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    Hello Metro 2033 world Update time. The Thread is in pending after review and editing between me and ossender. The name for the world/server has been chosen it will be called Metro Wars as chosen from Alf's suggestion. The world is coming along the metro tunnels are around 19% done. The Texturpack is also coming along decently occupying much of my free time i have managed to redo some of the armor and half of the paintings which you can see below.

    After (yes I made all the new ones by hand)

    And the Gas mask
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    Quote from GenocidalCarrot

    Urm no.

    If you feel you want to become leader, do it IG and ICly.
    Quote from GenocidalCarrot

    Urm no.

    If you feel you want to become leader, do it IG and ICly.

    Urm no not your place to decide or comment apon this.
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    Quote from alexr2000

    Whitelist App

    IGN - ethanray20 (This is the same account that alexr2000 uses. We're friends.)
    Age - 17
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 6 hours weekly.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - NO.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - no sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - My friend, alexr2000, recommended this to me. I love Skyrim, and I can't wait to play.

    Name - Barbosa Tolkone
    Race - Altmer
    Age - 26
    Gender - Male
    RP example -
    Barbosa: "Sir?"
    Paladin: "Yes my apprentice?"
    Barbosa: "When am I going to become a Paladin like you?"
    Paladin: "Of course... It took me 17 years to do it. I was patient, and I was courageous. I hope that you'll do it. I've always wanted to become the proud teacher of a young Paladin."
    Barbosa: "Really? I'll become the best Paladin in Skyrim! I'll be just like you!"
    Paladin: "Well, let's see about that..."
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -I was born in Riverwood, not far from where Whiterun is. My family was my father, and my twin brother Miir. Miir hated the fact that I was older, and not by much. He always lies about his childhood, and I think that he's going to like to see that I'm coming back. Well, when Miir and I were 9, I was sent away from my home to train with a Paladin knight, who needed an apprentice. It was a long and tough journey, but I made it. After 13 years of working, training, and compassion, I came to what I am today, a Paladin, one of the best in the world of Skyrim. I have seen many horrors and terrors in my time though. I have seen innocent people killed at the hands of evil. My master, who's name I sadly cannot remember, died at the young age of 47. After finishing my journey, I decided to travel to Whiterun to meet my brother, who I have not seen for many, many years. I hope to see him, and to reunite our family for the time.

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    Quote from GenocidalCarrot

    IGN - GenocidalCarrot
    Age - 17
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - About 12 hours, at least :)
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I don't have it, but sure.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No account sharing
    Why do you want to join our server? - I love Elder Scrolls, and seeing as this looks /really/ good, I think I might apply. I have 8 years of RP expierience too ;D

    Name - Ralon Mirnwood
    Race - Nord
    Age - 39
    Gender - Male
    RP example -
    Me: Ralon is sitting on a chair in his cabin up in the forests.

    RP (Random Player): Knocks upon the door, shivering.

    Me: He frowns, as few souls ever travel up to his cabin. He gets up and walks towards the door, throwing a small log into the fire on the way there. He opens the door, "Ello there, traveller,"

    RP: He rushes through, a dead rabbit in his hands. He takes off his fur coat and sets it on the table.He looks frozen, "H-H-Help me,"

    Me: Ralon rushes towards him, and sits him in a chair. He feels the mans forehead.

    RP: It's deadly cold, he looks very close to dying.

    Me: Ralon curses violently, sighing, "What's your name, friend?"

    RP: He tries to speak, but nothing comes out. He stops breathing, a sign he's dead.

    Me: Ralon slumps down in another chair, looking at the body in sadness.

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -
    Ralon was never one for crowds, he learnt that when he grew up in the bustling hold of Whiterun. He never enjoyed his childhood, as he was always the scapegoat of his five siblings. He grew up a lumbermen, supplying Warmaiden's with wood. He earnt next to nothing, and thought it was time for a change.

    At the age of 25, Ralon left his life in Whiterun behind and left for a nearby mountain-forest to live a new life in solitude. On his way through the forest, he found an Imperial camp. Ralon despised Imperials, but he was running out of water. He went into the camp and he was fought by some drunk soldiers.They left him in the forest to die.

    An old hunter found Ralon near dead and took him to his shack. He fixed up Ralon and nursed him to health. They became old friends and Ralon took up being a hunter.

    Whilst he wasout hunting, Bandits raided the shack and killed Ralon's friend (Allwan). They burnt it to the ground. Ralon returned to find his life gone. Distraught, he buried his friend and set to rebuilding their cabin.

    Time has passed and Ralon is now older, living as a farmer in the forest.


    Other notes: I was the head of the event faction on the Kindom of Aeonis RP server. I stepped down to become a moderator. Aeonis was ranked the 3rd best Minecraft Survival server out there, so that shows something ;D

    Another thing is my RP style. I feel it suits me better. If I need to change it, please say. If I'm accepted, of course.

    Quote from xPrefireHD

    IGN - tycr899
    Age - 15
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Every day, unless something comes up or I have plans.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No, and no.
    What is the fifth server Law? - No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - I love the entire elder scrolls series, and I love this game. I love RP'ing and love a good community.

    Name - Lokir Harmon
    Race - Nord
    Age - 23
    Gender - Male
    RP example - *Lokir is approached by a shady looking man* L=Lokir S=Shady Man
    S- "Hello there, you look like you are in need of a potion, looking kind of ill."
    *Shady Man pulls out a odd colored glass bottle*
    L-"Ah, I do believe that isn't a potion. The color is...off."
    S-"That's where you're wrong lad! This is a potion of invisibility, you'll be like a vampire, without the repercussions, of course. This little souvenir can be yours for 50 septims."
    *Lokir examines the bottle, noticing it is tinted like Jarrin Root has been added, although he cannot be sure*
    L-"I would love to take that potion, but I am needed elsewhere, sorry!"
    *Shady Man pulls out a dagger, attempting to kill Lokir*
    *Lokir yelps, and calls for a guard*
    L-"You crazy *******!"
    *Guard disarms the Shady Man and takes him into the jailhouse.*
    *Another guard walks over and starts to question Lokir*
    Guard-"Did you notice that man was trying to give you Jarrin Root? The bottle reeks of it."
    L-"I had my suspicions, but I wasn't sure. Thank you for saving my life, I wasn't doing to even risk getting my bow out and nocking an arrow."
    G-"I understand, and don't worry, since he had that poison on him, in Solitude, he won't be getting out for a long long time."
    L-"Thank you, stay safe."
    G-"You too, citizen"
    *Lokir breathes a sigh of relief.*
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -
    Lokir was born on a small farm, outside Whiterun. He is a average man, built well, he has short brown hair, and wears a blue shirt, a white undershirt, and dark brown leather pants. He worked on the farm with his parents for small amounts of coin. On his 16th birthday, his father, Charles, bought him a Bow & Arrow. He quickly grew accustomed to using it, and eventually found his niche. He would often wonder into the very back of his farm and practice his aim, for he knew he might need that skill in the future, which he inevitably did. His farm was the target of some bandits, who tried robbing his parents. He overheard the commotion and knew what he had to do. He grabbed his bow and quiver and headed downstairs. He nocked an arrow and aimed for the first bandits head. The arrow sailed into the bandits skull, and sent the others into a frenzy, the unsheathed their swords, and Lokir, being a quick and agile fellow he is, sprinted away. He doesn't know what happened to his parents. He soon found himself at the gates of Solitude.

    Quote from pandas8mymom

    IGN -tadtad54
    Age -13
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -a tone
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -no i dont and probubly
    What is the fifth Server Law? -No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? -i like the game skyrim and i love rp games

    Name - Cato
    Race -Dark Brotherhood
    Age -16
    Gender -male
    RP example -Citizen "I hope you can control that fire"
    Frezch - Looks back at Riften and sees an uncontrolable fire. "Yep, it's fine."
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Hailing from Morrowind, he isn't used to the freezing terrain of Skryim, and is confused about the many different enemies lurking in the shadows. He took to looting and slowly grew to murdering anything in his way to keep his addiction to Skooma alive and well. He joined the Forsworn and was thrown in Cidhna Mine for being with them. After serving his time, he left Markarth and traveled to Solitude where he joined the East Empire Company in traveling goods to and from Skyrim.
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - When cato was little his fatehr was killed y a horibble king and then cato joined the dark brotherood t get revenge and when the time came he was 12 when he joined the darkbrotherhood and he would train all day long to be come the best warrior and he was known to be the best warrior in the country so he went off to chlenge the king and when he did defeat the king he was tooken in by a woman by the name of monique and was cared for and then after a month he decided to rest and build a house and thats where the sky rim age happend and thats where our story begins...

    Quote from Capt_Steele

    IGN - CaptSteele
    Age - 14
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - 36
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No and if needed i will get it
    What is the fifth Server Law? - no sharing of account info
    Why do you want to join our server? - I just enjoy RP servers and i love the game skyrim My friend told me how amazing this server is and that i should check it out, I think this server will be extremely fun and would be a good use of free time

    Name - Steele_Ezulie
    Race - Human
    Age - 19
    Gender - Male
    RP example -
    Thief: hey can you give me one gold nugget. *Snickers*
    Steele: Sure are you poor could you use something else? *Pulls out Coin Purse*
    Thief:*Grabs Coin Purse and runs off* Dumb Fool. *Laughs*
    Steele: Get back here *Pulls out Bow and sends one that the thief in Shoulder armor Drops bow and pulls out knife and chases after thief*
    Thief: *Screams In agony and continues to run* Try and catch me *Coughs up blood*
    Steele: *Takes out Throwing knife sending it threw Thief's Arm Thief cry's in pain Steele rushes to side of thief* I'm sorry it had to end like this but you forced my hand if you needed more nuggets you could have asked where do you come from stranger.
    Thief: Are you so kind you not end my life where i lye you have a Kind hear... *Passes out*
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2]
    Steele Ezulie was born and raised around the wilderness. Learned to appreciate all he earns from the animals he slaughters including Other People. His parents kicked him out and told him to move east and find someplace better for him this place was WinterHold. Through out his life there he was told you can do no better. He acted like he belonged but he felt he had more of a... more of a purpose inside he felt alone looking for where he belonged.

    Quote from lords101

    IGN - lords101
    Age - 16
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Almost everyday due to being home schooled.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - No I dont currently have but I will get it if necessary.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information
    Why do you want to join our server? - I would like to join a RP server that actually last and I can have fun on.

    Name - Kiloson
    Race - Wood Elf
    Age - 22
    Gender - Male
    RP example -
    Kiloson smoothly steals a apple from a vendor
    A guard spots him and says "Stop right there law breaking"
    Kiloson stops and bribes thee guard to look away
    The guard then says " Your free to go you have done nothing wrong"

    Biography - Kiloson grew up on the island of Valenwood,he lived in a small village in the forest. He was always helping on night watch. He loved playing battle games with the other children. When he was about 18 the slavers came and plundered his family's village and took all the able fighters to be sold and killed the rest of the village. They took Kiloson and the other slaves to Skyrim to be sold. A nord bought Kiloson, he took him to work in an inn north of riften. He was mostly easy work for kiloson serving drinks, sweeping and sometimes breaking up fights between drunks. 4 years passed, the nord was a very nice man always taking care of kiloson, one day he said "you have worked a lot I will allow you to leave". Kiloson then got up and ran out of the inn he never forgot the nord now he is on his own and ready to start a new life.

    All above accepted
    Quote from Miner_Geek

    IGN - Miner_Geek
    Age - 12 ( :P )
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - About 5 days a week.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - I have it.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - -No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - I love skyrim so much! My fave game. Along with minecraft. Tell me, whats better?!

    Name - Neldammu Nerothan
    Race - Breton
    Age - 23
    Gender - Male
    RP example -
    *a man walks up to a Breton sitting in a corner reading a book*
    Man: Hello sir, you look quite enthralled in that book.
    Breton: Yes, we bretons have magic in our blood, we enjoy reading it.
    Man: What spell Tome is that?
    Breton: Fire wall, saved me from a Giant... Burned the thing to ash.
    Man: Hm, well i better be on my way. Goodbye!
    Breton: Let the 8 Divines guide you!
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Neldammu Nerothan is a breton that was raised by Dark Elves, he is trained in blades, a bow, and magic. As a breton, his magic blood allows him to cast amazing spells, but at the same time he's a good ally with a sword because of the dark elves that raised him.
    He will help most people, but will not if he gets on your bad side. He either likes you, or HATES you. No gray area with his feelings.

    Denied Please make your bio longer and actually about your character like where was he raised why was he raised by the dark elfs etc.
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    Quote from WeeNialL

    Dedicated time:Not alot, weekends alot.
    The fifth server law: no sharing account info.
    Why do you want to join: skyrim is epic,minecraft is epic, so why else?

    Name -Urag-Sha
    Race -Dark Elf
    Age -26
    Gender -Male
    RP example -*Urag walks into tavern wearing shrouded armour*
    Guard: Psst! i know who you are, Hail Sithis!
    Barkeeper:Wait a minute, what did you say?
    Urag: He said, Hail Sithis.
    *Barkeeper lets out a muffled scream*
    Urag:HAIL SITHIS!!!
    10 Mins later,Urag walks out of inn, putting his dagger in his pocket,staining his armour.
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -Urag-Sha loved to sneak around ever since he was a little boy living in a small hamlet in morrowind. but one day, they were raided.Urag's father decided to move away from morrowind.they had heard of a "wonderful" place in skyrim named Windhelm,named the grey quarter.When they finally arrived in windhelm,his dad was murdered by a nord screaming 'Kill the greyskins!' Urag's Life Goal from then was to become a skilled assasin, and kill the man who murdered his father on the night they arrived in skyrim.

    Is that long enough??? :)

    Quote from Aflredrail

    IGN -Aflredrail
    Age -13
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly -6
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -yes
    What is the fifth Server Law? -No sharing of account information
    Why do you want to join our server? -it looks awesome

    Name -Håvard
    Race -Nord
    Age -20
    Gender -male
    RP example -
    ( Håvard sitting at a bar. when bragger walks up to him)
    "my favorite drinking buddy...."
    ( Håvard Dragon Shouts him and leaves stage left)
    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] -As a Young boy Håvard always like magic. In school he was throw out for beating up one of his class mates using fire and end up burning the whole school down. He later said he had it coming to him. After he was not accepted to the college of windhelm he took up a life of drinking which lead him with a run in with the thieves guild after he couldn't repay a gamble debt. He instead work for them to pay of his debt but it ended up being a full time job.On one of his jobs he found a rear scroll that teaches people some dragon Shouts. He don't tell his leaders at the thieves guild knowing such a scroll would bring in a high price and began to study the scroll regular and eventually learn some basic shouts. He then left the thieves guild and began to freelancing his thieving skills and can by found if you have a job for him in whiterun.

    Denied 1st Person Because I am no longer accepting apps with My parents were murdered or died in ANY other way unless it is really REALLY good 2nd person because i have no idea what you are writing with the 50 different types of text.
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    Quote from BorderlandsG33K

    IGN - LoganKenesis
    Age - 15
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Everyday if I feel like playing this server. Depends, I play multiple servers and games.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -No, I won't get it unless it is required.
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - I have been looking for a skyrim RP.

    Name - Logan Kenesis
    Race - Nord
    Age -19
    Gender - Male

    RP example - Keep it steady. I remember the exact words my father told me the first time he took me hunting before he died. It was part of my training. I was aiming up for a perfect shot on a deer. Before either of us noticed a bear snuck up behind us and knocked the bow out of my hand and started clawing me. My father jumped back in shock and unsheathed his sword and went to stab the bear when some bandits appeared. My father turned to them and started fighting them. I was on my own, I unsheated my sword with my bloody hand and started stabbing the bear repeatedly until it slumped down. I pushed it off me and joined the fight with my Dad. We killed the bandits and then examined our wounds. We walked home swearing not to tell Mom about this.

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Finally, my 15th birthday I was finally going to be able to hunt with my father. I ran out of bed to get dressed and get ready. Only to find my father sitting in the kitchen telling me that I needed training. I was not very pleased hearing this but I went through with the training anyway. After I finished training for a week he told me we could go hunting the next day. I went to sleep early and woke early just like he had told me. I ran out into the kitchen to find my mother being dragged out of the house and my father no where to be seen. I ran into my room and grabbed my knife. I ran outside chasing the bandits that were taking my mother. I grabbed the bandit that was still inside and threw him up against a wall and stabbed him multiple times. I proceeded to run outside and I got ahold of another and knocked him unconcious. My father was being beaten out back of the house so I helped my mom up and ran around back. I saw the two bandits that were beating on my father and grabbed one and beat him to the ground and stabbed him. The other grabbed me from behind and shoved my head into the water. I was falling I could feel it. All of the sudden I felt a weight upon me and then lifted off me within seconds. I saw my father dragging the bandit underwater and him being dragged under aswell. I could do nothing but watch my father drown. On my 17th birthday my mother died and I left home. I usually keep away from villages now. I'll go in for food or anything else. But I try to keep my distance.

    Quote from guime1998

    My App was denied, so I am re-posting it.
    Whitelist App

    IGN - pfmvaz1996
    Age - 13
    Time you can dedicate to the server weekly - 10 hours
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Yes, I do have teamspeak.
    What is the fifth server law? - No sharing Account information
    Why do you want to join our server? - I want to join this server because I love role play, as much as I love Skyrim and Minecraft. It is awesome to see them all together. I have played in another Minecraft RP servers, but I think this one will be better.

    Name - Nyhelm_Soulwhisperer
    Race - Nord
    Age - Nyhelm is 35 years old
    Gender - male
    RP Example -
    *Guard approaches while Nyhelm enters a town*
    Guard - Hail kingsman.
    Nyhelm - Hail.
    Guard - What brings you here?
    Nyhelm - I am in a journey to the college of Winterhold, I want to become a mage. I am here to gather resources, but I also want to trade some things I carry, and maybe find a person available to follow me.
    Guard - Very well. Just don't cause any trouble. Farewell.
    Nyhelm - Farewell sir.
    *Nyhelm enters a potion store*
    Shop lady - 'Ail. What can I provide you with?
    Nyhelm - I would like to buy you some potions, if you have them.
    Shop lady - I do have a large stock of potions. Take whatever you need, if you spend more than 500 gold I can give you a small discount.
    *Nyhelm buys the potions.*
    Nyhelm - Thanks m'em.
    *Nyhelm leaves the store and goes to the town Inn.*
    Biography - Nyhelm was born in a small house in Whiterun. His father was a blacksmith and his mother sold the products. One day, his mother got sick. Nyhelm started to help his father taking care of the store. When his mother died, Nyhelm's father got devastated. For a good amount of years, Nyhelm learned the art of crafting weapons and armor. He became really good at this. His father ended up killing him self, because business wasn't going well and both father and son were getting even more poor. The day his father died, Nyhelm met Leonhard, a trader who became his best friend. Together they made some money, and when they had enough, they left Whiterun, to buy a house somewhere else. They end up in the middle of various dangerous events, which include getting into fights with Dragons. One day, Nyhelm gets to kill one.
    Nyhelm and Leonhard went to the college of Winterhold, to become mages. They were easily accepted, but they were not the best at it. Actually, Leonhard gave up one thay, because of an accident with a spell. Two weeks later, Nyhelm gave up too, but they didn't stop using spells. They were walking through the road when a Dragon approaches and kills Leonhard. Nyhelm escapes and swears to revenge the death of his friend, buy killing as many Dragons has he can. He now wishes to be summoned by the Greybeards.

    Quote from Caeora

    Whitelist App

    IGN - Caeora
    Age - 23
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Weekdays 2-4. Weekends 4-5
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? - Yes
    What is the fifth Server Law? - No sharing of account information.
    Why do you want to join our server? - From the forum post, it looks great. Id like to look around and see if its a server id like to settle on :)

    Name - Caeora
    Race - Altmer (High Elf)
    Age - 308
    Gender - Male

    RP example - "What are you doing?! That’s my wood your stealing!"
    "Ahh... I see.. Well in my defence I did not know it was your wood."
    "Ahh yes so I am." As he flips a dagger into the enraged woodcutters chest.

    Biography [About a paragraph or 2] - Caeora is a rough and tumble kind of character, coated in rags he looks like a vagabond. Which is fitting as that’s precisely what he is. With little love for gold or worldly possessions, he has little time to collect such things, as an outcast from his people. Being an elf has also made him shunned by the people of Skyrim and so he talks only when necessary. His greatest pursuit is knowledge and he cares not for anyone, only using those to further his own ambition. Although not evil he certainly isn't the hero type.

    During one of his more daring expeditions, Caeora was able to access another plane of existence linked to the crystal tower before the oblivion crisis. The plane was of course bizarre and inhabited by web spinning goats, that practiced the mystical art of doily making. Despite this, Caeora was still able to learn a great deal about the nature of time and planes of existence enabling him to create a bracer capable of phasing him ever so slightly from reality. A powerful tool for someone that doesn’t like to attract attention.

    This became a pressing concern during his stay in the town of Dragonstar in the province of Hammerfell. A well meaning Caeora helped the locals with a small curse, laid on them by a deceased witch (burnt by townspeople no-less) While attempting to collect his money his bracer was activated which led to him turning “invisible” for a few moments. This of course horrified the town and they attempted to restrain and punish the foreign wizard. After failing to do so and losing limbs in the process the town decided not only was it a bad idea to try and arrest wizards. It was a particularly bad idea to try and harm them while doing so.

    Apparently there are still burn marks on quite a few of the buildings.

    Quote from kiiopp

    IGN -kiiopp
    Age -19
    Time you can dedicate to server weekly - Everyday after work.
    Do you have teamspeak? If no will you get it? -Nope, and nope.
    What is the fifth Server Law? -"No sharing of account information".
    Why do you want to join our server? - Because I love Skyrim and I've never really rp'd before.

    Name -Allistair Siege-Helm
    Race -Nord
    Age -28
    Gender -Male
    RP example - *Allistair walks to the Jarl of Whiterun*.
    "Sir!". (Allistair)
    "Good day, Knight.". (Jarl)
    "I was curious to know if I could have the night off. Patrolling is tiresome and my wife is in labor."
    "If you can find a replacement for your duty, by all means."
    "Thank you, sir."
    "The pleasure is all mine."
    So, the night came and went, but when he arose, trouble came.
    "DIE MONSTER!" He heard. Screams were no enjoyment to him. He knew he had to stop whatever was attacking his village.

    Biography- As a small boy, Allistair grew up on a farm, away from the city. When he was 11, he was forced to defend his sister from a gang of bandits who were attacking his family's farm. He could wield a sword and was trained heavily by his father. He took swings, but missed. His sister was killed and mutilated before his very eyes. Both of his parents made it out alive, but could not replace the farm as that was their only source of income. By the age of 15, he knew he would protect the men and women of Skyrim from thieves and bandits and criminals for the rest of his days so no one would have to feel the loneliness and suffering he had felt from his childhood. He joined the guards and stands among the ranks of soldiers, knowing at any minute, that crime could spread.

    All Accepted
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    Quote from GenocidalCarrot

    I think you need a dedicated white lister who goes through the apps daily.

    I have experience with servers like this, been a whitelister and a moderator for the 2nd most popular RP server out there :P

    It really gets your server bigger, trust me.

    Yes we know almost all the staff came from the same large server and WL alot but we have been busy with projects and everyday things so we try to get to them as soon as possable
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    The Metro 2033 Server World is making good progress we have just finished Most of the major WE for a little and are currently actually making the Metro system so stay tuned for more updates and thee thread which i hope to get out soon and as of a random thought just now I will consult with ossy tommorow about just allowing Skyrim World users not apply again but simply display some know how about the general idea of Metro 2033-2034 universe.

    P.S.- Some Brain food for those interested in the new world it is MANDATORY you pick a side to join this does not mean its mandatory to fight as each side needs civies to supply and hold together a faction but to fill lore we cant have random people.
    The Reich or Nazis
    Nazis - Sparsely populated by hardcore militant neo-Nazis, the Fourth Reich is known for its atrocities against people of non-Russian nationality, trying to keep their race pure. The population is terribly unbalanced, there are fewer women than men, which could mean that eventually the Reich will die out. As of now, their extreme militarisation and the fear of Hansa satellites could not give way to annihilation of the Reich by blowing up their tunnels or dismantling their rails. Hansa and Belorusskaya, as well as the plantation trade with the Nazis. This could be interpreted as a slave trade, perhaps captured non-Russians. Nazis are also known for raids against the dominantly non-Russian, organized crime-ruled stations.
    They are despised and hated, but the only time they are directly fought is by Guevara-inspired revolutionaries and Communists who attack the Nazis from time to time and cut their sparse population even more. Nazis seem to realize their doom; there are conversations regarding their plans for an ultimate, last crusade to capture Polis; however, that would hardly help them avoid their fate, and only add to the Metro's anguish. Their territories incorporate Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya and Pushkinskaya.
    The Reds or Russians/Communist
    Communists- Primarily making up Red Village (Krasnoselskaya), Red Gates (Krasnye Vorota), Komsomolskaya, Lenin Library (Biblioteka im. Lenina), the stations on the Red Line officially re-endorse communism and the socialist type of government used by the USSR. Its neighboring stations did so in rapid succession while some of them overthrew their own governments. At first the people on red line created a committee which was responsible for dispersing propaganda of revolution and communism in the whole Metro, with the almost Leninist name of "Interstational". After a while the line was officially renamed to Red Line, which had already been its nickname before the war. Following many conflicts over territory, the Red Line actively began trading consumer goods (food and other commodities) with Hansa. It has electrification of tunnels, but there are famine issues from time to time, as well as conflicts with the Nazis.
    While not as bloodthirsty as the Nazis, the Reds still have all the major characteristics of a police state. Individuals sell out their own neighbors as mentioned by Khan, and well-armed soldiers patrol each station under Communist control. Individuals who do so much as disrespect a soldier or are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time (as in Artyom's case) are arrested, and sent to Lubyanka - located under the old HQ of the KGB - station, used as a political prison by the Communists. And, as they say, the ticket to Lubyanka is always one-way.
    The CommunistsEdit
    Although they refer to themselves as communists, their society could hardly be described as communist - several reds are heard talking about wages, and people are buying and selling things in the communist station, which could mean that people may have forgotten and/or misunderstood the concept of communism - sharing and working together - which would make perfectly good sense in the harsh reality of the metro - and only remembered the authoritarian regimes, which were mostly a result of leaders trying to stay in power.
    They are neutral towards the player while in freeplay mode in the Armory, but upon entrance to the Armory and outside the Armory, they are entirely hostile. Their main base of operations is within the Armory settlement, where most of the recruitment and weapons manufacturing occurs within the Metro system.

    That is the current factions as the Dark ones are killed in Metro 2033 Bandits will cause to many problems at the Begin Mutants are just regular Mobs Stalkers are a possibility in the future with the The Commonwealth of the stations of the Ring line and Rangers will be part of the Communist as a Elite unit.
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    Quote from kokobird


    TIME TO DEDICATE TO SERVER- alot of time
    DO I HAVE TEAMSPEAK? IF NO WILL YOU GET IT? no i dont have it but i can if i have too
    WHAT IS THE FIFTH SERVER LAW: the 5 sercer law is: no sharing of account information
    WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: i want to join he server becuase i love skyrim i like minecraft and i have never seen a server where the combine skyrim and minecraft. i like the lore of skyrim. lastly i am looking for a new good server to play on

    NAME: Warren
    RACE: High Elf [is also the race i played as in skyrim]
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male
    RP EXAMPLE: nord Guard '' hello traveller what brings you to winterhold''
    Warren '' do not pester me i am on my way to the collage of winter hold to learn magic''
    nord Guard '' watch your tone there if you do not want to spend the night in a cell''
    Warren '' uses magic to break the guards sword''
    nord Guard '' exclaims you better pay for a replacement sword if you know whats good for you''
    nord Guard '' you might also want to know folks here dont take kindly to magic users''
    Warren '' sighs''
    warren '' i dont give a dam what you stupid nords think''
    Nord guard '' clearly offened about to call back up to areest Warren''
    Warren '' casts pacify'' Warren says '' why dont you go to the tavern and have some mead i learned my lesson'' while guard is under hypnotic magic
    Nord Guard '' well there thats a good idea i think i am going to go get some mead''
    Nord guard lumbers stupidly towards the tavern
    Warren nods and walks away on the path to the collage of winter hold

    Warren as a child was gifted at magic even for a high elf, he was also very strong with the sword and bow . Warren grew up in Summerset Isles where he had many friends but than everything changed. a band of nords attacked his village Warren fled with his mother, father and two brothers when this happened Warren was only 10. Warren and his Family traveled to skyrim looking for a new life. they settled in Whiterun Warren was quickly seen as a great mage in skyrim by the jarl of whiterun he often was asked to help the court wizard Farengar Secret-Fire by the jarl of Whiterun Warren aggred to help in exchange for septims. at the age of 19 Warren set off from his home in Whiterun to go find the Collage of Winterhold to learn more magic. When Warren finnaly got to the collage he was quickly accepted he trained for 10 years before becoming the arch mage of the collage of winterhold. by the time he was 29 skyrim plunged into a civil war the imperal army aganst the stormclocks he decided to join the fight on the imperal side he worked his way up the ranks and became a legonare .he was charged with the duty to command a imperal battlion. he was captured durring the fight for fort amol. from the knowledge we got from our spies Warren is alive but in a dungeon we have to save him.
    to be continued

    please look at my app this the 6 time i had to submit it :/

    dude im sorry your a idiot We accepted you 10 pages agoAnd for people Raging they arnt Whitelisted its really simple you NEED spoutcraft to sign onto the server and for future reference anyone can sign into the server without being whitelisted and can join worlds BUT if you join a Whitelist world it will remove you from the world back to spawn
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    Quote from DSchwaa

    Hold on i can't join the server? Do you know a fix

    You have to use spoutcraft to join it will automatically give you the texturepack and everything else
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    Alright Guys I am Happy to announce That there will be a new addition to the server Our Metro 2033 World.
    Alright so lets have some facts about it shall we :)
    1. It will be a RP-PvP server
    2. There will be the two factions from the book Nazis and Soviets
    3. There will be guns
    4. The Thread will be up soon
    5. It will have a separate WL so yes you will have to apply separately (if your on skyrim server there will be a seperate app just for you)
    6. And lastly this will be a fairly fun map and RP so look into it and Come join us.
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    Metro 2033 RP server coming soon
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    Accepted to our loving and sometimes annoying community
    And tho's not yet in our lands
    xenaGaia- Please make a actual RP example
    otneal- Better Rp example
    DSchwaa-Better Bio
    Darkulzz130- better RP example
    Mrgauthier34- Better App
    holland601- Better Rp and Bio
    Jamessvds- Better RP example
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    Quote from Wolfshepard

    I love you.

    Apply though to get in.

    What I have to apply, but I am a legend around these parts.

    WB hoyt I have missed your stonerness
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