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    Quote from Mayley

    Well the original Vault server was launched by Crysis or somthing like that and then that one went under twice, then i took it over with crysis which shut down, Then another guy took it that shut down twice, and now this so the 7th revamp

    Difference is you screwed us over when you helped crisis run it spawning stuff abusing WE and then turning it off when you didnt get your way and refused to give crisis the files so dont act like you can do better. Also if it wasn't for you crisis would have never gave up and we would still have the best owner ever running it.
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    IGN - Bacon_nator
    Age - 17
    Why do you want to play on this server?: I know most of the people in here. And I like to RP.
    Did you read the rules? As Always :Sheep:

    Name - Cedric Bacon
    Gender - M
    Age - 18
    RP example - It was a somewhat calm day in the wastes, Cedric had just got done writing in his journal about yesterdays mishap with a group of Caravanners. He was about to scrounge through some crates when he heard someone yell at him, "Эй, ты!(Hey you!)" He turned around, Cedrics cigarette on his lip, hands relaxed in his pockets, He stared at the raider, no older than 16. He wielded an old baseball bat, and wore a t-shirt with a few leather patches in it. He snickered "Kid, get out of here before you hurt yourself.." And took his lighter out and lit his Cigarette. The kid raised his bat, and screamed "I'm not a kid! Now give me all your stuff!" and took a step forward. Cedrics expression changed, "If you don't leave now kid you won't walk away from this." He put his hand on his AK-74, and pulled it slightly forward. The kid ran forward, and with amazing grace Cedric pulled his rifle forward and fired, Hitting the kids leg, making him drop to the ground in agony. As the kid was crying, Cedric walked up to him, Shook his head and dropped a stim-pack, and left. "Are the wastes really this bad even children raid?"

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Cedric grew up in the Alaskan wastelands under the influence of ex-brotherhood members. Surprisingly, because of the cold not very many creatures of the wastes were present, leaving this chapter of ex-BOS is relative peace. Cedric learned to use & fix/clean weapons, combat training, and other skills. He took an interest to barter/trading and Farming, and soon became the bases trader to the outside world (there were a few towns nearby) when he was almost 15 he went out on what seemed to be a normal trade day, that was not the case. After talking to a trader, the town was attacked and in the process Cedric was knocked unconscious and was taken on a jury rigged truck thru the Wastes of what was Canada, before the Slavers reached their destination the truck hit a mine, and flung Cedric out of the truck, and hit his head.. Now having no clue where, or even who he is he searches for some clue of his past...
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    IGN - bacon_nator
    Age - 16
    Time you can dedicate to server - 6-10 hours a day
    Do you have teamspeak? -yes
    What is the fifth Server Law? -No inappropriate user names
    How many Bottle Caps is clay worth? - 100 per block
    How many people do you need in order to start a town? - 3 minim

    Character Name - Cedric Bacon
    Character Gender - Male
    Which faction do you want to join? (Caesars Legion, Vault Dwellers, Enclave or Wastelanders, NCR and BoS are no taking anymore members at the moment) - i guess Caesars legion unless NCR or BoS open up
    Why do you want to join this faction? - because caesars legion is my third favorite faction in the franchise behind BoS and NCR
    Why does your character want to join this faction? (Simple I want to kill stuff and be awesome won't work here) - Cedric wishes to join Caesars legion because a scout in Caesars army found him as a baby left to die and was raised to love Caesar.
    Short Backstory of your character (By short I mean around 5 sentences minimum) -
    Cedric after being found as a child outside of a village that Caesars legion had just ransacked was raised by a legion scout by the name of Ralph Lenard. he raised and trained Cedric to love fight and die for Caesar. At age 16 Cedric was placed on the front lines to face off against a
    tribe who opposed Caesar. after a brutal 7 and a 1/2 hour long conflict between the forces Cedric's squad was ordered to sabotage and ambush the tribes water supplies but unforgettably they were caught and a bloody battle broke out the squad was being battered from all sides when the
    centurion that went with them was killed. being overwhelmed the Legionary decanus ordered a retreat Cedric stunned by these words that did not register was shot in the leg, falling his world started to go black after feeling a thump on his head. Cedric awoke to find himself a prisoner in the tribes camp enraged and fueled by his devotion to Caesar he made a commotion to lure a guard to investigate when the guard entered he gave him a uppercut then preceded to strangle him donning his uniform and 9mm sub-machine gun Cedric left the building. after just leaving the tribes encampment he was noticed by one of their centuries when the century noticed he didn't speak his langueg he shot at him. using his fathers training Cedric managed to get a shoot him but not before the guard got one off to striking him in the abdomen. bleeding and weak he crawled to the legions lines and was carried to a medics tent as he was carried away he saw his comrades and their Legionary decanus who had retreated nailed to a cross and had just been set on fire as cowards should die. Cedric recovered tho with a slight limp went on and helped the legion defeat the tribe and then preceded to have a slightly decorated service earning him a title as a Prime legionary to present day.
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    Quote from MrTrenak_CZ

    IGN - Trenak_ZERO
    Age -16
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Every day
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Yes
    What is the fifth Server Law? - eh?
    Why do you want to join our server? - Its good server

    Denied Make a proper app using the full format
    Quote from Domdoom888

    IGN - domdoom888
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Around 4-5 a day, depending on the situation.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I already have it.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - Bacon shared it with me over Skype and I'm interested, he helped me improve my building skills and he helped me make a Fallout server with some others, he's a great friend and I would love to join this server.

    Name - Rusty.
    Race - Imperial.
    Age - 25
    Gender - Male.
    RP example -
    Rusty: Hey Brighteyes, give me a lift up into that tree, I see some bandits over on the dirt track and I want to get a better view.
    Brighteyes: Ugh, you're so heavy though, can't you just pile tables on top of each other and climb up?
    Rusty: No now get over here and boost me up!
    Brighteyes: Ugh, fine. *Crouches down allowing for Rusty to climb on his shoulders and up into the tree*

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Rusty was born and raised in Daggerfall, his father was a merchant and his mother a chef. Rusty didn't really have any fun as a child as he lived in a harbor town, he would go to the harbor and trod in the mud, swinging sticks at baby mudcrabs and throwing rocks at the seagulls. He had a brother called Chris who he knew for pretty much his whole life, they would help mother out in the kitchen or sometimes pick vegetables from the garden for her, or sometimes they would help father load his horse and cart with the goods he was going to trade, the usual stuff to help out. When Rusty was 16 and his brother 17, they went on a merchant trip with their father, this of course was during the great starvation where there was a scarcity of food and barely any fish left in the harbor, they went with their father because he was going to trade some of their family heirlooms with a nearby village for some food, everything was smooth and fine, they made it to the village after about a week of travelling with no problems, they traded granddad's steel sword and shield, an engraved bow and a golden goblet, they got 3 baskets of vegetables and 2 legs of lamb for it, not much but at least they would eat for the following few nights.

    About half a week later and they were almost home, although something was odd that night, the sky above their town in the distance appeared as it was on fire, it was as red as oblivion itself, but it was probably nothing, the two brothers and father continued their journey on wards to the town. A few days later and they arrived, but there was a stench of rotting flesh and burning fat in the air, they pressed forward until they saw that the town's wooden fence had been completely demolished and burned, that's when they started panicking. The horse that was carrying the goods starting to freak out, it broke it's reins and ran off into the distance, leaving Rusty and Chris to pull the cart as father was too old to do it. We entered what remained of the wooden gate and saw nothing but destruction, houses had been burned down and destroyed, there were corpses laying in the streets and skeletons wearing Imperial guard armor, my dad's skin turned white and a single tear shed from his eye, he ran off into the ruins of our old house and came out cradling this blanket that he had wrapped our mother's body in. It was quiet and there seemed to be no danger so we pulled together some old wood and burned mothers body while saying our final goodbyes to her, me and Chris were in emotional wrecks as her body burned up and her soul escaped to the great hall of Talo's, where her soul would dine with the gods. We looked around for any survivors and no one was to be found, some of the people we knew escaped on a single cargo ship that was headed for Black Marsh, but that's the only sign of any survivors, besides us of course. We knew there was nothing here for us and the great starvation had effected almost all of Daggerfall, and with the borders to almost everywhere else closed, we headed to Cyrodil. We smuggled ourselves past the Cyrodilic border and stayed there for about 4 years, we had a house in the newly rebuilt Kvatch and we had a good life, that's up until they found out we had smuggled ourselves into Cyrodil, at that point we knew we had to move again. We paid the thieves guild to lead us to a secret way into Skyrim and we hired some bandits to escort us. The thieves lead us to a crypt that went under and through a mountain directly into Skyrim, from there the Bandits lead us through and protected us from skeletons and zombies, we lost 2 of the 5 bandits hired but we had made it, we paid them 1000 septims each and they left us to it. We bought a house in Rifton and lived there for a while, occasionally working for the thieves guild and doing odd escort jobs to bring in the money needed for food and other items. Chris decided to live with our father and looked after him as he was old and brail, allowing me to go out for a life of adventure.

    Quote from Grenfar

    IGN - Grenfar
    Age - 16
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Almost every day.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Yeah, but I have no mic.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - Don't share acc info.
    Why do you want to join our server? - Love RP, love Skyrim, love ALL the elder scrolls games, love minecraft.

    Name - Grenfar Zurcathan
    Race - Dark Elf
    Age - 33
    Gender - Male
    RP example - *Grenfar peers over hsi shoulder, and spots the thugs behinde him who've kept on his tail for quite som time.* "We're here to teach you a lesson, elf." The thugs say, then laughing, thinking he will be no match for them. *Grenfar starts running. Up the hill, and behinde a tree.* "Where'd he go?" The thugs ask themselves. *The thugs split up, looing through the hill-forest.* The forest just gets darker and darker for the men.

    *Grenfar giggles, as he polishes his blood-soaked dagger, while walking down the road, away from a campfire, with three bandits who did not know.... Where the stab came from.*

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -

    Grenfar was only a young boy when he arrived as Cyrodiil, off from his homeland. He did never fit in quite well, as he did not master the art of stealth, that his parents had been trying to teach him so much. But after he found that the Dark Brotherhood had killed them off, he had a strange feeling, almost as he was impressed by the stealthiness the assassins could provide, by killing his parents during night, without him even hearing a thing.

    Grenfar did however not want to join the Cyrodiilic Dark Brotherhood, but still did spend alot of time, teachign how to sneak, like only the sharpest thieves would. Grenfar later arrived at Skyrim, after he knew that there was nothing left for him in Cyrodiil, except for the dear Orphanage he had been staying at, with all his friends. But he was old enough to set off on his own road - a new road, in Skyrim, where he's planning to join the Dark Brotherhood.


    Quote from kingtimk2

    IGN -kingtimk2
    Age -14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - alot (lol) prob atleast 5 of 7 days 2-5 hours a day
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -have it
    What is the fifth Server Law? -no sharing accout info
    Why do you want to join our server? -i was on the fallout server and i decided why not do this one now

    Name -Iwar
    Race -Nord
    Age -28
    Gender -male
    RP example - As i rode to Whiterun on my trusty stead, i came across a orc dealing illeagal drugs. I confronted him about it and he came at me. I quickly drew my sword and with 1 slice he was dead.
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Iwar had a nack for fighting since he was 5 years old. He got in fights around Windhelm with other children. His dad couldnt cope with his behavior anymore so he dumped off Iwar at the Riften orphanage. At the age of 15 he ran away back to Windhelm and sslept in the catacoombs. He grew up as a hunter with his hunting partner Taij'ki, a Kahjit. They hunted together and made a lot of profit. When Iwar was 26, him and Taij'ki were out hunting when they were ambushed by bandits. Iwar made it out but Taij'ki wasnt as lucky. Iwar still hunts and hopes to join Lambert in the fight with the stormcloaks.

    Make a proper Rp example
    Quote from Darkminer3850

    IGN - Darkminer3850
    Age - 13
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Usually around a solid 15 hours, is subject to change.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Sorry, but no. For both.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - Do not share account info.
    Why do you want to join our server? - Dude, it's Skyrim. Why would I not want to join a Skyrim server?

    Name - Durnuk
    Race - Nord
    Age - 35
    Gender - Male
    RP example - Durnuk: It's quiet...
    *Assasins appear and start to attack*
    Durnuk: Assasins!? You cowards! I'll have your heads!
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2]
    Durnuk never wanted to bring more trouble to Skyrim, his home. He simply wanted to protect it. He chose no sides in the wars, prefering to prevent those fights in any way he could. But if he needed to... he would kill. His life has been hard, given that his parents were killed by the first returning dragons. Ever since then, his only hatred has been composed against the flying beasts. And he'll do whatever it takes to put them down.

    Make a more indepth RP example
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    Quote from Untek

    I have a nether portal in the library, which I have used over ten times, and not once have I come out of that portal. If I break the one in Riverwood, a new portal is spawned in exactly the same place.

    Dude do you know anything about nether portals you dont get out another portal unless you can find its entrance in the nether which is easy then u enter Their portal vula your in
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    Quote from Untek

    Because the server is down I'm not actively accepting or denying anyone right now. But because your biography doesn't fit in with current lore (Please read the timeline, Ulfric is dead, this is 100 years after Skyrim) you would have been denied.

    Just telling you because you know people here. :tongue.gif: If you edit your app a bit to reflect timeline changes and take Ulfric's name out, it'll be accepted.

    Also Charlie your links are broken. Please upload them. I'm not actually sure if the server is accepting builder applications right now, however.

    And can Oxavius's problem be sorted out? I know that portal doesn't drop anybody off at the Stormcloak camp, and I feel really bad for Oxavius when he keeps being killed randomly all of the time. The killing alone is why I don't want to join any faction. I'd be fine if it was RP killing, but when it's all random killings based on the tagline in your name, that's not roleplay.

    Servers up again and yes it does They have a netehr portal right in there base next to their farm
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    Quote from b2pete

    IGN - b2pete
    Age - 19
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 3:30 - 6:00 weekdays-all weekends
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No and I will
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing account information
    Why do you want to join our server? - I play Skyrim and love it alot, I also love Minecraft, so why not put 'em together

    Name - Menor'Ke(May nor kay)
    Race - Khajiit
    Age - 22
    Gender - Male
    RP example - Caravan under attack
    Bandit:Hand over your gold and valuables. Or I'll gut you like a fish
    Menor'Ke: If I give you my gold, I'll have to cleave you like a skeever
    *Fight starts*
    Bandit: you remind me of cousin's cat, killed that too! (quoted by some people in Skyrim:))
    *Knocks out Menor'Ke*
    Bandit: Look at all this loot!
    *Menor'Ke wakes up*
    Menor'Ke: FUS...RO DAH!!!
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Menor'Ke was born within a trading caravan that trades ale, mead, wine, and skooma. He grew up as the protector of the caravan. Once, the caravan was under attack by a group of Orsimer, Altmer, and Bosmer bandits. Little did he know there was a power like none other that withheld in his voice. FUS..RO DAH!!!
    The bandits went flying but, they did not die alone. They took all but his brother who was mortally wounded and dying. So he went to the Greybeards for guidance.


    Quote from XxtoastedxX

    IGN -XxtoastedxX
    Age -11
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -Probably about 5 - 7 hours a day!\
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -I do have teamspeak!
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information
    Why do you want to join our server? I LOVE skyrim, it is my favorite game besides Fallout and minecraft

    Name: Kharjo
    Race: Khajiit
    Gender: Male
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    *walking to Dawnstar sanctuary
    *Bumps into drunken man
    Drunken Man: HEY WATCH IT
    Me: Shut up and let me on my way
    Drunken Man: If you say it that way
    *Drunken Man pulls out dagger
    *Drunken Man lunges at me
    *I grab mans arm and twist wrist enough to break wrist
    Me: Don't try me
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):

    Imagine This: You walk into a small house in the middle of the forest, a journal lies on the table. You blow dust off the cover and read Seed Gray's Journal. You open to the first few pages and read.

    When I was a kid life was rough. My dad was gone for weeks at a time, my mother was at the verge of death, and nords would always bully me. I used to be good at fighting back with my claws and all. Then one day it went to far, a kid came up to me who also had hard times. He pulled a knife and told me to give him all my gold. I told him no and he lunged at me. I grabbed his arm, dug my claws into it until he dropped the knife. I took the knife and stabbed the kid in the back, just as a guard came I was taken to the prison where I spent a few days. While I was sleeping one my father woke me up and said to follow him. He showed my a secret way out of the cell into the Dawnstar sanctuary. He told me all about the Dark Brotherhood. When he told me about how I was gifted with the dagger I decided to join the Dark Brotherhood(I would have had to die if i didn't join so). I went through intense missions to train myself. When I got a mission to kill a military general I was very excited because I got to do it with my father. When we were at the base to kill the leader we hit a problem. It seemed we where set up to die. Me and my father battled the Imperials for a few hours until a archer shot my father in the head. My father fell to he ground, and all I could do was watch. As I burst into rage I fight many soldiers until i'm alone with 20 lifeless bodies around me. I rush to my father's body. His last words to me were that it was not a set up, they knew before.

    As I knelt there beside my father, tears came to my eyes. I couldn't believe what had happened. I took my fathers dagger to keep with me forever. The dagger is now though a useless piece that I am working on fixing. As life was harder for a while I kept moving forward. My mother soon died of a horrible disease, this was a horrible thing to happen to my life, as I then had no parents or family. I became a paladin and started worshiping others to forget about my family.

    *As you close the book you hear the door shut behind you and a knife slits your throat.


    Quote from Keaton678

    IGN - Keaton678
    Age - 17
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - A few hours on weekdays, all day on weekends.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Yes
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - I enjoy all the Elder Scrolls games, especially Skyrim, I also enjoy being able to play as another character and I love RPG's all together.

    Name - Keaton
    Race - Nord
    Age - 17
    Gender - Male
    RP example - Keaton: "Hello and welcome to my humble home brave adventurer! You must be quite tired, feel free to lay down while I heat up a dinner for us."
    Keaton: "Im sure a mighty swordsman like you must need the best gear. Allow me to show you my wares!"
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Keaton was born in a small town near a Bandit camp, the bandit's didn't bother the town as long as the town supplied them with food. On a cold winter evening, bandits attacked the town without warning, slaughtering both men and women. After seeing both his parents murdered, the young Keaton set out to seek revenge on those who killed his friends and family.

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    Quote from Flex654

    Repost for whitelist app.

    IGN - Flex654
    Age - 16
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - weekends, 7-8 o clock PST sometimes on weekdays. Stupid homework.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No, I don't, but I also don't have a mic, so I don't see the point. But sure, if it's absolutely required.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - I think it looks really fun, I absolutely love the Elder Scrolls, and I see some friendly faces here from the Vault RP. (If you're wondering, I was in the NCR, AKA Dave. The clumsy, less popular one that was friends with Phil Lebonon.)

    Name - Tyclaw
    Race - Khajiit
    Age - 23
    Gender - Male
    RP example -
    Guard: "Stop right there! You're under arrest!"
    Tyclaw: "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?"
    Guard: "Come with me! No lollygagging!"
    Tyclaw: "You didn't answer by question... did I do something wrong?"
    Guard: "Aw, what's wrong? Someone steal your sweetroll?"
    Tyclaw: *Shouting* "Alright, that's it!" *Slips behind the guard very quickly and silently, holds his hand over his house and carefully slits the guards throat.*
    Another guard: "I used the be an adventurer like you, and then I took an arrow to the knee."
    Tyclaw: "Oh, for the love of Talos, shut up."
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Tyclaw is a bit of a twisted person, raised on the streets of Solitude being a beggar. His christmas present was often a stale piece of bread, or maybe a rotten apple if he was lucky. After his mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned him shortly after, he found himself living in what used to be a crate of carrots in a alleyway. No one felt pity on the sad, lonely child, hungry, cold, and frightened. Around the age of 12, Tyclaw became stealing. He become more and more addicted until he couldn't stop. Once, when he was raiding a home, he found an old rusty dagger used for torture. He pocketed it. He became less and less afraid of blood, and realized that people had the fancy dinners he liked, like cream treats and apple stew- and, if he was lucky, a fair amount of gold. And so he started slitting throats. He climbed to the top of the palace in Soltitude, and spent all day running around, jumping off the temple, and climbing back up. His agility and physical strength became stronger and stronger, as he now could sneak into a Temple, steal some food off of the counter, loot the clothing in the chests, and even spend the night upstairs without anyone noticing. He was a master thief. At the age of 20, Tyclaw killed a smithy and looted his armor and weapons. "Those'll come in handy..." he said out loud. After going to sleep with his new find in a hay stack, Tyclaw woke up in an abandoned shack. "H-hello?" he mumbled. A dark figure was sitting on a cabinet, lurking in the darkness. Tyclaw grabbed for his dagger, but realized he didn't have his weapon... nor did he have a pocket, the only thing covering him was a loincloth. A member from the Dark Brotherhood's assassin's guild had came to recruit him. The figure asked Tyclaw to kill one of the 3 people lined up, and if he killed the right one, he was in the Dark Brotherhood. As Tyclaw walked closer to them, he realized they weren't men or women... they were children. Just like he was. And he had to murder one of them. Taking self-control over himself, he let out his rage with a roar and threw a kitchen knife that was on the table, beheading all of the children. The floor was now covered with a warm, red liquid. "Well done." said the Dark Brotherhood recruiter. "I couldn't have lost, as you asked me to kill the right one and you would be in. If I killed all of them, I would be in either way." Tyclaw said, wiping the squirted blood off of his matted face. "Ah, nonetheless, I only asked you to kill someone, and you did it. Welcome to the Dark Brotherhood." The figure threw him some robes. "Put those on. And here is the key out of the shack..." The figure tossed him a key. "Find <insert dark brotherhood person here> in <insert location of sanctuary here>. (S)he'll give you your first contract. Good luck." Then, as quick as light, the figure vanished into the shadows. Tyclaw threw a half-grin. "This is gonna be fun..."

    (Sorry for long biography. I love writing. By the way, Tyclaw's fur is dark grey, and his eyes are a neon blue.)


    Quote from MagikarpLOL123

    IGN - MagikarpLOL123
    Age - 13.5 (I enjoy being exact)
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No I don't have it. I probably will not get it.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - Well I have been searching for a Role playing server that would let me be some sort of feline race. I found this one and I found out I could be a khajiit. I love the elder scrolls games aswell and although skyrim isn't my favorite it is still up there being one of my most favorite RPG games of all time.

    Name - Dar-Qa
    Race - Khajiit.
    Age - 20
    Gender - Male
    RP example - Guard: "My cousins out fighting dragons and what do I get? Guard duty"
    Dar-Qa: *Ignores guard and does more skooma.*
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - A normal khajiit who enjoys doing lots and lots of skooma. He has a strange obsession with gold and will do anything to get his hands on an ingot or two.

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    Quote from ChocolateChip03

    I am here reporting something which I know as Illegal, Fratz who is an Imperial somehow got into the Stormcloak camp whilst I was iniside, the Iron doors were closed, and I have 2 screenshots of him being inside, (they may be just visible of his name) He went inside when I was OOC as I was editing the camp (e.g. widening it to add Prison cells ect), and he got in somehow even though it is impossible, so I am guessing he may of been on creative or have a modded minecraft as the area around the camp is Stormcloak and nobody other than Stormcloaks would be able to place blocks there, and as you could only be Inside the camp to open the doors (they are Iron with 2 levers, both inside) He also PvP'ed by hitting me with something with a big knockback as it went from my tent to outside of the camp. He wouldnt stop untill I told him I was OOC and that I am reporting him, and the fact he kept wondering the camp. I would also comment on this and say, At one point EVERYSINGLE IMPERIAL LEGION MEMBER (except Bacon) gained entery (I was not aware that the area of the fence wasn't land claimed by the Stormcloaks) but even so, only me and Logan (Reorek) was inside, I was killed 2 times and I even went OOC when I was killed then, and Reorek/Logan locked himself inside his tent as everybody was attacking us for no reason and again it wasn't even Rp killing it was PvP, so this is most likely how they get their items and armour, by killing people who they can make up exuses to kill, but they are breaking the rules by doing so. I hope action is taken against these people as they have cheated so they can kill people, and gain rule even more by cheating, and the Imperial Legion doesn't cheat, and this time I have a screenshot or 2.
    All of this isn't fair on those who have gotten these items/armour/w.e. it is the Imperials killed them for. They spent their time getting them things together, or purchasing them with their $ which are getting harder to come by somehow... Unless I am not working for it anymore. Anyway I have the screenshot here.
    Here it is of Fratz being inside;

    First just so you know players cant go Occ to avoid conflict and stuff thats mass BS also you haave a major flaw in your base called a nether portal which is how were able to get in.
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    Quote from badfurday67

    I hate to complain, but my first day here and I kinda got a problem... My charecter conducted Corpus and I need a diamond to cure it... It wont go away untill I do. So with Corpus, I cant destroy blocks to mine for the diamond, and I cant communicate with anyone for it... So how am I supose to cure it... You should really add a time limit of a few hours or a day for it to last because I dont see how its possible to get a diamond with Corpus... Since you have to kill everyone on sight and you cant mine..... Plus you cant talk to anyone because all it comes up as is "Ugahgafga" and other stuff... So I just kinda logged off... If anyone could get back to me on what to do, I'd appreciate that.

    Yes it is a new Plugin Ossy has developed to add a more realistic aspect to the game by adding diseases and specific cures as wells as handicaps well having them for corpus you cant talk as mentioned but ossy left it so you can /tell or /msg other players to ask them to ask for you or even to buy one but its only a 1 in 2000 chance of conducting it from a zombie attack unless it is a outbreak where a player has a 1/20 chance to spread it to you but it gets cured once the server event is over i hope this was helpful.
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    Quote from Aiden_AJK

    Whitelist App


    IGN - Aiden_AJK

    Age -13

    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - maybe 10-20 hours weekly depending on if I like it or not.

    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Yes.

    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information.

    Why do you want to join our server? - Skyrim + Minecraft = Fun and I've had some issues on my other skyrim RPs. Maybe this one will work better for me.


    Name - Aiden Hlaalu

    Race - Dark Elf

    Age - 20

    Gender - Male

    RP example - Setting: A town that is getting attacked by a dragon
    Sentry: By the gods! A dragon! Everyone take cover!
    Crowd of citizens: Ahh! Run for you life! A dragon! Dear god...
    Guard Captain: Archers, form up on the wall! Infantry, guard the safehouses and attack the dragon when it lands!
    Guards: Yes sir!
    *They run to do their jobs
    Guard Captain: Are there any others who would like to help us?
    Aiden: I will!
    Bill: I'll help
    Skee-rava the Quick: I can help
    Darwin The Strong: Count me in!
    Guard Captain: Ok! If you an archer, go to the wall, if you fight on foot, go to the safe house! Move move move!
    *they rush to do their jobs
    I'll help the archers then attempt to help kill the dragon when it lands thought Aiden
    Guard Captain: Archers, Open Fire!!!
    Archers and Aiden: Rahhhhh!!!!
    *They shoot their arrows, hitting the dragon in multiple places
    Dragon: YOL-TOOR-SHOL
    *An inferno of fire sprays the front of the wall and a quarter of the archers
    Burning archers: Uhhhhh! Help! Get it off!!!
    Guard Captain: Fire again! Again again again!!!
    *Aiden aims for the dragons neck and fires, his arrow hits the dragons wing instead which sends him to the ground.
    Archer: Nice shot!
    *Aiden mutters to himself: More like luck...
    Guard Captain: Ground soldiers, ATTACK!!!
    Infantry: Die Dragon! DIE!
    *Dragon roars and snaps up three men in his jaws, flinging them sixty feet and watching them fall into the ground.
    Aiden: We can't stop firing!
    Archer: Agreed!
    *Archer shoots an arrow
    *Dragon roars as its struck by the arrow, giving the ground soldiers a chance to stab and hack at the dragon
    Dragon: ROOOOAAAAAAR!!! Uhhh.....
    *As dragon is about to die, it jumps up and lands on a group of five men, crushing them under its weight
    Aiden: Get them out out from under there!
    *Guards rush over and drag the dragons body away outside the city to be burned after its scales are extracted along with its bones
    Archer: They're all dead.
    *Everyone sits in silence to honor the fallen.
    Guard Captain: Well at least its dead.
    Aiden: Glad that's over...
    *Aiden walks over to his blacksmith and home, thinking about what had happened.

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Aiden was born in a small town in Vvardenfell named Khuul. Soon after he was born, his parents brought him on a ship through the Sea of Ghosts to the northern coasts of Skyrim. when they got off the ship, they made their way to Winterfell to open a blacksmith. By the time Aiden was five, his fathers shop was flourishing and one of the most famous blacksmiths around. His father taught him how to forge steel and iron as well as make armor and other supplies. Because of the popularity of the blacksmith, his family had a lot of Septims and were very wealthy. Because of this wealth, Aiden was well educated and very smart. He could read many languages as well as speak them. By the time he was ten, he could even understand some of the ancient Dwemer writings that we're suspected to be lost in time. Also, due to his wealth, his father put him in a fencing school so he could learn how to defend him self. His teacher was an Argonian named Skeer-kav. Skeer-kav taught him how to fight with swords and also how to sneak around enemies and gain the advantage from the element of surprise. Aiden was also trained by his mother in the art of archery. On Aiden's 15th birthday, He was learning how to forge some of his father best things, how to run a successful shop, how to read the dwemer language, fight with a sword to a high level, sneak around the hardest obstacles, and how to shoot a bow and arrow to a precise spot. One year of training harder than ever followed his fifteenth birthday. On his sixteenth birthday, his father told him it was time to test his skills. He was to go into the cave called "Daudehenth" and retrieve any armor or weapons that there might be, as well as killing off any enemies he might see. The next morning, Aiden traveled to this cave and went inside. Once inside, he was attacked by one skeleton and two Dragurs. He took the skeleton out with his bow then slashed through the Dragurs with his sword. He then continued on. After 20 feet, he encountered a chest. When he looked inside he found an iron sword, one potion, and two pieces of leather armor. He took it all but as he stepped back, he fell onto a button on the ground. The button open up a staircase in the ground. Aiden got up and walked down. At the bottom, there was a small room with a chest. Inside the chest was an enchanted iron sword, a stone sword, and a full set of leather armor along with a pair of iron boots. He took it all then continued on. The rest of the cave didn't have much other than a stone sword and a leather hat. He ran back to his father, Eager to share what he had found. His father was very proud and impressed with Aiden's work, as was his mother. In the next year and a half, Aiden continued to adventure and loot any caves he found.
    He didn't find any loot as good as the things he found on his first trip but he still found good things. When Aiden was 19 and 1/2, His parents informed him that they were going to return home to Morrowind and help his elderly grandmother who has very old at the age of 73. His father gave him some money and then was off. He also gave Aiden a key to their home saying if he ever needed a safehouse, he could go there. With that, He was off. Aiden thought about what to do and decided to travel to Whiterun. On his 20th birthday, he made it to Whiterun and has been staying at the Bannered Mare. He will continue to adventure and explore anywhere he can. A new life for him starts now.

    If you think that's too long think about this: Longer means better at RP :biggrin.gif:

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    Quote from logan1217

    freaking server needs to be stable....

    been trying to connect for an hour now i think theres a bukkit problem or someshit

    The server us stable but the problem is our map generator we used while building the map Oss is fixing it as I type this

    Quote from ChocolateChip03

    I'm begining to get boredom, from no Rp, so all there is is building. I am begining to think, that the loss of Rp between the members of the Role Play, is because the lack of buildings (not saying there isn't any or not alot as there is, just only certain ones, as some cities haven't been built due ot beng in Chapter 1) , and earnings. So I am going to ask, when are we going into Chapter 2? I think the lack of Rp, is because of the lack of places to actualy go, and the lack of dungeons (Skyrim ones). Or just because I am always on at the wrong times from Timezones. By the way, is there a pesific order, for the Chapters? Also, I think I remember the reason that the server is down alot, or lagging has something to do with the area of the map that has been loaded.

    The lack of RP is your fault then Mass RP has been happening between many citizens and Legion as well as with the Jarl of whiterun. In terms of more buildings the Terrain will be getting a mass revamp as well as the additions of Dawnstar Morthal Helgen and falkreath Starting episode 2. And the lag and crashing was the result of the map generator we used to make the map which is being redone.

    Quote from Untek

    Cool, it's back up, but yeah, the server is very temperamental. The RAM seems to have done it a lot of good though, but maybe it needs more? I know a friend who had 12GB of ram on his home server and sometimes even that lagged if enough blocks were being moved about. We managed to crash it entirely once too. :tongue.gif:

    Also, I'll make another banner after I get home. I'm glad that a lot of people seem to be using it, I just need to find some screenies of stuff that's interesting ingame. I tried Dragonsreach but I'm waiting to get an interior shot.

    Edit: Chocolate, I've seen a lot of RP going on in Whiterun, especially with the Jarl. I personally don't feel 100% comfortable with sparking random roleplaying just yet as I'm still new to it. We should host an opening party for the inn, but when I get back from walking.

    Answer to crashing is stated above
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    anyone who says they were accepted and was not white listed Please post your IGN
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    Server is back up
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    Quote from dawolfxx

    THANKYOU SO MUCH! :biggrin.gif: one last question: im really eager to play so when does the server go online usually? :biggrin.gif:

    Its open 24 Hours a day but we been experiencing Server overloads causing it to go down until the Owner can put it back up but this will straighten out once we upgrade.
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