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    IGN: Fatal Perfection
    Location: USA
    Faction: Elves
    RP Name: Adilya Galen
    RP character's Desire: Adilya wishes to to become the best huntress possible. She wishes that people will learn to respect nature more.
    Previous Role-play experience(optional) I've roleplayed on many other servers, as well as other games such as ARMA II, etc.
    Example of Role-play of Character:

    * Adilya pulls back the arrow, and steadies her aim *

    * Adilya trains her bow on the young buffalo *

    Adilya's Father: Adilya! The hunt is over come!

    * Adilya eyes widen, as the buffalo is scared away *

    Adilya: Father! How am I going to get any better if the hunt ends so swiftly? That buffalo just got away!

    Adilya's father: There will be plenty of time to hunt Adilya, now come. It's your turn to skin today.

    * Adilya sighs, rolling her eyes *

    * Adilya gets the first carcass, a deer, pulls out her knife, and begins to skin *

    Adilya: Hantanyel ( Elven for " I thank you " )

    I swear to act mature while playing on this server and to follow its rules.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    Quote from tobad34

    Tis most likely friends of already whitelisted people that are applying now. As was the case for me. My friend's application was on page 5, but I only bothered applying today.

    True, I would get friends to RP on this server. The thing is, they're not exactly, good, or experienced in RP. It'd be pretty embarrassing.
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    Quote from hillrun

    Not sure if serious or sarcasm...

    It's sarcasm. -_-
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    God, I mostly lurk this thread, ( Since I was already accepted ) And, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy. Few things I need to tell some of you.
    1) Stop disrespecting white-listers.
    2) If your app is denied, don't question it, just fix it for god's sake.
    and 3) The world does not revolve around you, you are nothing special. This is RP, not your personal fan-fiction.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    So just caught up after being gone for a while ( Setting up my new PC ) I missed quite a lot. I honestly can't wait, I've read all the accepted apps so far, looks great. Really excited to RP with you guys. See you in Akavir.
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    Quote from KBViking11

    Overall great story for Edvard, though very sad. I see you read the rules great and you understand Role-Playing, Meta-Gaming, and Power-Gaming. One minor downfall is your small grammar problems which is okay.

    So my final judgement is that you are ACCEPTED

    Congrats and have fun! :)

    Thank you, sorry about grammar, English isn't my first language.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    IGN: FatalPerfection

    Age: 14

    Why us?: I've been looking to to get back into roleplaying, and I found an Elder Scrolls RP, so I was interested.

    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?: I just found out about this server, but if all goes well, I'll go vote.

    Define Role-Playing in your words: (See front page for examples) Roleplaying is the act of taking on the role of a fictional, or non-fictional character. You take on the role of this character in a fictional environment, and interact with others who also take on the role of another is this fictional world. Outside forces do not come into play of this fictional world.

    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Meta-Gaming is the act of using outside information that your character does not know, to your advantage. I.E. You know of an assassination attempt against your king, but your character does not know of this. You ignore this barrier and stop the assassination attempt.

    Define Power-gaming in your words: Power-Gaming is the act of making your character, a Mary-Sue. A Mary-Sue character in other words, is perfect. This can for example for this roleplay, know every spell, be a master of all weapons, have all the knowledge of all of Tamriel, master of every trade, etc. etc.


    Name: Edvard Brynhildr

    Nickname: (Optional) None

    Age: 35 years old.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Appearance: Long brown hair, grizzled face, long beard. 6'4", extremely built ( Built as in like a bear, not pure muscle ) white, dark brown eyes. Wears leather gloves, Green top, and blue/black leggings with brown boots.

    Personality: Grumpy, sort of silent, but true hearted. Also an occasional drunk.

    In-game RP example: (Include dialog)

    * Edvard is walking down a busy street going home after a long day*

    * A man who obviously looks as if he's from around these parts bumps into Edvard *

    Man: Watch where you're going old man!

    * Edvard attempts to ignore the man and walk away *

    Man: That's right keep walkin ya run down ol' coot!

    * Edvard hastily turns around and walks over to the man and grabs him by the collar of his shirt *

    Edvard: Listen ere' ya punk. You keep actin' like this, I'll put you six feet undah, ya understand?

    * Edvard releases the man, and then decides he'd rather have a drink, than go home. *

    * Mumbling to Edvard's self * Edvard: Kids these days ain't got any respect...

    Background: (Detailed and in-depth, 2 paragraphs. Also, explain how you came to be in Akavir.)

    Edvard came from a fairly poor family who used to live in Skyrim. They had a small house in the wilderness that would support soldiers of both sides in the ongoing war. Evard would always ask his father when he was just a small boy, " Why are there bad things in the world daddy? " His dad would always answer " It's just how things are son, and we're just stuck in the middle of it all. " They tried to survive off of what they could. It wasn't enough. Slowly their supplies were depleting, as the soldiers demanded more supplies to support their war. Edvard and his brother were too much for their parents to handle. They used the last of their money to send the two young boys to Akavir. They couldn't afford the voyage for themselves, and told the two boys to look for their Aunt and Uncle in Akavir. " Why do we have to go? It's not fair! Let us stay with you! " The two boys would say to their parents. The family had arrived at the docks. Edvard wouldn't let go of his mother's hand. Edvard's older brother Emil, had to drag him away. Edvard cried, as his older brother dragged him away. That was the last time Edvard ever saw his parents. He was only 8 at the time, and his older brother 12. Emil, took on the burden of looking after his younger brother, for the 2 month voyage that was ahead of them.

    It was a hard life on the voyage to Akavir. Edvard barely ever came out of his quarters. He sat there, looking at a picture of his parents. Emil would beg his to come out to the deck, as the sailors were very kind to the boys. Edvard refused, and sat, stewing. One night, Emil finally got Edvard to come up to the deck. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the moon was bright, and stars scattered the night sky. One of the crew members came up and asked, " Mind if I join you two boys? " " Not at all... " Replied Emil as he sat and watched the moon. The crew member looked at the young Edvard, looking down at the ground, distraught. " Hey kid, what's wrong? " asked the sailor. " It's nothing... " mumbled Edvard. " Hey I'm only here to help, I mea- " " Just shut up! You wouldn't udnerstand! " Said Edvard, cutting off the sailor. " He misses our parents alot... " Emil whispers to the crew member, with a sad expression. " Hey kid, look, I'm not going to pretend like I know how you feel... But maybe it was for the better... " Said the crew member with a sincere face. " Just leave me alone! You don't know anything so just shut up! " The sailor's face got serious, and stern looking. " Stop being so damned selfish. " said the sailor. Edvard looked at him shockingly. " It's not all about you kid, what about your brother? He has to look after you now, and he's just a kid! Look, it's no one's fault that you're here, it's just how things are kid. It's just too damn bad that you got stuck in the middle of it. " Just then, Edvard teared up, reminded of his father saying those same words. Edvard ran to his brother, weeping, holding his brother tightly. From then on, Edvard tried so much harder, to not sulk over his parents.

    Edvard and Emil had arrived in Akavir. With bags in hand, they hastily looked for their aunt and uncle. " Where are they Emil, I can't see them! " Edvard said to Emil. " You were just a baby when you last saw them Edvard, you wouldn't know what they looked like. Just then Emil had spotted their aunt and uncle. " C'mon Edvard there they are! " shouted Emil. Edvard chased after Emil where he saw his aunt and uncle, and both jumped into their arms. " Emil! there you are! How are you kiddo? " Said the boys' uncle. " And who is this? Edvard! You've grown so much! " Said their aunt. The two boys followed their aunt and uncle to their mill. The boys ran and played on their way to their new home in the warm rays of the sun. So much different from Skyrim's cold. The boys' aunt and uncle showed them to their new room. Where the boys got settled in. Late at night the two boys laid in bed. " Brother? Are you still awake? " Edvard asked Emil. " Yeah, I'm up... " replied Emil. " What are we gonna do know Emil? " Asked Edvard. " We just live now Emil, go back to normal lives, school starts a week, so we'll be able to make new friends... " replied Emil. Edvard tossed and turned all night. Thinking about his new life, trying not to think of his parents.

    5 years pass, and Edvard has made new friends, and so has Emil. They grew up to be two very strong boys from working at their aunt and uncle's mill. Edvard, now 13, and Emil, now 17. It was a warm summer afternoon, the two boys had just finished their chores. They had decided to go explore the woods behind their house. They knew of the dangers inside the forest, so Emil had grabbed his survival knife before they head in. The boys had found a small lake shortly after entering the forest. They had a short swim inside the lake. After they got out they took a rest. " Hey I think we should head home, it's almost dark out. " Emil told Edvard. Edvard got up, jogging back, " Last one there's a rotten egg! " Edvard yelled back, transitioning into a full sprint. " Hey! Wait up! " Emil laughed, picking up speed. Edvard sprinted faster, and faster. He boomed out of the forest, laughing and smiling. He looked back, to see no one there. " Emil? Emil!?!? EMIL!!! Come on out now...! JOKE'S OVER C'MON!!! " Edvard sprinted back into the forest, desperately looking for his brother. He stopped, Edvard turned pale. There was Emil, lying on the ground, covered in his own blood, with knife in hand. Edvard couldn't breath, his head tilted up, there to see a large bear, staring him down. Blood covered the bears mouth and claws. The bear charged, Edvard ran for the knife. Edvard turned and ran with knife in hand, Edvard soon tripped, not making it far. The bear lunged his enormous body onto Edvard. The 7 inch knife, had pierced the bear's chest. The bear's body soon went limp. Edvard using extreme effort to get out from under the bear. He clumsily made his way over to his brother's body. Shaking, short of breath, his hands, chest, and neck covered in blood. He dropped to his knees, and cried over his brother's body. He pulled his brother's body out of the pool of blood, and into a small ditch, where he held the body, crying. This is where Edvard slept for the night. When he awoke, he buried the body, and left the forest. He arrived back to his small village, walking through the streets, dazed, tired, and covered in blood. He had no idea who's blood was who's anymore, the bear's, Emil's, his own? It didn't matter anymore. He got to his aunt and uncles, where he saw his uncle. His uncle ran over and hugged Edvard. Just by looking at him, he could tell what happened.

    After the incident, Edvard didn't come out of his house for weeks. Until he finally showed up again. No longer was he a cheerful little boy anymore. He was silent, dreadful, but still big, and strong. He had went straight home after school now, he did his chores, and went to his room, only to come down for dinner. He had did this for years, even the last day of school. He was 19 now, and continued to do almost nothing with his life, but his chores. Until one day, he was convinced by his uncle to go out to the summer festival, which was a week prior to that day. Edvard looked at himself in the mirror, he was a mess, 5 o' clock shadow, long hair, and looked pretty dirty. He was ashamed, and went to go get freshened up. He shaved, got his hair cut, and washed up. Although still, he didn't think he was ready to go back into the world. Still traumatized by the events of when he was 13. He spent his days until the festival still, sulking. Trying to stay clean and shaven. The day of the festival had finally arrived. Edvard put on his best clothes, and shaved one last time before entering. Edvard, seeing many friends at the festival, who wanted him to join them, politely refused, and went on by himself. It was evening, and the Festival was already half-way over. Edvard, giving up hope on ever being who he was, the happy young boy, began to leave. But as he was leaving he saw a man, with a very beautiful woman. Although Edvard noticed, the young woman, was not enjoying his company. Edvard watched as the man harassed the young woman to " give him a chance. " Edvard could tell what was going on, as the man made a pathetic attempt to get the girl to go out with him. " Forget it Rolf, now leave me alone. " The man, Rolf, grabbed the woman now and yelled " Listen! My father is a very powerful man now, you will be mine! " Edvard could no longer watched and approached the man. Edvard grabbed the man, and pulled him away from the woman, and pushed him aside. " She said leave her alone. " Edvard said, looking and grim, and grizzled as ever. The man, brushed himself off, ignoring the fact that Edvard is twice his size, he attacked Edvard yelling, " Get out of my way you big Nord oaf! " Edvard grabbed the man, and lifted him off the ground, and tossed him again, this time into a table. The man got up, and ran away, cursing at Edvard.

    Edvard turned back around to the woman, and was amazed by her beauty. He approached her. " Are you alright miss? " He asked. " Yeah, thanks to you. " she replied. Edvard had started to get shier, and shier, backing away to leave. " Hey, where are you going? Festival isn't even over yet, besides I didn't catch your name. " said the young woman. " O- oh... M-my name is... Edvard... Edvard Byrnhilder, and yours? " replied Edvard. " Anitra Eriksen, pleased to meet you Edvard. " Anitra put her hand out to Edvard, Edvard, hesitant, but took her hand. They walked back into the festival, holding hands. The two had such a wonderful time together, and became friends. Anitra was the reason Edvard had gotten back out into the world. She had shown him how beautiful it can be. Eventually they had started going out. And two year later, when Edvard was 21, he had proposed to Anitra. Edvard's aunt and uncle, so proud of Edvard for getting back out into the world, had payed for their home, and a mill for trade. Edvard lived happily with Anitra for five years. They had planned to have children, and grow old together. " I will never let you go, Anitra. " Edvard had always told Anitra. Though one day, Anitra had fallen terribly ill. She was ill for days, until one morning, Edvard found that she had fallen to the illness in her sleep. Edvard now 26, didn't let go of her, until the burial services arrived to take the body. " This world is cruel, and all it does is take... " Edvard told himself. Falling back into his deep depression. Drinking at the local tavern every night. Doing nothing but his work, and drinking. Now 34, Edvard, still strong and silent. But he fears death, he fears getting too close to people, fearing they'll be taken from him like his brother Emil, or his wife Anitra.

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