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    Well, here's the deal. You decided not to research anything before your purchase, you shopped at BEST BUY, and you have ignored tons of peoples GOOD advice about buying parts from newegg or tigerdirect and assembling it yourself. If your parents dont want to buy things off the internet, go to the store, get one of those temporary visa cards, find some sort of work, then load the thing with cash and buy the parts on the internet. It's entirely possible, and I've done it personally. Best Buy and GeekSquad aren't there to help you, they are COMPANIES, which means that they operate on a system of PROFIT. They will do literally anything they are legally allowed to (and maybe a but more) to make the most possible money. They are the middle man from hell. online shops and local parts stores are small scale. They don't have the ability to buy things direct from factory and sell at 2x the price for major gain, so they hire people who know what they are doing, and actually want to help you, or they would lose all of their business (unlike best buy or geeksquad).

    So if you are going to get on a forum, and complain about something that happened to you due to an unfortunate lack of foresight, please don't ignore someone elses good-natured advice. These other posters are quite correct in the things they are telling you, so take it with a grain of salt and listen.

    You could go to the store, and buy a brand new 900$ PC that will last you 3, maybe 4 years MAX and won't be able to play the next installment of most games, or you could spend around 3/4ths that much and buy a computer that (with an upgrade here and there) will last you 6 or 7 years EASY and will be able to play (almost) all of the games that require highend GPUs and CPUs, not to mention will just destroy minecraft at 200fps
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