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    posted a message on Is Java still a security concern as of 2018?

    The security concerns regarding Java are with regards to Java Applets that run inside of Web browsers. With a Java plugin available in the browser, your browser loads in the Java plugin which will then load and execute the Java bytecode.

    When running Applets the Java plugin is running in what is known as a "Java sandbox" Certain "normal" java operations are not available. For example, an Applet cannot use JNI (Java Native Interface) to interface with system DLL files, nor can it access local system files.

    Java "exploits" are when you can run specially crafted bytecode or otherwise fiddle with that Java plugin component running your applet in order to "trick" it into letting you perform those privileged operations.

    The issues with the Java plugin are because you are running untrusted code by default. You are visiting a website, you don't know anything about the software it has, or what it does, so it runs in a restricted environment.

    With Client applications, there is nothing to "exploit" in the java runtime. Client Applications written in Java have the same privileges as any other client application written in any other language, And can access all the capabilities that are locked off by design from Java Applets, because by virtue of installing it you have declared your trust for the application.

    Applets are a rather outdated technology that has been largely superceded by various other developments that have arisen, making it not particularly useful to have installed.

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    posted a message on Can a tech savvy person help me with figuring out the correct way to unplug a pc?
    The CMOS battery circuit is altogether independent from the rest of the system; it is being "used" constantly by the CMOS circuit, whether the system is on or off, or plugged in or not. it doesn't make a difference- It will last around 12-15 years, sometimes longer- depends on the specific power usage of the CMOS circuitry in the system.
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    posted a message on When Oracle stops supporting Java and what's the future of Minecraft Java edition

    The article is about Oracle deciding to deprecate the use of Java Browser plugins and applets.

    It doesn't say anything about any plans or intent to deprecate or drop support for the Java Platform itself.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite OS?

    Basically, there are some people who seem to think taking a little effort to actually learn the configurability of their Operating System by reading for 10 minutes is "too much work" but will subsequently whine and complain when that willful ignorance begets them mild annoyances playing their precious vidya games.

    It only takes a few moments to use group policy editor in the Pro Edition or to adjust the appropriate registry keys to get the same functionality in the Home edition, but some people apparently just keep everything at the default and expect that default to work perfectly for them.

    The fact that you have to actually spend 10 minutes using google and youtube to disable autoupdates is just stupid.

    Willful ignorance of freedoms afforded you is not oppression. Spending 10 minutes doing some basic research is not some exhausting chore. This applies whether it be regarding Windows capabilities or whether it is people complaining that Linux is hard to use.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite OS?

    You mean the start menu ads, Cortana, autoupdates and Microsoft edge?

    (I am a W10 user but absolutely hate it as an OS). Too much trash that is hard to disable. Thank god for classic shell, the autoupdate loophole, and good web browsers.

    Start Menu Ads Are trivial to disable.

    Cortana is also trivial to disable. I disabled it. the "Cortana" process itself houses both Cortana and Windows Search, so Cortana still appears in task manager, this seems to be the sticking point for people to kick and scream about it.

    Autoupdates are easily disabled with Group Policy Editor. (I think registry edits can do it too?) Or simply disabling the Windows Update Process, I suppose.

    Things are only "hard to disable" for the uninitiated; and the uninitiated shouldn't be going around disabling things anyway.
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    posted a message on What's a good programming language to learn?

    As I wrote 5 years ago specifically addressing this question being asked frequently on this very forum and a few others, there simply is no "best language to learn". What is more important is that you start.

    If you have a specific thing you want to do, you'll want to find a language suited to that task. Don't learn C++ if you want to make a website, and don't learn Javascript if you want to make a desktop application. You can use either for both but some languages are better suited to particular tasks than others, which is largely why there are different programming languages.

    At the same time, I've seen too many beginners bite off more than they can chew. One individual, who had no idea how to program, set out with the goal of creating "youtube, but better". You have to start small, a task that won't overwhelm you as you learn the intricacies of the language as well as programming concepts. One mistake is to learn programming through Java minecraft mods, as I find it brings with it a number of bad habits or misunderstandings about exactly what the copy-pasted boilerplate they need is doing.

    Time spent deciding what language to learn is better spent learning a programming language. Unless you choose a very obscure language, the task of learning it is not going to be wasted regardless of what early projects you intend to tackle or how well suited they are, because language concepts aren't unique across languages; I think I put it well in the linked blog post/article I wrote when I said "it isn’t the syntax or structure of a given language that gives you the tools to coalesce those language elements into algorithms, and therefore solutions, but rather your understanding of base concepts."

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    posted a message on Which Graphics Card?

    according to GPU.userbenchmark.com, the 1060 ranks as the 14th fastest consumer GPU, at over twice the performance of the RX 550, which ranks as 99th.

    the RX 550 is much cheaper, too, however it more directly competes with the GTX 1050, which is usually only 20-30 dollars more for 58% higher performance.

    The i5 7400 is over twice the speed across the board as the FX-6300. Which is to be expected; the 6300 is from October 2012, which is coming up on 5 years, compared to the i5 7400 coming around the start of this year.

    However, it's also twice the price.

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    posted a message on PC Specs?

    QuikMiner, that isn't Speccy, and unfortunately it doesn't really serve as "proof" for a number of reasons.

    One issue though is that it does somewhat catch you in a "Lie"; earlier you state that you upgraded to Windows 10, but that is a screen capture from Windows 8, not Windows 10.

    Another reason it doesn't serve as proof:

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    posted a message on PC Specs?


    32PB of DDR7 RAM (You wouldn't have heard of it yet, it's still top secret)

    8TB SSD Raid array and a 512TB Data storage array

    Geforce 2 MX AGP

    Destructive Labs Sound Destroyer QPZ 720 no scope

    I also cannot bother to use speccy, but you have to just believe me man....

    But seriously...

    There is already a show your system thread but whatever I'll post it all over. Maybe I changed things since? I dunno.

    Desktop I'm using I built in 2014. Still going strong with a few changed components.


    GA-Z87X-UD3H Motherboard.

    Intel i7 4770K @ 3.5Ghz, overclocked to 4.1 about 6 months ago when I swapped out the cooler with a 212 Evo.

    32GB of DDR3 RAM. (originally had 16GB, I upgraded for no specific reason)

    Geforce 1070GTX

    Sound Blaster Zxr. Why? Because I make music professionally? I work in a studio? Nope, no reason. I like shiny things.

    Two monitors, a 2560x1440 Acer display and a Viewsonic 1920x1080. The Acer replaced a Qnix 2560x1440 monitor which seemed to have the firefox toolbar permanently stuck on the screen. Which went away after it was off for a while. I'd use it alongside this one but there isn't enough room on my desk.

    1TB Crucial SSD

    4TB WD Red

    4TB WD Blue

    LG Blu Ray Burner. Yes I do use it; can play Blu-Ray in VLC which is nice.

    ASUS DVD DL Burner.

    Windows 10 Pro.

    Case is a Thermaltake Commander G42 I think, has a window on the side which is totally pointless since it's horizontal on a shelf under the primary desk surface. Impossible to see through the window.

    Also have one of those internal card-reader combo things connected with two USB 3.0 ports as well.

    This replaced a 2008 Build, which I have setup elsewhere

    Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L Motherboard

    Intel QX6700 2.66Ghz (recent replacement, replaced a Q8200 and slapped on a T12 Cooler.

    8GB DDR2

    480GB SSD

    3TB HDD I think there is another but I don't remember the size. This is a failing Seagate drive from my main system which I replaced with the WD Blue. Decided to stick it in there since I can use it for storage and it's not going to store anything important.

    Geforce 9800GTX+

    Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

    Dual band Wireless AC card

    2560x1440 QNIX Monitor. This was replaced by the Acer on my main system when it seemed to have images stuck on it. (Firefox toolbar). Which went away after it was off for a while. Acer is still better though.

    Win10 Pro (naturally)

    Have a Thinkpad T550 (16GB, some kind of i7, 480GB SSD, 2880x1620 Touch screen), a sub $400 build, AM1 based, Radeon R9 240, 4GB RAM, 240GB SSD and a 500GB WD Blue. Win 10 Pro there too, naturally.

    Have a "old" build I put together a while back for older software and games. Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, AIW Radeon 9000, Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS, Running Windows XP SP3.

    Also have some older laptops and computers. iMac G3, PowerMac G4 (With a Zip drive, have a few zip disks for fiddling with that) a PowerMac G5, Thinkpad T41p, Toshiba Satellite 440CDX, Thinkpad 755CE that got Beat up in shipping still have the pic from the claim. Runs Windows 95. 40MB of RAM iirc. unfortunately the trackpoint buttons are messed up and don't seem to work properly and the floppy drive seems to have issue (though it's likely my floppies are just bad). I got a PS/2 Mouse for it which helps but it wasn't really what I was hoping for. (got a full refund, but still...)

    The 4GB "budget" system has actually proven to be very useful. both for testing our software without gobs of RAM, as well as so I can workaround some Visual Studio bugs where stuff gets screwed up when stuff is saved on a display with higher than 100% DPI.

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    posted a message on My personal opinion on Unity

    I think Unity gets a bad rap because it is good. It's accessible, flexible, and easy to learn. This means that it is the tool of choice for a lot of beginners.

    Opinions like this regarding Unity are basically the same as Visual Basic back when it came out. "I prefer to write windows software using OWL in C++ or from scratch" was definitely a thing. Easy to use tools to do things that traditionally were much more difficult can make developers who learned the "old ways" bitter because now it takes 5 seconds to do something that took them 5 weeks to learn originally.

    Just as it is/was possible to write good software using Visual Basic, it is possible to make good games in Unity. One aspect that leads to a negative perspective is that the free version of Unity will display the "Made in Unity" logo, but the paid version doesn't; so more well-made games that use Unity, like Rochard, Rust, The Forest, Kerbal Space Program, I Am Bread, Superhot, ReCore, ClusterTruck, and Yooka Laylee and so on don't get noticed- just the ones that show the "Made with Unity" logo at startup, which are largely going to be of lesser quality from less experienced, beginning developers.

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    posted a message on Voulenteers Needed for os

    Well you know kids do stupi.... oh, you were 25 at the time, never mind.

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    posted a message on I hate how the gaming companies put all their money and effort into games that aren't exactly kid-friendly by my standards.
    Quote from KingEdward9830»

    This post is the perfect example of why children SHOULDN'T get to play these games. Young minds are malleable, and even into adulthood people who grew up with something are more likely to appreciate it. It is one VERY small step from wanting to do this stuff in a game and wanting to do it IRL. Humans are (for the most part) vicious creatures by nature, no need to make things worse. Ever wondered why so many people go to jail?

    It would seem that you are acting on feelings, not facts here, as there have been real scientific studies on the subject of Video games causing violent or aggressive tendencies. The majority of those studies found no correlation between the two. Those that did have been redacted either by the publishing journal or the authors after coming under fire through peer review for demonstrably poor methodologies; or they are published in non-peer-reviewed, non-scientific journals.

    As far as a lot of people going to prison, violent crimes have actually significantly decreased per capita over the last few decades in the United States. Prison populations have remained largely unchanged because of a push for longer and harder sentences for non-violent crimes.

    As to the original topic, there are plenty of kid-friendly games, it's just that the industry's largest demographic is no longer children. Nintendo, in particular have almost exclusively that sort of game when looking at first party releases.

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    posted a message on Windows specific question

    This sort of thing can never be portable, because it will always require local registration; Explorer doesn't blindly load dlls in a specific location- it loads registered browser helper objects and shell extensions. These are in the registry.

    In the case of qttabbar, it also registers in the global assembly cache, as it's written in .NET. (which is weird because .NET assemblies are well known for being completely unreliable when used as a shell extension...)

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    posted a message on Nintendo Switch Thread

    Wasn't able to pre-order it (when I went to do so, only had the Neon controllers available, no thx) and I'm not about to go to some midnight launch on the off-chance that I might actually get one- I'll just wait until it's available again and grab it a month or so down the line.

    I'm set to play BOTW on Friday regardless.

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    posted a message on First Impressions of a Macbook

    I'm not a fan of modern Apple products for the most part, but I really like their older stuff, particularly before they switched to Intel.

    I rather recently picked up what I think is the lower-end PowerMac G5 (single core 1.6Ghz), mostly to explore that as I had literally only used OSX from within PearPC before that. It absolutely blows my contemporary Pentium 4 system out of the water in nearly every respect. OSX 10.4 Tiger is worlds ahead of WIndows XP, and I find it to be more stable. The system is also quite fast; my only issue is that finding software that runs on PowerPC is a chore; dead links, old forum posts from 10 years ago, etc. Stuff like Netbeans had releases for PPC but they were so long ago I've simply not found any archive. I'd probably have a bit of an easier time with 10.5, but I'm sticking with 10.4 because I like the System 9 compatibility feature.

    Speaking of, I also got a G4 Tower from eBay which I plan to set up with System 9. I really like the older OS and it's user interface over OS X. I'd get a G3 iMac if they weren't ridiculously overpriced- that's specifically the Mac system I am most familiar with.

    For Macbooks they are sort of like Thinkpads in how they tend to be regarded. The most vocal hardware folks tend to be the gamer folk, so advice often has that sort of bent; and Macbooks aren't particularly well suited value wise for games, just like most Thinkpad models.

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