starting wall and adding some resources
    Built a wall and started growing some trees and food.

    Wall Complete

    Some Trees, fountain, and wheat.

    The Mine (10/2/2013)
    The mine under my main castle
    Nothing too great yet. I didn't take enough pictures during the dig, but I plan to expand this a lot more. It is directly below my main castle.
    Cutting the stairs into the wall

    As it stands now. The bottom just has branch mines straight out. I plan to do something cool at the bottom with the water / lava but haven't messed with it yet.
    From the top down:

    Bottom Up:

    Throne Room Creation (10/2/2013)
    Start of the main castle. Building the throne room

    Think the back window is too square, I might drop the bottom down some, but I have a lot of other things to work on! I'm also not terribly happy with the roof.

    From the Roof:

    Fixing up the Front (10/2/2013)
    Fixing up the outside of the castle and building a Gate House
    It's a little plain

    Guess what happened here. . .

    Building the gate house

    Inside the gate house:

    First Floor Fixup (08/09/2014) *** New ***
    Fixing up the area right inside the gate house

    Dirt pile in corner with door is the remnants of my first house. It's still there.

    Outside you can see the windows I'm adding middle, toward left. Like the results!

    Windows inside:

    Let's get that floor replaced.

    Fin for now.

    Main Tower (10/2/2013)
    The tallest tower on the castle (so far)
    Of course you need a tall tower so you can look out upon your realm

    Start of the Tower:

    Going up

    From the top:

    And from the bottom:

    My first attempt at a roof for it. . . Nope, not good

    Believe this was my 3rd or 4th attempt. Not perfect, but I'll take it for now.

    Spiral staircase. It was not the best idea. It's pretty dangerous.

    Stairs in progress

    Stairs complete:

    And a nice view from the top:

    Tower with the gatehouse

    Basement Storage (10/2/2013)
    A place to put all my loot (and take a nap)
    Need to expand my storage. This is the basement under the throne room.

    Starting out:

    Hollowed out, looking back toward sleeping area:

    Dropping floor down again and replacing with cobble.

    A storage center:

    And a nice fountain:

    Castle Expansion (10/02/2013)
    A place for the King and Queen to live (plus some other stuff)
    You can't have a castle that is just a throne room and tower. Time to expand.

    Laying down the wall outline. I didn't have a plan and am just going with the flow letting it fall naturally along the terrain.

    On the wall:

    Bottom of the Cliff:

    This area is the same level of the basement under throne room. The bottom of the tower is here too. You can take the stairs all the way from the top of the tower down to the basement.

    Castle Expansion Continued (08/09/2014) *** NEW ***
    Adding onto the expansion above
    Starting to build up the interior on the second floor

    Time for the Third Floor!

    The perch where I was taking the shots from:

    King's Suite:

    Was using dirt to space out walls

    The Closet:

    Stairs up to the suite from the throne room

    Queen's Suite:

    and then death:

    And from another angle:

    Field View of Construction (08/09/2014)

    End View of Construction (08/09/2014)

    Side View of Construction (08/09/2014)

    It's raining!

    From the hill behind my castle. I eventually plan to build a nice retreat up there for the king.

    Tower View

    I also put some chickens in my expansion for the time being because food.

    I was running low on cobble so I started just digging out a big room. Not sure what I will use it for

    Desert Pit Mine (08/09/2014) *** NEW ***
    I was really struggling with cobble when I was working on the castle expansion. I have actually never done an open pit mine so I figure I would give one a shot since I really need cobble
    Read to go!

    On my journey I found this error. hmmm.

    It's maybe a 5 minute walk to this desert. My starter home.

    Found this temple. You can barely see my house in the distance

    Stuff from the temple

    I also found this village, but I haven't spent any time there.

    So, I wanted to make a big mine. I think I did 32 x 32

    And I figured I would build up the house some. In fact, I'm probably going to build a bunch over here.

    My torches from my return trip

    Desert Road - (08/09/2014) *** NEW ***
    Right now my path from the desert to my castle area is just torches and some random stairs. I want to build a new path that's faster and safer. I'm wishing I made this thing wider. This path is also consuming a load of cobble.

    Yeah, I built a house to live in while I work on construction


    This is a project here. . . Need more cobble!

    Random Stuff(10/2/2013)
    Miscellaneous things from my world
    Found this error. There are actually a bunch in my world:

    First time seeing one of these guys.

    Swap Slime

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    I remember my first time playing. I would sit it a dirt hut all night. I had no idea about torches or crafting tables. Then a creeper killed me and when I spawned I didn't recognize anything and thought the world started over. Made a new house, then a day real life days later found my original house.
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    posted a message on house plan...needs help please
    Quote from jackblg

    has realise that i know nothing about texture packs... nothing what so ever..a friend of mine has sent me a link to paintlypack or something....but it all seems so complex :(

    Texture packs are probably one of the easiest things to use. Just download the .zip file appropriate to the version of minecraft you are running. Older versions will "work" but they will be missing blocks that could show up as invisible. You'll quickly find out and can try another texturepack.

    But, once you have the downloaded .zip texture pack file open up an folder window like "My Computer" and at the top type "%appdata%" without the quotation marks. If you just did a standard install, you should see a ".minecraft" folder. Open it and then open the "texturepacks" folder and place the .zip file in there. You don't need to unzip it!

    Then start minecrat and log in and hit "Texture Packs" on the main screen. You should see the texturepack you added listed in there. Select it and hit "Done", then start minecraft as usual.

    My favorite I always use is the Soartex Fanver (http://www.minecraft...e__hl__ soartex). Just click the "Vanilla Textures for Minecraft" to be taken to the .zip file download.

    Hope I wasn't too confusing with all that.
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    Haven't worked on my Industrial Park in awhile. My time has been very limited lately and since I am doing that build legit, this one is using SPC and WorldEdit. I am still getting a hang of using those tools as it feels like I am missing out on a lot of the power they contain.


    I have a flashing light at the top, but it stops working whenever I reload. I need to look into the fixes for it.

    Inside my central train station. I still need to decide how I am going to manage the tracks underground.

    A few buildings

    A nice, large kitchen

    Looking across the water to a very modest house that is currently under construction

    Outside of said house, under construction. That is a boat house in the back left you can see.

    The backyard of the house with fire pit, private beach, and boat house. These people cannot afford their own swimming pool, unfortunately.

    Inside the house

    Entrance Area

    The Great Hall for parties and general debauchery

    Upstairs with a Master's Bedroom and two other bedrooms.

    Master bedroom with soft walls also featuring a private office nook, closet, and balcony.

    And inside one of my other buildings

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    posted a message on [SURV] OceanBlock 2.0
    Really loved this map. I was doing great; had a big village close to being able to spawn 2 iron golems, had been to the nether and was setting up more farms, finally had cobblestone, then I was deep in my mine and died because of a misplaced block that I couldn't mine away fast enough to keep from drowning. Then I respawned having lost a bunch of dirt and my diamond pick to see a zombie siege in progress and only one of my villagers still alive.
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    posted a message on NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE (308L X 128W X 155H) -Survival -No Mods
    I have been away for awhile and this thread is the first one I had to hunt down to see how it is going.

    Excellent progress! Love it.
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    Quote from RobertMorbeck

    This is all legit? Thats fricking awesome. This would have been impressive even in creative but in survival..... Wow.
    Texture Pack? I should know but im dumb

    Texture pack is Soartex.

    I think I put link to it on the 2nd page.
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    This is looking really good! I like it.
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    Quote from Rycie

    Pretty cool!!! how did you plant the sugar cane without water right next to it though?

    There was water there when it was planted. I stopped the water for the sceens, which is why the sugarcane broke when I started the water again.
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