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    Hey, you should make paragraph breaks. It makes it easier on the eyes and more welcoming.
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    Sorry guys, I work ALOT. I updated the list
    And its going good ash.
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    Quote from Soban100 »
    IGN: Artyom15
    Age: 14

    I am here to apply for the whitelist.

    Well, I normaly build underground.
    I dont grief, so if you accuse me of it. You can basicly expect a "no, I didnt ****ing do it." from me. I have BEEN griefed, and it pisses me off.

    I build far away from large civilizations, and normaly trade with small, budding ones. Then, when they become large. They say goodbye to me. Normaly, with that, I suck out 1 or 2 members who want to come with me, well, some of the time.

    I normaly keep my resources. Dont expect Coal from me, I keep all my coal. Its important. I might trade some of my Iron, all of my Gold, and rarely, if ever, Diamonds, I only trade Diamonds for Green Records. Because those are awesome.

    And, well, thats everything about me...OH, and I am also EXTREMELY random...Extremely random.

    Didnt you play in my server once?
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    Ill update the whitelist in just a minute!
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    Great apps guys! Thats what I like to see!
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    The IP is

    :Diamond: Welcome to Civilization Craft! :Diamond:

    Civilization Craft is a place where cities thrive, and communities strive to achieve greatness. Everyone can be a part of a great Civilization, or even lead one!

    The goal of Civ. Craft is to go out and support you Civilization, whether you are a member or the mayor. There are many factors in owing a Civ, and one must ALWAYS be wary of other Civilizations becoming superpowers and conquering the land!The best way to avoid invasion is to work together and become a superpower yourself!

    This leads to a few basic rules. There IS PvP, BUT not everywhere, so don't be frightened! The only place where PvP can occur is in the wild, or in a Civ. where you are not welcome. The exception to this rules is in times of war, where another Civ can raid and kill you. Which leads to the next point: There is NO stealing in Civs allowed, and destruction of property is not allowed either! This will be mostly prevented by protection, but is just a heads up. BigBrother knows all.

    However, a town must first be declared a Civ. to be protected by these rules. The most general qualification is that a Civilization must have at least 5 members, including the owner. More rules will be written up as time moves on.

    Civilization Craft is truly a great experience, where you can mine, build, and work together with your comrades, which most servers neglect. I must point out that you do NOT have to be a part of a Civilization, but you are subject to every atrocity that might befall your house.

    We have a variety of plugins. Some for your enjoyment, and some for us Admins to keep the game fun! We are eagerly awaiting the Towny plugin to be released for Bukkit, since this would greatly benefit us and make this server much more fun!

    There is a whitelist!

    So, please apply here, telling us about your minecraft playstyle, and something you might contribute to this server.This will be semi-strict due to a mass amount of childish players in the last whitelist, which I completely deleted. Make sure you dont half-ass it.

    White List Application

    Applications must have at least one sentence per question (except for obvious ones like IGN and age)
    Remove text in parentheses () before submitting application.

    How long have you been playing minecraft:
    Other servers played on:
    Credentials: (such as administrator of another server, in a civilization, or buildings created)
    Has anyone recommended you to the server:
    Why would you want to be on this server: (You can add what you usually do, what you think about griefers, things that annoy you, almost anything! Don't make it too long though, a few sentences to even a paragraph or two is just fine)


    Griefing, if minor and fixed by yourself, will just be a warning. If anything is just completely demolished, you will be banned. Another type of griefing is placing blocks or unwanted items in a person's area. Admins will decide what is bannable or not. Even if it is not within a civ, you can still be griefing and will be considered the same as if you were within a civ's limits.

    Stealing. Under no circumstance will this be ok. If you give the items back then it is a warning. But it is a very serious warning. Next time you WILL be banned.

    PVP. Inside spawn, or a non pvp civilization (be sure to ask) is bannable. If you kill someone in spawn, or the civ but apologize and give ALL of their things back then it is a warning. Next time is bannable.

    Do not be rude, vulgar, annoying, or immature. If you do not know what these mean then look them up. These acts will be acknowledged with three warnings. Next time it will be two temporary bans, and then finally a permanent ban.

    Do you agree to the rules?
    You will be held to them even if you don't read this.

    And here it comes.... Donations.
    This server can only handle up to 30 people as of now. This can change with just a handful of people donating 5 or more dollars a month, and will increase as more donate. Paying for a server is very expensive, and I cannot afford to spend so much out of pocket money on Minecraft. So please, make this server much more enjoyable for ALL of us and donate a simple $5 to us!With the extra money, I put it right back into the server for extra features! (Like vent).
    https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... KCX874RZ7E

    stormone- $15! Thank you very much!

    ATTENTION: These features I am about to list will not be given to you until I set up groups. It is a tedious process, but I will complete it soon.

    Donator Perks:
    Ability to
    /tphere (VERY useful for recruiting new members to your Civilization!)
    Being a King of a Civilization. (When Towny is back up)
    Custom color name.
    A surprise!
    Priority Joining (You will ALWAYS be able to get in unless its filled with ops and donators.)

    With the reset of the previous whitelist, I also reset the map. So, while it is not a brand new map, it is fairly new, and only a couple small Civilizations exist. So, get a step up on everyone else and APPLY NOW!

    At the moment we are on a TEMPORARY map. The old map along with the civilizations will be restored as soon as bukkit is installed onto the server.

    Vent IP and port:dallas.voipservers.net:6631 pass:4774

    We will have a website up soon, and the domain is CivCraft.net! If anyone could volunteer their services, I need someone to finish it up for me. (I am clueless in the field of web design).
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    Quote from WingmanTrebor »
    Hey, my ign is WingmanTrebor, and I was referred to this server by a friend of mine. I've been looking for a while for a nice server to settle into for a while, and this one looks great. I'd really like to be whitelisted, thanks!

    Could I ask who your friend is?
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    Hello there,
    I run and operate the Civilization Craft server. I am in need of someone with basic knowledge of web design to simply set up a forums and such for my server on my domain. It doesnt have to be super fancy or anything. Its already built up a little, civcraft.net. If you do this, you will get all the donator perks and special permissions.

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    Quote from megachees »
    ssooooo is the server dead? :Zombie:

    Was never alive
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    Quote from DKWON »
    Hey it's DKWON here, reapplying.

    Hello! My ign: DKWON
    I would LOVE to be in this server's whitelist. I have been looking for something for a while and this was the only one that really popped out at me. If I do get accepted into this server I would be glad to contribute building things, redstone contraptions, mine, etc. I cant wait untill I get a chance to play on this server!

    I was rather enthusiastic at the time don't you think? hahaha well hopefully you accept my application a second time, Backdraft. And if you do will you please notify me?, but if it's too much trouble a simple "whitelist updated" will suffice :biggrin.gif:.

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