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    Thank you. I will try to come online ASAP
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    posted a message on GazerCraft:Close-knit, Mature Community - Towns - Active Players - Small
    In game name: BFarrugia
    Age: 16
    Timezone: UTC+10 / AEST
    Preferred gender pronoun (optional): Male (Not sure if this is what you are asking)

    About You
    Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: I prefer servers that are not to big (50+). I had found a small server that I really enjoyed and got along with the owner well. Unfortunately he closed the server due to school. I get along with the majority of people on servers and I love helping people out.
    Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: No I have never been banned.
    Would you be interested in participating in our Community Projects (villages, towns, cities)? Yes very much.
    Would you be interested in participating in joining a Skype group to keep in touch (either through text or voice calls)? Yes I would love to.
    What attracted you to this particular server? Clicked on a random server and stumbled upon this. It ticks every box for what I am looking for in a server and more.

    Reading Check!
    When is PvP allowed? When both parties verbally agree to PvP and understand the consequences.
    What is z2liion's title? "Z"
    Finish the sentence: "Act your age, not your shoe size."

    Anything Else? Optional.
    I have been looking for a tight knit server to do community projects and have fun with. I enjoy and am good at building farms/grinders and I am good with redstone physics. I am slowly becoming a better builder and I hope to improve myself.

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your server!
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    posted a message on SkyFall [ Vanilla mindcrack like server] [24/7]
    1. Where Are You From?

    2. How Old Are You?

    3. What Do You Feel Your Best At In Minecraft?
    Making things like XP/mob farms and pretty good at redstone

    4. Why Do You Want To Join SkyFall?
    I have longed for the experience to be part of a small minecraft server with people who are on regularly and I can talk to and play with.

    5. Will You Record Videos On The Server?
    I have a YouTube account where I did post Minecraft videos but I don't think I will post on their. Their is always a chance

    6. What Is Your Skype?(Needed for the Acceptance)

    7. Whats You Minecraft In Game Name

    8. Favourite Mindcracker?
    Etho but I sometimes watch other Mindcrackers

    9. What Would Bring To The Server?
    Joy and someone who is easy to talk to and will eagerly do community projects/builds.

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