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Yeah, this all needs to change. Now I'm a Survival guy, and I generally do my best to overdo everything I do. Creative got boring and now serves as a quick way to test the redstone creations I plan without wasting extra time. I'm basically into practical redstone - e.g., automatic tree farms, light sensors, automatic door locks, hidden piston doors. I also enjoy building in Survival, because I feel that it's a lot more of a challenge to build a complex building you planned in your head when you don't have the ability to fly around and tweak things.

I'm really into TNT cannon development. I've been working on ways to quickly activate and condense propellant using pistons - the results are pretty incredible. My planned megaproject is a cannon that automatically loads and compresses differently to suit the trajectory you want. How far in the future is that? Probably years. But it's good to have goals, right?

Other games...well, Portal and Portal 2. And Assassin's Creed. I tried Team Fortress 2 but I suck at it and so does Wine. Yes, I run Linux, and I can be kind of an elitist jerk about it sometimes. Try not to push me too far about Windows vs. Linux - you probably will end up hating me. It's happened before.

I take Latin in school, and I'm pretty good at it. I enjoy it, unlike most people, so I have a motivation to learn it. I love pretty much all subjects except history. I hate history with a burning passion. Like what I estimate to be about a third of the Minecraft population, I want to be an architect. I have complicated reasoning behind why that'll be an especially good trade over the next decade or two.

As for how I interact with the forums, I'm basically the intellect police. If someone's being stupid, I try to tell them so in as nice or mean a manner as their degree of stupidity warrants. If someone's being a genius or has an especially good point, I say so. I give lots of feedback. Generally I'm not too mean to people, I promise. Other forums I take part in regularly are 0x10c and Latin Discussion. I've been one of the most dedicated speculative engineers for 0x10c, Notch's new game, and the forums community is throwing around a lot of "what if" right now. It seems like Notch is getting ready to pick that up again, and I am one-hundred percent stoked.

Well that about sums it up for now. I like this description a lot better than the last one. If it sounded egotistical, I promise I'm not actually egotistical - I just tend to sound like it when I talk about myself. Crazy, right?
Interests Music, Minecraft, RPGs, Architecture, Portal, 3D Modeling & Animation, Drawing

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