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    posted a message on [WIP] Stronghold 2 [Version 2.0] Let's bring back one of the greatest Medieval servers! [Now excepting players]
    Its awesome to see this server coming back
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    Quote from ViridityMoon

    All right, Rug. I understand the obligation you feel to lead the Rangers. But, if we're going to maintain lore. (Most) Rangers who joined the NCR hated being the NCR's "lapdogs". You may be higher than us when it comes to rankings. But, don't forget that our characters hate having to join a corrupt society who profits off of other people's misery and hard work. We may turn into a group of armed nomads if you push our characters to it. I don't want to do it. But, what our chars do is what our chars do. True Roleplayers don't let their personal feelings get in the way of how their characters act. Think, did the Rangers and Veteran Rangers in New Vegas show any excitement to being a part of the NCR? No, they hated it. So, please. Lay off our damn backs. Excuse my language. Now, we'll let Josh, HunterActual, decide what the dress code for "his" rangers is. You can worry about the troops. Good? Good.

    You have no idea how the NCRA forces organize them selves None of the rangers hate being a member of the NCRA forces as all of them are NCRA troopers chosen for advanced training. And before you try to argue that they are in fact not and are desert rangers that joined you are wrong. Most desert rangers who agreed and honored the treaty instead of moving out of the area became the leading commanders of the NCRA Rangers and are mostly gone due to old age and battle casualties caused by conflicts with the Enclave, BoS, and Legion forces. So as stated by devil you are in the wrong as its not hunters Rangers its NCRA Rangers therefore fall under Arrows and Rugs Jurisdiction and therefore if he wanted to could evict you out of rangers if he wanted to or make you dress how he says.
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    Quote from TheRedEnderman




    Did you read ALL the rules?
    :Diamond: yes


    Name:Conner Walker

    Karma: Bad Karma (legion all the way)


    RP example:
    "Hey, Don, look what we have here! This one's still breathing!" The pounding in my head starts to subside as i realize that the voice i hear is of one of the raiders of my village. I open my eyes to see the blinding sun with a silhouette of a man above me. "Say goodnight again sunshine!" Darkness fills my eyes once again, and i feel myself being drug backwards, held up by my hands. The pounding in my head fluctuates again, and i open my eyes to see dusk approaching. "Oh...so the sleepy one awakes eh? I thought you were just gonna sleep the whole week away! Well just in time, because the camp is just over this hillside, ha ha you have quite the adventure waitin' for you there!" The brown man grins a toothy grin at me, as I know that this caravan isn't taking me somewhere I want to be...'

    Character biography, (must be at least 1 paragraph):
    Conner is a man of honor, loyalty, and a sense of adventure. Anywhere that he hasn't gone is a place Conner wants to go. As a young boy he was raised in the Vault. When he was still but a youngster, his father and a few others from the vault went out to scout the landscape to see if all was safe for travel in the outside world. The party of men came back, but without his father. They told he and his mother how his father had seen something in the far off distance and went to go and observe it and report of his findings, but he had not come back. The landscape was safe enough, so the party went out to look for his father after he had been gone for several hours, but nothing was found.
    Conner's people of the vault soon moved out to the hospitable landscape to see if they could manage to grow anything and to live on the earths surface once again. Conner grew to be a man, and his mother died of a common sickness in which they had no medicine to cure. His village is now gone, he being the last known survivor. On his way to this unknown camp on this caravan of people to be sold for all he knows. Conner is traveling to see the world for what it is now. Although he knows in the back of his mind...that what he is really after is to see where his father could have gone, and if maybe he is still alive somewhere.

    hey can i help with the server?

    Yeah We can get you in to help we were actually trying to get a hold of you because of your swag interior design skills.

    Quote from Timothion

    VaultRP is back baby! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Right!

    Why do you want to play on this server?: I enjoyed the previous versions of this server. So i hope this one will be equally awesome
    Did you read the rules? :Diamond::Diamond:
    Character Name: Greyson Stall
    Character age: 28
    Karma: Neutral/Good
    RP Example(not just a conversation between two or more people):
    Greyson lights up a cigarette, Probably not the best idea at night, But he has to get a move on
    Find a town, a village, a cardboard box anything, He just wants to find a safe place for the night.
    If only he hadn't... BANG! A shot is fired, luckily it missed. Greyson runs into the nearest side street and tells himself that he should not smoke at night. It's been a week since he arrived in Phoenix and he had already been shot at, lost all his money, and almost got sold into slavery. This might have been a mistake.

    Bio (MUST be AT LEAST 1-2 good paragraphs):
    To some people Greyson might seem a bit odd, With his Checkered coat and his tendency to smoke in places where its not appropiate. He was born in the Boneyard in 2222 where he grew up without any notable incidents. Even though he was never a particulary violent person he decided to enlist in the NCR army, much to the dismay of his parents. Who wanted him to work in a radio station like his father. But being as stubborn as he is, Greyson joined up. He was not a heroic soldier who solely defended an outpost against 100 raiders when the rest of his platoon retreated due to a lack of baby whipes. But he did his job and got along well enough with the rest of the guys.

    A few months ago, he realized that it was time for him to do something else with his life, He had served in the NCR for a couple of years now, He had done his part. So when the time came for re-enlistment, he took his money and walked. But where too? Returning to the Boneyard would mean work at a radio station, So that was out of the question. But then he remembered a place called Phoenix, He did not know much about the damn place, But he figured “What the hell”. So he packed his bags and walked.

    Now Greyson has arrived in Phoenix, He burned through all his money on the way here, And he has got nothing more than the clothes on his back. Will he make something of himself? Or will he end up as another corpse in the city.

    Welcome back Tim I hope your vacation was enjoyable and full of cigerates and boos.
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    Quote from TheDevilsPoet

    Yes, I know. RevolvingOcelot ran TheVault finely for the first 2 of her launches. For me, the last was unsatisfactory. Factoring in the hate from the other players because I was new to RPing, there were a small number of abusing admins that were favored by the Server owner. I just want a completely fresh slate and remove all these issues, but they won't stop. It's Cyber-Bullying.

    Devil going on and continuing issues is the reason so many dislike you no offense but you say you want a fresh slate then drop the past and talk about the future not who was cuddled and who was thrown out of the crib. This goes for everyone please do not force me to start banning people dude to harassment and bullying before we even launch.
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    Dark Ages RP

    Server Ip

    Mumble Ip

    Coming Soon

    Server Status

    Server Announcements
    5/3/2012- We are currently building and configuring plugins If any wants to contact me with questions feel free to contact me on steam Bacon_Nator or on skype Guthixgod1995

    Who are we and what is this server?
    We are a group of friends who have been playing together on minecraft for the last 9 month who have recently have noticed the lack of REAL minecraft servers that arent Hungergames or Prison servers and are striving to bring back the Midevil themed server. The server is a Midevil themed server that focuses on creating a loose RP feeling while at the same time allowing conflict to still happen.


    Coming soon

    -No Client Hacks
    -No Griefing
    -No Spamming
    -No Offensive Structures
    -No Spawn Camping
    -No Breaking RP
    -No Metagaming


    (a RP example is a Roleplay sequence of evvents or a conversation)


    IGN(In Game Name):
    How did you hear about us?:
    Why do you want to join:

    RP Info

    RP Name:
    RP Age:
    RP example:
    Your Characters Goals:
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    anyone who says they were accepted and was not white listed Please post your IGN
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    Quote from commandopip

    No matter how much you hate someone you shouldnt treat them like that.

    Coming from the one who made up a BS reason to ban everyone you dislike.
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    Thats right Christmas Bash time get your stockings get your santa hats TIME TO PARTY
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