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    The more I read about this idea, the more it seems to be an "evil" version of the world already existing.

    Why not have the same generation as the original world? Like, what happens in this one affects the other one and alike.

    So it would not affect the world generation process but rather the skin displayed - although ores/items in the inventory are one of normal/demonic.

    Everything already existing would then have its demonic, parallel version. Leaving room for hope in this world with fairies (witches) and happy creepers.
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    An infinite flat world? Give me a break!
    Everybody knows that the world is flat yes, but it's small and circle shape!

    Why do I want small finite worlds?
    A smaller world means a more compact world. Thus folks have to explore what is given.

    The only thing it does is that everything that is
    (x-8)^2 + (y-8)^2 > r^2
    (farer than a circle of r radius of centre 8,8)
    is simply not created. If you walk beyond, you fall into the void. No other modification. Simple et efficace.
    What is already generated would not be touched so it would not affect already generated maps.

    Size of the worlds:
    Small: 2048^2 (128^2 chunks, size of the biggest map).
    The reason why it should not be centred at 0,0 is that this makes it easier to have a centred map.

    Possible amelioration:
    I don't see it necessary to change the world generation GUI but if people have a clear preference over big AND small worlds, there could be a choice of world size (Small, Medium, Large, Infinite) like, just under world type (Normal, Superflat, Big, Amplified).
    What could make sense is to have moons and planets passed the void, accessible either by floating, by building, by portals from the neither, or by airship (I love Archimede's ship mod).

    It should not modify the world more than this. No need for special ores or anything. Just to change world generation is great.Unless somebody wants to meet the Turtle.

    I am currently looking at ways to make it but am no great modder. Nevertheless, if nobody wants to do it but I get at least a few wants, I will try.

    What's your thoughts?
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