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    About our server

    Thank you for everyone who has joined so far! If there's anything you want to comment about, please notify us!

    If you've ever played an Adventure Map before, then you already know most
    of what this map is about. You aren't allowed to break blocks. There are
    puzzles, platforming, monsters, etc. We have built a massive world for you
    to explore, and it's growing bigger every day.
    When you spawn, you'll appear in our short tutorial. This teaches you a lot
    about the many mods we use, and some other things you likely haven't seen

    Please pay attention to the tutorial. It significantly helps in future exploration.


    Our RPG Adventure Map is open-world. There's no set path, you can explore at
    your leisure.


    There are many dungeons (currently 18, many more on the way) and huge zones
    to explore. Currently we've only built on the Normal World, and haven't
    even touched the Nether or the End. We have plans for large 'expansions'
    in the near future when we begin to build content in these zones.


    We've decided to take a lot of time to add Lore to our world, in order to take
    our detail to a new level. Read the books! Even if you don't care for the lore,
    some of it contains important hints, or tips.


    Our villagers have custom item-trades, and this is a very important part
    of our RPG Map. A lot of the seemingly random junk you find ALL has a


    One last thing. You'll quickly notice you aren't allowed to access many of the
    following items: enchanting table, crafting table, dispenser, hopper, dropper,
    alchemy stand, and some others. This is because most of these are handled through
    Villager Trading. If you want an example of this, go to any in-game town. A quick example of
    this is that we have custom recipes for our potions. Check out the Mage Slums in Coppergale (Capital City) for an
    example of this.


    Here is a full album containing some of the amazing sights in this unexplored world!
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    Quote from Pheyra

    So where do I go from here? x:
    Keep sending him flirty suggestions?

    Yes. Or just outright say it.

    Or do what I do and then have sexytime, and whilst mid coitus, ask seductively, "Would you like to go out?"
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    Quote from Pheyra

    So he doesn't think I'M interested? I'm making it so obvious though.. -_-

    And he's making it obvious.

    If you are cuddling with a guy while at the movies and he lets you.

    He wants to **** you.

    That's how it works.
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    posted a message on ever talked back to your teacher?
    Wow, you talk back to your teacher?

    I bet you're such a rebel and smart kid.
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    I discovered the Internet.
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    posted a message on what would the atheist community do on 21/12/12?
    The OP is greatly misinformed of how the Mayan calendar's end relates with people of today.
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    Quote from Napalm_Bomb



    In reference to Obama I read that as "Browny", and it sounds a bit racist.
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    posted a message on 40% of people aged 14-18 had sex atleast once
    Sounds like the OP finds sex as being scary and for adults only.
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    posted a message on Embrace your day, don't put it down.
    Unless you live in Australia, today's New Year's Eve (or for those who haven't reached midnight yet). And there are all these people putting down their night! "Worst New Year's ever", "This New Year's sucks", etc.

    But why put this day down? Who cares? It's just a holiday that celebrates you for staying up past midnight (something you do every night anyway). What do you think it should consist of? Partying? Drinking? Having a wild dance party? Whatever the case, if it's not out doing something, then it's "bad".

    If you're one of those who has this mentality-- that unless you're out partying or going crazy, it's not a good time-- don't worry. One, you always have next year. And two, you can have just as much fun doing nothing.

    All of my New Year's have been exactly the same, save for one. I sit inside, have family bring food over. The adults play cards downstairs, with the kids in the basement playing video games, and I sit up in my room on the computer. Last year it was WoW: Cataclysm, the year before it was me hanging out downstairs with my friend and girlfriend, and the year before that I was in my basement playing LittleBigPlanet. Nothing too crazy.

    Yet, despite me thinking that everything is fine now, a few years ago I had the mentality that I could be having a better New Year's. But why? Why did I think that? What else could possibly happen? Will it be like those shows and movies? Where I'll find my true love only a few minutes before it actually turns midnight? Will I be having an amazing time with friends, drink in hand? What is so fantastic about New Year's?

    I don't know why New Year's is shown to be this huge, spectacular light show. All of this happens after hours of waiting and waiting. If you watch what happens in Times Square for New Year's, you have thousands and thousands of people, waiting in the cold, underneath a tower with a big, glowing ball on it. Then, after hours of waiting, it falls, confetti drops, and people go "Yeah! NEW YEAR!", couples kiss, and people shout and scream, toasting and drinking and fun galore.

    All of this happens in about three minutes. But then what? It's all done. Midnight has passed. It's New Year's. What else are you going to do? Stand in the streets longer in the cold, with booze and confetti staining your shoes? Say you're at home. It's passed midnight and everyone has celebrated surviving another year. Now what? Sure, you can argue that, if you have a date, that you can go back to the nearest hotel and have crazy blanket caterpillar time, or if you're in a town, you hit up an after party or something. But what makes THIS time any more special? That it's for New Year's? If you do this anyway, then you probably do this any old Saturday night. What makes this night so special?

    Point is: New Year's isn't that special. It's like any other weekend or day off. It doesn't have the charm that Christmas or Halloween or any other holiday does. You don't normally look forward to it all year long. Yet, there still seems to be this "want" to do something New Year's eve. Like something so fantastic is going to happen, and if you don't do something for it, you're going to miss it. But there's nothing to miss. New Year's is a holiday centered on building up suspense. And then, when the suspense is gone, so is the charm. It's like shaking up a Coke bottle, pulling off the lid and then watching everything spray all over. But then knowing you have to clean it up.

    So what's the point of shaking up the bottle to begin with? Why not just drink the pop, knowing that you'll have more fun in the long run doing that?


    My point is, is that New Year's is a meaningless holiday that makes itself seem like something more than it is. So don't worry if you didn't go to that big New Year's party, or if you didn't hang out with your friends on a specific day. Just remember that there's always tomorrow, and you can always try again next year if you really wanted it.

    So, remember. New Year's is just another, flashy day.
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    Quote from Achilles

    My cat died last year.


    What a riveting way to start us out.
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