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    posted a message on Looking to Assemble a you tube minecraft team
    • 14 years of age MAX age 17: 15
    • must be able to Skype: Yeah
    • include username: Aaran007 (Appleboy44)
    • must be dedicated to the channel: Yeah of course!!!!! :)
    • if we get popular we will split are success equally: Yeah!
    • only 4 people accepted: okay :P
    • mic quality: 8-9 I think (Logitech Headset)
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    posted a message on Minecraft 101 Challenges Series (Needing Ideas and a partner)
    Hey everybody me again! I'm 15 and I'm an Aussie and well brand new to the youtube world so I thought why not start with an interesting multiplayer Series!
    Which the YouTube series will be called Minecraft: 101 Challenges, one problem, I have no idea for what Challenges to do.
    So! if anybody has ANY Minecraft Challenges they would like to see done PLEASE post in comments or send me a message.
    Non-Members/ guests, can contact me via skype at: aaran007 (it could say Appleboy44) or twitter @Aaran007
    Skype OR any other way I can contact you:
    YouTube(not needed):
    Ability to Host Server:
    What would you like to do(not needed):
    Experience:About you:
    Extra Information/Personality (Won't affect the app too much):

    Challenge list so far:

    1-6 Submitted by: -WaffleKing- (PMC Forums)
    7-10 Submitted by: Useless_Paul (PMC Forums)
    11-17 Submitted by: xSnowstep (MC Forums)

    1.Find all kinds of wool.
    2.Make a town in The End.
    3.Find 3 of every food.
    4.Make a city.
    5.Make a tree house.
    6.Get 10 pigs.
    7. Find a dungeon
    8. Tame a wolf
    9. Tame an ocelot
    10. Kill a ghast
    11. kill ender dragon
    12. build a mansion
    13. make a farm
    14. dig down to bedrock
    15. ride a pig
    16. kill a witch by throwing potions at it (omg I love this idea lol)
    17. last 5 minecraft days on hardcore mode without dying

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    posted a message on looking for a MATURE group to play with!
    What is you're skype name? Aaran007 (might say as name Appleboy44)

    Can you record? yes but I olny have the FREE version of Bandicam :(

    If you can record what quality can you record in? higher quality maybe 720p I'm still trying to get it perfect

    What Idea's would you have for a series? Survival, Challenges, Survival Island V2, Skyblock, anything really

    Do you have any friends that you could also invite? possibly

    What time zone are you in? GMT +10

    When would you be able to play? mostly all the time on school holidays and after school

    What is you're YouTube Channel? http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtsvPkTc_A1DQBIN3Sq1oOw (basically brand new channel of mine so ya)

    How can I get a hold of you? Email, Skype (aaran007), Steam: aaran007
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    posted a message on Looking for a group of 6 Youtubers to do vids with
    IGN: Aaran007
    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtsvPkTc_A1DQBIN3Sq1oOw
    Skype: Aaran007 (might say Appleboy44)
    Age: 15
    Subscribers: none at the moment as I started the channel not that long ago
    Can you host server: No, sadly
    Timezone: GMT +10
    Country: Australia
    Personality: funny, Sarcastic (sometimes), generally happy,
    Description about yourself: I'm me! I like games and tv and stuff and music! XD I'm pretty good with building and some redstone stuff
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    posted a message on Need people to Collaborate With
    IGN: Aaran007
    Skype: aaran007 (Might say Appleboy44)
    Youtube Channel: Appleboy44
    Do you have a Mic?: Yes
    Where do you live? (Need to know because of time zone): Australia +10 GMT
    What ideas do you have for the collab?: Survival Island V2, Challenges (Challenge List, Challenge Maps), Custom maps, Skyblock, anything really :)
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    posted a message on Looking for some MC buddies
    Hey people, I am looking for 3-4 people to play MC with and do an LP with. If you are interested please PM me or leave a post, I am looking forward to playing with anybody who joins. The LP will not just be some of my ideas but yours aswell, so yeah if any of you are interested either PM or leave a post here I will respond ASAP! :)

    main things that I hope could be done are

    - Minecraft Challenges
    - Survival Island (new version)
    - anything any of you want to do really
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    posted a message on Star Trek Mod
    I can be a science person I'm pretty good at modelling :D
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