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    posted a message on ⚡ CodeHaven 1.12 ⚡ 18+ ⚡ Hard ⚡ Whitelist ⚡ Vanilla ⚡ Community-based ⚡

    Your in-game name:Bugtrix



    Cake or pie?cake
    Anything else you'd like to share:nm

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    IGN (in-game name):Bugtrix[/b]
    Discord:Bug Trix#5295[/b]

    Time Zone:GMT+5:30(IST(Indian Standard Time) [/b]
    Why do you want to join us?:Im finding a good vanilla server with a good community hence I would like to join the server. [/b]

    How much time per day/per week will you play on the server?:2-3hrs on week days and 4-5hrs on weekends [/b]

    Have you ever been banned/removed from a server? If so, why and when?:no[/b]

    What is your greatest strength in mine craft?:Redstone [/b]

    Are you involved in other servers? If so which ones?:Minepeace[/b]

    Lastly, why should we accept you?You probably should accept me because I have always been friendly with others and always helped others. :) [/b]

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    posted a message on MinePeace SMP - 1.12+ - Laid-back, Community Oriented - Discord Based - Essentials, Lockette

    IGN (In-game name):Bugtrix[/b]

    Discord username:Bug Trix#5295[/b]

    What to call you:Bug[/b]


    Preferred gender:Male[/b]

    Favorite thing to do in MC?:Redstone[/b]

    Why choose this server?:Cause I want to play 100% vanilla on a server[/b]

    Have you been on other servers like this?:yes i have[/b]

    Ever been removed/banned from a server?:yes i have been banned from a server because i was not 18 xD[/b]

    How often will you play?:I play pretty often- 5-6 hrs a day[/b]

    Can you donate to server upkeep?:yes[/b]

    Anything else we should know?:I have ADHD so I may be hyperactive at sometimes[/b]

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