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    posted a message on Harvest Festival ~ A Harvest Moon mod ~ Cooking, relationships, townships and more!

    Great idea, but....

    1. Sickle and Hoe got lost:

    - It isn't really obvious how to gain another one back.

    I checked all the NPCs, if they sold any, but they don't.

    Maybe the flower girl could always sell you one (maybe even for free, since they are mandatory tools)?

    - Searching the internet, I came across the Wiki, letting me know that I can exchange shears and a regular hoe for those.

    Tried doing that, weirdly bugged out. Sickle removed some of the dead plants, some ended up being invisible glitched blocks.

    Hoe instantly would transform back into the vanilla one upon first use.

    Sickle randomly changed back to shears, no real indicator for the trigger.

    I ended up activating cheats and spawned them into my inventory.

    Was quite discouraging experience tho.

    2. The carpenter disappeared:

    - When trying to build a Ranch, Yulif didn't show up to the spot.

    I went about my business thinking he would come eventually and build it.

    After 2 hours, the space was still untouched and Yulif nowhere to be found.

    And that's when I pretty much gave up on it. No idea how to progress without the carpenter on top of burning 7k.

    I really like the concept behind this mod pack, but it seems highly unstable to me.

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