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    posted a message on SKIN REQUESTS
    hey i've been looking for someone to make me a boy skin. i would like it to be something like a boy/enderman. like the boy is half enderman half boy haha. also if you can, could you make it a 1.8 skin? if not thats ok
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    posted a message on Shackcraft - YouTuber/Prank/mindcrack-like Server [Open to Applications]
    What you would like to be called: Braden
    Country/TimeZone: USA/ Easter Standard
    How much time are you able to play on the server a week: alot, just about every day unless school work or family things come up
    YouTube Channel Link:
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: for about 5 years haha when zombies still droped feathers
    How Long have you made YouTube Videos?: Almost a year now. ive had some spaces of time where i havnt uploded because of computer issues but ive got all that sorted out now.
    Do you like Potatoes?: I dont mide them
    Extra Comments: Thank for taking me into concideration. ive been looking for a while now to find a nice server to be on and record with good people. im trying to expand my youtube channel and make better videos. i feel like im better when talking with people and not always by myself. oh and Apples :D and Zimdot?
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    posted a message on League of Prison looking for staff!
    Chat Mod Application

    IGN: MrBRothwell
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Eastern
    Have you been on the server yet? If so, how long? Yeah just got on earlyer
    Did you read the server rules in the spawn? yes
    Why do you think you're suitable for this position? i like helping people out on servers and i like the server so far so yeah :P
    Experience (with details & proof): not really had much experience with being an actual mod but ive played on multiple prison servers and help alot of people getting started. ive also been on alot of private servers. i dont know really how to prove it XD
    Are you willing to put time and effort in the server? yeah im on minecraft alot during the day just messing around it would be could to help some more people out
    Contact info: PM me for skype i dont want to put it out publicly
    Extra information: Some time i may not be able to be on that long because of school work and such
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    posted a message on PANDEMONIUM | 1.7.2 | {HORROR MAP} | (using new 1.7.2 CommandBlock features) 10000+ Downloads
    Nice map man! i Loved it! You should make more by the way. oh and heres my playthrough!
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    posted a message on The Orphanage I The scariest map ever made [Horror] [1.7.2+] A Million Downloads!
    Is it just me or is the download link not working?
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    IGN: MrBRothwell
    Location (Country):USA
    YouTube URL:
    Why do you want to join this server?: i've been looking for a server to play with some new people and have fun on. i really would like to find a good group of people that i can record with.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: ummm for like ever. i think since beta 1.2 or 1.3
    How much time on the server can you dedicate playing/recording per day?: i good bit of my afternoon is playing minecraft. i would probually spend at least 2 hr a day on the server, probually more.
    Have you been on any other servers? If so, which ones?: i've been on multible of my friends servers wich really havnt worked out.
    Time Zone: EST
    Rate yourself 1-10: redstone-8 building-7 Pvp- 7
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    posted a message on Join My Youtube Group! (jobs for everyone!) Still Recruiting! Animator Needed
    Role (can be more than 1): Player
    Age (don't be afraid if you're young!):15
    Why me instead of anyone else:I think im fun to talk to and funny and i like to play the game so yeah pick me :P
    Why I want to join: I just want to have fun and meet some cool people and maybe help some people out withtutorials and stuff. looks like alot of fun
    When I'm available: basicaly when ever. except from 5:30 - 2:30 EST
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    posted a message on BAJEX's GFX SHOP
    I need a cool looking logo. should have something to do with my skin. and say Mr.B on it. also i would like a youtube banner if you do those.

    IGN: MrBRothwell

    pm me if you need anything
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    posted a message on AsvpDrvfts GFX Shop. (Banners, Intros, Thumbnails, Profile Pictures, and more!)
    Can you post some examples PM me
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    posted a message on Banner / Avatars
    cn you show an example of an avatar?
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    posted a message on [OPEN] PXLForce GFX Shop - Cartoon Skin Remakes - YouTube Thumbnails - YouTube Banners - Skin Posing - Server Trailers
    Quote from PXLForce

    The banner is finished! I was unable to add the melon and sword into your hands, but I tried to implement them else where. Thanks for the request and I hope you like it! :3

    - Click Here!

    If the forum resizes this, click here for the full size!

    You have been added the list of awesomeness! Thanks for the subscribe and the great feedback. It's always nice to know what people think, whether it's about my GFX or my YouTube channel! I also checked out a few of your videos and subscribed. Keep up the good work! :)

    Mine is awesome thanks so much!
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    posted a message on [OPEN] PXLForce GFX Shop - Cartoon Skin Remakes - YouTube Thumbnails - YouTube Banners - Skin Posing - Server Trailers
    Quote from PXLForce

    Added to the list of lists.

    Just finished your cartoon skin. Bit behind on orders, so trying to do them ASAP!

    I'll get to work on the banner soon! :)

    Thanks! that looks awesome can't wait for the banner
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    posted a message on ** PXLand ** | Mindcrack Inspired! | Looking for YouTubers! | 100% Pure Vanilla | SMP | Prank Wars | Events | Whitelisted | 24/7
    IGN: MrBRothwell
    Age: 15
    Do you have Skype?: Yeah PM me if you want it
    YouTube Account: MrBRothwell
    Your best video in your opinion: when i was first starting so its not to good but still my favorite.
    What do you record with?: FRAPS
    What are your views on griefing?: I think griefing is bad.
    Have you ever been banned from a server?: I dont think so atleast not recently Edit: i have been from my friends server but thats all i recall
    What can you bring to the server?: I think im funny but that may just be me. i belive im a good builder and better then the average minecrafter at redstone. cool red stone episode i did: . i like to have fun and hang out with people. ive been looking for a server that i can actually do something productive and record on with out being completly screwed by people.
    Best and worst skill in Minecraft: best- redstone/building. worst- i die a good bit by mobs so i guess fighting mobs idk haha
    What Timezone are you in?: Eastern USA

    and Triangle
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    posted a message on [OPEN] PXLForce GFX Shop - Cartoon Skin Remakes - YouTube Thumbnails - YouTube Banners - Skin Posing - Server Trailers
    Quote from PXLForce

    Ok, you're next as you have given me details. Just editing out a YT video then I'll get to work. I won't be able to cartoon the Iron Sword or Melon slice, they will just be minecraft textures, is that ok?

    thats fine. thanks :)
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    posted a message on [OPEN] PXLForce GFX Shop - Cartoon Skin Remakes - YouTube Thumbnails - YouTube Banners - Skin Posing - Server Trailers
    Heres my original post:

    Could you make a youtube banner for me?

    my IGN is: MrBRothwell

    and my youtube is:

    if you need to check it out

    thanks :)

    You said more descriptive so:I would like to have my Youtube Name witch is "MrBRothwell" in the center. also i would like my skin in there somewhere (cartooned if you can). i would like the back ground something like blue and black like space or something. or the the back ground be the cave you have in your example. and make all the text like a silver. also if you could make my skin holding an iron sword and a melon slice that would be awesome.

    sorry if its hard to under stand. :) thanks for taking a look at it
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