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    posted a message on Mob: Mean Grass

    I think this idea could have potential, it just needs some revision. If instead of being single pieces it spawned in clumps that were approximately 7x7 blocks, there was a visual (and maybe audio) indicator that you were near it before you actually got hurt, and the spawning if you kill one was removed I wouldn't mind this really.

    Maybe it could be like a natural Creeper hangout area, so Creepers who aren't actively trying to murder you have a tendency to group inside it. Then if it visually reacted to the Creepers you could say "okay note to self, bad grass over that way."

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    posted a message on "Bloom Effect" Option In Video Settings

    Deleted the discussion of just using Shaders instead of implementing this, as saying to use a mod/resource pack/shader pack instead of implementing an idea is against our rules.

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    posted a message on "Bloom Effect" Option In Video Settings

    As usual I have no objection to any kind of visual option like this so I definitely support. I probably wouldn't use it though, personally.

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    posted a message on The Phantom (Mob B) Will Make The Game Easier
    Quote from JJ48car»

    I'm not sure I understand how the new mob will make the game easier. If people are already skipping the night, then the most you could say is that it will have no effect. If people aren't skipping the night, and this mob encourages them to do so, then it adds a challenge to the game as now you need to keep better track of the day/night cycle or risk facing the mob.

    You may as well say that lava makes the game easier because with it people pay more attention to where they're digging.

    This is correct imo. Adding the new mob doesn't make the game easier, it makes a potential thing the player can do already more tempting. If they decide to sleep the game stays as easy as it was if you slept in previous versions. If you don't sleep to fight this mob the game is harder.

    If at best the game is unchanged and at worst the game is harder then the mob can't be making the game easier. All you can really conclude is that it *might* influence players to use an existing feature, but the inverse is also true. If the mob drops a lot of XP or a good item (currently it drops Leather) then it will convince more players to not sleep so they can fight it, which makes the game harder for them.
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    posted a message on Strays should drop the necklace they wear. The necklace should be used to tame skeleton horses.
    Quote from rkpkid1997»

    Huh I didn't know they already spawn tamed. Well, maybe a different functionality of the amulet would be preventing the horse traps from triggering as long as you have it in your inventory?

    Yeah it could be repurposed, but I don't know about that particular idea because it could prevent others from seeing these when they want to.

    It could be used for something like enabling Zombie Horse spawns when you have it in your inventory. Those currently don't spawn naturally.
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    posted a message on Moving a world to a different computer
    1. Find your world save. For Windows this is usually C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
    2. Find the folder that you want to copy (the name of the folder is the same as your world name)
    3. Copy the entire folder to your external storage device or cloud storage, however you are going to move the world
    4. Find the saves folder on the second computer (see step 1)
    5. Move the folder you copied in Step 3 into the saves folder on the second computer
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    posted a message on Let's end the infamous noob myth!

    What myth? Newbs are players new to the game and noobs are players who may have been playing but just aren't very good (at least that has always been my understanding of the two terms). Nothing about the thread is indicative of if this player is actually good or not because any item can be gained easily in Creative Mode, and even then an enchanted Diamond Shovel is fairly easy to get with a little luck.

    There also isn't anything wrong with being either. New players cannot help but being new, everyone is new when they first start out. Experience cures both newb and noob status eventually.

    But I think most importantly, it is a "noob" move to think that just because a player uses a specific block they are a noob. I've been playing for 6 years and I'll make a structure out of any of these items if I need to. An item that is cheap, readily available, and works just as well as any other block at keeping me safe (minus explosions, but it is my fault if I let a Creeper blow up next to my house)? You're darn right I'll throw up a quick structure using Dirt. And if it is something that I don't plan on living in but just as a quick place to store items or craft things I'll never change it from Dirt either. Plus using Dirt or other "noob materials" as you call them offers additional perks like efficiency of using my roof or part of my floor as a farm depending on where I am building, or being able to disguise my building within normal terrain by making the exterior look like normal world generation.

    TL;DR - There is no "Noob Myth", there are just new players, some players that aren't the best at the game (which is 100% fine), and no single exposure to a person's play-style or their use of a specific item or block means they are bad at the game.

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    posted a message on Antidote, Laudanum and Inmunity potion

    The Immunity potion I am okay with but the Antidote and Laudanum potions I have a couple of issues with. The first is that Antidote and Laudanum seem to be two halves of what should just be one Antidote item. Secondly because of the exact nature of what laudanum is in real life, which is basically just an opiate. Changing the name to something that doesn't reference a highly addictive narcotic would help, but I'm still not a big fan of the item.

    I think the best solution would be to combine Antidote and Laudanum into a single antidote item, with level 1 healing some negative effects and level 2 healing all negative effects.

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    posted a message on Trash Box and Whiteboards
    Quote from Clen_»

    Please do 2 topics if you wanna talk about 2 different suggestions.

    Initially I was okay with this because both could be grouped under simple quality of life improvement items, but after thinking on it more I have changed my mind.

    OP: I am locking this thread due to our rule on wishlists. If you want to repost your ideas please do so in a separate thread for each idea. However, due to the extremely simple nature of the ideas, it might make more sense to post them in the Small Suggestions thread
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    posted a message on Biome Specific Music.
    Quote from fishg»

    I think the song should be allowed to play all the way to the end before another song starts. Otherwise it'd be really jarring. For example if you're listening to a nice song while mining only for it to be cut off by a different song when you unknowingly cross into a desert. Then it'd change again when you turn around a moment later.


    What would be a really cool alternative to this would be to have one really long music track and each biome has a different variation of that track. The tracks are all on the same loop but only one has any audio at any time. Then when you transition to a different biome that track fades out and the appropriate track for that biome fades in.
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