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    Hello everyone, BaconGeek here, and welcome to my resource pack, the "Minecraft: Story Mode" Armor Pack, or the "MC:SM Armor Pack" for short! This resource pack allows you to have access to all armor sets that Jesse, the main protagonist in "Minecraft: Story Mode", can choose as their personal set, including Ellegard's, Magnus', and Tim's armor, in vanilla Minecraft. Unfortunately, as this is a resource pack and not a mod, you can't get the full effect the armor sets would have without doing some enchanting, but it is still good for role-playing and being "infinitely cool".

    I think to put in this description. Like I said, all sorts of "Terms of Use" and whatnot can be found in the ZIP file for the resource pack. Thank you guys so much for checking out my resource pack! If you enjoy it or have any questions, please comment down below. And as always, have a great day everyone :D

    Oh, and before you ask, the helmets are meant to be invisible when equipped by the player, as Jesse never has a helmet in "Minecraft: Story Mode".


    - Optifine 1.11, 1.11.2, 1.12, or 1.12.1 (all previous versions will not work and future versions may not be supported)
    *verify that "Custom Items" is set to ON (this is found at Menu -> Options -> Video Settings -> Quality)


    Simply rename any piece of diamond armor using an anvil (or another renaming method), replacing the word "Diamond" with any of the following (cap-sensitive):
    - Adamantine Impervium
    - Dragonsbane
    - Ellegard's
    - Ender Defender
    - Golden Goliath
    - Magnus'
    - Redstone Riot
    - Shield of Infinity
    - Star Shield
    - Swordbreaker

    - Tim's




    v1.1 - finally added Tim's armor

    v1.01 - fixed invisible leggings bug

    v1 - initial release


    Adamantine Impervium


    Ellegard's Armor

    Ender Defender

    Golden Goliath

    Magnus' Armor

    Redstone Riot

    Shield of Infinity

    Star Shield


    Tim's Armor

    Ellegard's Armor (w/ "Ellegard and Magnus Helmet" add-on)

    Magnus' Armor (w/ "Ellegard and Magnus Helmet" add-on)


    Original models made by UltimatePPS - https://www.youtube.com/user/pandreoli20
    All icons and models created/tweaked using Minecraft Novaskin - https://minecraft.novaskin.me/resourcepacks

    Screenshots taken in JustinTDML's map - https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecrafrt-story-mode-map-2---18/
    Mojang/Notch for creating the wonderful game known as Minecraft
    Telltale for creating the amazing game series known as Minecraft: Story Mode
    You for downloading this resource pack :P

    My Social Media Stuff :)

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