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    posted a message on More/Better Villages (And not the same structure things, either)
    Changed a few things in the Towns' map,
    - Added mushroom housings beginning.
    - Changed problem with savannah village stairs going wrong ways
    Towns present for the moment:
    - Deserts

    - Plains

    - Swamps

    - Mesa

    - Savannah

    - Mushroom

    - Mountain

    Link to the map again
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    posted a message on True Procedural Villages

    I am currently working on a Town mod - slightly bigger and more varied villages - and at the moment I am mainly trying to do the same thing as the vanilla villages, random location, random placement, but popped and unchanged houses. I also feel the need for a more complex house generation system where each house can be unique.

    What I was trying to work a similar logic for procedural houses and by creating wall by wall a perimeter that must find a way back to its origin. A second story would follow the same logic with chances to have balconies (meaning less inside space). Same could be done with a basement.

    House tops and outside decoration is also what makes a house unique. That could be easily done (I believe) By having specific kind of decoration that would be placed randomly.
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    posted a message on Simple request to all mod developers
    Hi there, I agree with you on the fact that something that is not usable to between 21 to 57 percent of the internet user should not be used. I also agree that adf.ly is terrible looking.

    What do you think should replace it though?

    It seems to me that this website is considered the norm in this community - for the moment. I don't know any replacement to it yet but as soon as people will start to use it, others will do.

    I guess a better way for modders to get paid for their services and time should be a more centralized donation system.
    I'd like to hear known modders on how much they actually get percentage wise from ads as opposed to donations.
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    posted a message on More/Better Villages (And not the same structure things, either)
    Quote from Dezitron

    As for Floating Villages, they could be done, but the case would be much like that of the Jungle Villages [...] The Disco Village idea made me laugh a bit, perhaps they could be a super rare village type?

    Floating towns can be done by having a disc of white glass on which it would spawn as normally, but later ^^'

    As for Funky Town, why not. But I'm not making the houses so somebody's gotta do it :P Please make use of redstone circuit, lamps and game discs, whoever will do ^^

    Dezitron, do you mind adding links to the map and schematics on the topic?

    Quote from arkume8beltz

    I think in forests the houses can be maked with wood,the plains with stone,dessert with sandstone,the others the idea stay well..

    Maybe can add's ocean villages with glass around..villages in a rabines..underground villages..vilages of pigmen(not zombie pigmen..)in the nether..(quarz villages like greeks..)

    I like the idea..

    Hi arkume8beltz, if you want you can download the map to see the different town types already being created.

    For ocean village I'm not sure what you mean, if you mean a village underwater we explained how it would be impossible - or simply anaesthetic to have glass at water level. and if you mean a village overwater, I am not sure how to do so while still be pretty and somehow realistic. But if you have an idea let us know!

    As for the ravines, I'd really like to do that but unfortunately we cannot tell from the code where a ravine will be created, so there is no way - that I know of - to find out where they are to make towns down there.

    For underground towns, it's similar to underwater since doors need open air above their out side. BUT there could be a way to have it happened by having an air tube reaching ground level with glass at each endings over all the doors. Not sure how that will look but I'll work on that. Later ^^'

    Pigmen village seems legit, but they are not yet implemented and I do not wish to change any mob or block. This way, everything is town generation, and people who go on a server having this mod on, or who download a map in which the mod was used, will not need the town mod to be installed. If pigmen do get added to vanilla (minecraft without mods), then I'll be happy to make a pigmen town.

    I'd like to see your version of a greek village, if you're interested, download the map and/or Schematic and send back pictures!

    Edit: Updated map with fireworks in the castle working, beginning of tundra houses, descriptions.
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    Hi Tropicreeper, I would really like if we don't change anything block wise and physic wise yet. Although it would be fun to have underwater towns and water breathing villager creatures!

    Changing the villagers' clothing per biome seems interesting! But I don't want to touch that yet. It would have to be small changes so people with other textures are not dulled out.

    Disco town, I am not sure I like the idea but if others are in, I don't mind at all. There is a total of 14 different towns with one variant each to make, so why not! We're up to 7 at the moment.

    Floating towns IS a good and feasible idea, if one can work on a town model to make a sort of paradise version it would be fun :)
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    posted a message on Shadow realm. Same world, different spawnings/looks/dynamics
    I was looking at the different world generation processes out there but haven't found what I want to see come to life.

    The exact same world created and modified with the players' intervention, but its "shadow", dynamically different, version. A change in one affects the other.

    One would access the shadow world by using a portable portal crafted from an eye of ender with a clock (yeah, that or something else).

    It would change the texture to mainly just black and white tones;
    It would have misty water, and won't affect the players moving through;
    Villagers could wander as ghosts above ground;
    Villages (And anything made of wood and cobblestone) would be translucent (if possible);
    Lava would be blue, and applying a regenerating enchantment to gears.
    Nether monsters could span in this side of the over world.;
    The gravity would be forgiving, making falling slower and not dangerous (if possible);
    The blocks and ores picked from one dimension can be placed or used in the other one;
    An item could be feather sandals from flying creeper, which can make those who wear them fly like in creative mode;
    Snow is black and deadly;
    Ghostly spiders would shoot sticky goo that slows you down before attacking;
    Amethyst (healing properties) ore could replace lapis lazuli, as would quartz (=nether quartz + other properties) with coal,

    What do you think?
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    posted a message on More/Better Villages (And not the same structure things, either)
    Well, so far the main logic for easy making of different village types is that
    - Houses have 6/5, 8/7 and 10/9 base (the front door side has one block in the street for stairs to door, lamp, hanging roof, etc.)
    - Temples when present are 17/17.
    - Generic constructions (forge, stable etc.) are 12/11
    - Generic small constructions (Town's portal, statues, etc.) are 5/5
    - Generic big constructions (castle, cemetery, windmill, etc.) are 17/17 like the temples.

    Each Town type has a specific lamp post, road block as well as a road block up (I hate having to jump on a street instead of casually running like a freak). I would like the ability to add city wall even though I don't plan doing so till much later.

    So I'll post a schematics for the basis of each town, (3 houses, 1 temple, 1 road, 1 road up, 3 wall pieces, 1 lamp post) if anyone wishes to make their own so we can see which is best.

    All chests should be filled with stuff that you may want or not but that would make sense in the biome. Only 2 to 5 slots will remain in.

    The actual coding will take a while to do, especially for the jungle villages (which will come later).

    As for backyard addition, beah I like the idea but it adds too much complexity. And I have a windmill in the map I sent :P
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    posted a message on The Demonic Realm of Zether
    Looking at how fast this is going, you might want to move this topic to the WIP section, you might peek interest of new people :)
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    posted a message on To the World's Ends! (Discworld-like Finite Generation)
    An infinite flat world? Give me a break!
    Everybody knows that the world is flat yes, but it's small and circle shape!

    Why do I want small finite worlds?
    A smaller world means a more compact world. Thus folks have to explore what is given.

    The only thing it does is that everything that is
    (x-8)^2 + (y-8)^2 > r^2
    (farer than a circle of r radius of centre 8,8)
    is simply not created. If you walk beyond, you fall into the void. No other modification. Simple et efficace.
    What is already generated would not be touched so it would not affect already generated maps.

    Size of the worlds:
    Small: 2048^2 (128^2 chunks, size of the biggest map).
    The reason why it should not be centred at 0,0 is that this makes it easier to have a centred map.

    Possible amelioration:
    I don't see it necessary to change the world generation GUI but if people have a clear preference over big AND small worlds, there could be a choice of world size (Small, Medium, Large, Infinite) like, just under world type (Normal, Superflat, Big, Amplified).
    What could make sense is to have moons and planets passed the void, accessible either by floating, by building, by portals from the neither, or by airship (I love Archimede's ship mod).

    It should not modify the world more than this. No need for special ores or anything. Just to change world generation is great.Unless somebody wants to meet the Turtle.

    I am currently looking at ways to make it but am no great modder. Nevertheless, if nobody wants to do it but I get at least a few wants, I will try.

    What's your thoughts?
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