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    Hey Mowzie there's been a problem with minecraft ever since i started playing a couple years ago and it has to do with the way spiders currently climb surfaces .

    They should infact climb horizontally and not vertically, the devs seem too lazy to take notice and i wondered if you being good with animations could implement it.

    It would ironically polish the game to make the mod a more cohesive experience.

    Mo' bends.

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    You should create a discord for the mod imo.

    But also, goony is an awesome coder :D

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    Quote from CatosBobu123»

    Apparently this is a bad mod. What happened to it? Did it offer low content after teasing fans with high expectation hype? Was the dev missing=> no more new content?


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    And that was the smart thing to do. We do NOT need another 1.9.

    What?? No. the redstoners could shove their words up their..Butt. The majority would've liked it. Plus; 1.9 was a good update. both end wise and combat wise.

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    animal mobs:

    • Nemean lion
    • Lion
    • Elephant (indian, african)
    • Snake(Bush viper, scrub python/african rock python)
    • Jaguar
    • Leopard
    • Cheetah
    • Ostrich
    • Ornate hawk-eagle
    • Fish (shark, empurau, marlin/swordfish, whale, narwal)
    • Buffalo
    • Goat
    • Greater Kudu
    • Bear (grizzly, black, panda)
    • Silk worm
    • Rhino
    • Hippo
    • Nile Crocodile
    • Fur Seal
    • Walrus
    • Wild boar
    • Turtle (red sea turtle, alligator snapping turtle, green sea turtle)
    • Tortoise(Bolson tortoise, Aldabra giant tortoise, ivory sulcata tortoise)
    • Horn-bill bird
    • Tiger
    • Camel
    • Golden lamb
    • Elk
    • AND MORE

    • decided to revamp the animal section to be updated to newer mc and to be more specific, dunno if some of the changes are appropriate but oh well, was mainly just bored lmao
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    huh, looks cool. as said above, is it gonna get updated?

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    those aren't java files, other than jei that is. they need to be java files.

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    Quote from AzhanJaved1»

    Okay so i wanted to update a minecraft 1.7.10 mod to 1.12.2 but i don't know how to. I'm not really good at computers and Java stuff so i need help. Can someone pls tell me how to update it or update that mod for me?

    You're saying that as if it's simple; when infact you'd need to know java and maybe rewrite the mod.

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    Quote from cked»

    To be honest, the frostmaw really stands out among your mobs as the worst looking and less realistic. All of your other mobs are so amazing and well textured, that the frostmaw seems out of place. I’m not sure exactly what you are working on, but maybe consider a remodel of the frostmaw? Atleast the 2d horns

    what? Lmao. Read the dame changelogs dude, just last update the horns were changed to be 3D.

    Quote from nubbin2003»


    Essentially, it is a mob that spawns whenever you use any form of magic, such as wearing a barkoa mask, enchanting, brewing/drinking a potion, using items like the geomancy talisman or the frostmaw crystal (sorry, I am half asleep and can't remember what is called), using heliomancy, ect. ect.

    It is a mix between a spider, a scorpion, and a lionfish, or some other critter with spines. Black in color. It is called a void leech, and has two main functions. One, if it hits you, it will leech to you and steal your hunger, but also make you do more melee damage, make you faster, and absorb some damage for you. After 1 or 2 minecraft days, it will drop off, but be much larger. (it grows in size as the days progress) After this, you have to fight it, as it now deals damage, and borrows your health when it hits you. It is capable of very short range teleportation, and is rather quick. Kill it, and you get a void heart. This allows you to borrow health from animals to restore hunger. What do you think?

    ngl- IMO it sounds overly tedious. "Oh i'ma just drink this instant health potion while fighting this difficult boss- *leech spawns*

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