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    Really, REALLY diggin this map. Great use of the new "adventure map" features added into minecraft. Each of the three areas are really well organized and designed. Only problem I have is the minecart system. I had to enable "keepInventory True" to prevent me from falling out of the map and losing everything all the time I exited a minecart.
    Quick question:
    How did you get those zombies/skeletons to spawn all over the place in the accursed town? It takes about a million torches to shut them up!
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    Quote from AMOE1st »
    So... planning to do 6 whole new worlds, one that would REPLACE one that has already been put in the vanilla game?

    I forget their names, but the guys working on the Aether mod have been at it for a while, and they were still not quite done, last I checked.

    As someone else stated, it would takes months upon months to complete this.

    Alternatively, it could take several hours, and you'd release a mod that lets us go to 6 other worlds that will be pointless, as they'd just be big and empty, because you wouldn't have made the mobs yet and other actually interesting stuff.

    Or, it could take a few minutes and you'd release a virus.

    Finally, it could take even less than 1 second, and you could just NOT DO IT.

    And it would be very nice if the "tomarro" guy could actually SPELL IT RIGHT!
    I vote for option 4.

    Wow, your being a jerk. Just leave them alone.
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    I have a QUESTION

    I created this Block, and its texture is similiar to the render type of a flower. Everything works perfectly except the icon of the item that shows in the inventory, isnt my texture. Hard to explain hope you get it, and can of course, help.
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    posted a message on A really simple mod to demonstrate an idea I posted
    Quote from SuperPickaxe »
    Quote from RaustBlackDragon »

    Bumping is not allowed. A mod may warn you about this.

    Im pretty sure it is
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    Quote from gundum35 »
    I like the concept of the fools gold, but in this current state its not very useful and me being an angry person probally wouldint like this. It would be cool if there were other fool ores and maybe fool tools? You know you mine fony iron and when you make a sword out of it it comes out deformed or something along those lines

    Thats a great idea!
    I just meant for this to be a simple mod though and didnt want to expand much on the idea. Dont expect much.
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    bump for more feedback
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    Quote from Geko4515 »
    Lol interesting. I guess any smart person would just carry one known gold ore block on them to know which pile is good but other than that keep up the creativity :smile.gif:
    Way better than adding more useless ores, no pun intented :wink.gif:, to the mix(i.e. copper, bronze, bla, bla, bla). This at least makes the game harder but in a way more fun.

    Thanx a lot.
    I added two fools gold ores, each with the same function, just to avoid that.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01]Fools Goldv1.0- Hooray for frustration!

    This is my second mod (the first being the quartz mod). Its a short and very simple mod that took under an hour to complete. I thought that fools gold would be something fun and a necessity to add, so before I explain this short mod Ill say 2 things. This mod requires MODLOADER and TEMPORARILY edits the aq class file, or ItemPickaxe file, this will be fixed shortly. I wont give you installation instructions since this is installed like any other mod, and there are tons of places on the forums in which you can find out how. Searching is quite a lovely friend is it not?
    ModLoader can be found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=80246

    So lets get started, shall we?
    Fools Gold is a randomly generated block. It looks EXACTLY the same as gold and is a bit more common then real gold. It has the same pocket sizes and even when you put your mouse over the block it says "Gold Ore". I know you all will be thinking now that you can tell that the block is fools gold if you mine actual gold and the fools gold will be in a different slot then the real gold. Dont worry, there are 2 fools gold blocks, each functioning the same. This will avoid that.
    So back to me explaining the mod.
    So yeah, after you mine the "gold" and are happily climbing out of your mining shaft. You run over to smelt the "Gold Ore", and when it finishes smelting, and you place your cursor over the gold, you find a smiley face grinning at you. Indicating that the item isnt actual gold, but is fools gold. Currently fools gold(or pyrite) is useless, and I plan on having it that way.

    Two out of the three blocks are fools gold in teh picture

    You can craft a Counterfeit Detector which will tell you, before mining the gold whether it is fools gold or not.
    If the counterfeit detector destroys the "Gold Ore" quickly then that means that the ore is fools gold. If the counterfeit detector destroys the block slowly then that means its real gold.

    A quick demonstration video

    and of course the:

    Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?xwwwozg1cwteu8w
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Quartz Mod [v1.0]
    Quote from johndona1245 »
    My suggestion as a pixel artist...add more texture to the crystals they look very bland compared to the blocks. I also get the feeling that i have seen that red block somewhere before...

    The Red Block is completely my work, dont know where you could've seen it.
    Yeah, I really didnt know how to texture the crystals. Quartz is just.... well white.... couldnt find anything in Paint.net to add a little pazaz to it.
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    Quote from chalenged »
    Pretty sweet mod for a first timer. A word of advice though: Explain how to install it. Even though it is simple (just move all files except readme into minecraft.jar) you should have that, preferably in the readme.
    Quartz takes the same time to mine with all of the normal pickaxes, but the quartz one mines it much quicker. Just trying to help you make this mod be successful

    Oh, sorry didnt know that! Ill fix it right away.
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Quartz Mod [v1.0]
    shameless bump
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Quartz Mod [v1.0]
    Quote from sevvie »
    ::Gasp:: I love this!!! :biggrin.gif: I love the idea of having quartz in the game, and being able to color it is fantastic. Plus being able to turn it into a nice looking window-type block. :Diamond:

    Best complement I had all day :iapprove: '

    By the way... re-uploaded...AGAIN..... Quartz Spawn rate is increased. Please Re-Download!
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Quartz Mod [v1.0]
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Quartz Mod [v1.0]
    Thanx for the feedback!
    appreciate it a lot.
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Quartz Mod [v1.0]

    This is my first mod (So go easy on me), so as with every first mod, I'd appreciate some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from Modders or, of course, from people like YOU. REQUIRES MODLOADER


    So lets get started.
    What is the Quartz Mod??
    As the title implies, it adds Randomly generated Quartz into the game, Quartz Ore can be mined for 2 Quartz Crystals a block of ore, which in return can be crafted into quartz blocks, which in return can be crafted into colored quartz blocks (Now with 4 different colors! We got purple, yellow, red, and blue!!!! plus shipping and handling, batteries not included )
    quartz tools, stronger glass, and of course MORE!

    Lets get on with the pictures already....

    Okay Quartz Ore, found underground. Its slightly more common than coal.

    Drops 2 Quartz Crystals a block

    Quartz Block- Crafted with 9 quartz crystals

    Quartz Tools- Crafted like normal tools except the placement of Quartz Blocks in the place of where wood, gold, stone etc would be in the Crafting Recipe... durability between iron and diamond, Its mining speed is between stone and iron.

    Rose Quartz:

    Sapphire Quartz:

    Amythestine Quartz:

    Amythestine, once placed in a furnace (I researched this) can create Citrine Crystals, which in return can create Citrine Quartz, which can glow :smile.gif:

    Citrine Quartz:

    Placing Quartz Crystals in a furnace will give you Refined Quartz Crystals, which in return can create Refined Quartz. Which is basically a stronger form of glass.

    Refined Quartz


    From MediaFire (please report if link or download is correct or not): http://www.mediafire.com/?682m0sb5x2ril1l

    Enjoy! :iapprove:
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