About Me
Hi! I discovered Minecraft around Jan 2013 and bought it in August. Yay.

I like vanilla a lot, although it needs small tweaks to keep with its ambiance. For example,
- mods have to be as texture-free as possible so they don't get in the way of custom textures;
- mods should add to the adventure ambiance, not control it;
- mods should try to work with other mods while not need them (i.e. a special ore only occurring in mountains should also occur in alternate mountain biomes when present).

I'm learning Java (starting to mod ) and I did a few websites in Php.

As for off-keyboard me, I'm originally from Montreal, QC, Canada and I moved around in this frost-bitten country.
I'm also learning a few spoken languages, namely Swedish, Mandarin and Hebrew, to add to my French, English and needing-practice Spanish.

Hit me up if you're interested.
Interests php, latin, chinese, games

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