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    Quote from Azumarill»

    crossposting since not sure which is valid location

    for what it's worth, update did not fix this

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    posted a message on VoxelMap [1.16.1 to 1.7.10] - a minimap and worldmap

    crossposting since not sure which is valid location

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    posted a message on [Win/Mac/Linux] Minecraft Console Client

    Any good way I could send a random line from a text file to chat in this?

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    posted a message on [Win/Mac/Linux] Minecraft Console Client

    Windows, I should say. Trying to run the client from a shortcut but still have it understand where I've got script files.

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    posted a message on [Win/Mac/Linux] Minecraft Console Client

    Any way I can reference file paths for scripts? Trying to have this only as a single icon on my desktop but it refuses to accept alternate locations for the files I'm referencing.

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    posted a message on bspkrs' mods (ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, StatusEffectHUD)
    Quote from ZenCoder»

    > Is there a DirectionHUD for 1.10.2 that works with recent Forge versions?
    I never used this mod as I am using Xaero's Minimap, which has this functionality built in. Xaero updates his Minimap quite regularly.

    If only he'd update BuildRegion!

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    posted a message on Schematica

    Pick Block's changed for the worse. Targets the block real behind the fake one.

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    posted a message on Schematica

    Thanks for the 1.9 fix build. RAM usage still seems significantly higher than 1.8 though -- painfully slow on my ancient computer -- Is that possibly the "missing/required blocks" checker thing?

    If that's what's causing the performance hit, I would gladly take some kind of option to stop it from happening.

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    posted a message on [TC4+5 Addon] Automagy - Automation and Logistics (v2.0.3 - Thirsty Tanks for Thaumcraft 5)
    Quote from MinerGuyLex»

    Possibly the one time I could see the Fetter being practical for any known automation. :P

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    posted a message on Extra Slimes

    TL;DR: Use molten materials to craft slimes and get a small chance (after a fight) to get more materials back than you put in.

    • Add more slime mobs, but they're *craftable* and then able to be placed (like MFR pink slimes) out of a bucket. Would be something like, craft the bucketed liquid with 4-8 slimeballs.
    • They don't split in half on death.
    • MFR Slime Embiggening Syringe: it just eats the syringe, maybe a very small chance (1/64) to succeed? as in, you'd have to balance staying alive against using <however many>
    • Temperature above certain point would have it place fire blocks (and be immune to fire) or perhaps even smelt the block under itself (since smelting in-world isn't uncommon these days)
    • For balance the slime size on bucket-placing would be as random as vanilla slime spawn eggs, and only the bigger sizes (..biggest size?) would guarantee you more (double? triple?) drops than you put into the original bucket
      • The biggest ones should be boss-tier fights and this should take every precaution to not be automate-able. Add to spawner blacklists. Drops are only on (real) player kill.

    • Relevant effects and drops. Possibly look to MFR straw usage for effects to apply to the slimes.
      • Blazing (pyrotheum) Slime:
        • generates fire on par with placing a bucket of blazing pyrotheum in the world.
          • Smelts blocks it lands on.
          • Turns water into stone in (whatever radius).
          • Would have a %chance of each of the INGREDIENTS OF pyrotheum dust. Only the biggest one assures all of it (and a bunch of each -- also blaze rods instead of powder)

      • Gelid (cryotheum) Slime:
        • same as above but cold, gosh.
        • Freezes water (before its jump can land on that block, so it doesn't get stuck in ice).
        • Makes snow. Does whatever a ~~spider~~ cryotheum bucket does.
        • Drops the INGREDIENTS of cryotheum. Only the biggest one assures all of it (and a bunch of each).

      • Seared (seared stone) Slime:
        • Jumps 0.5 blocks high (because it's heavy)
        • Makes Iron Golem noises when it jumps and is hurt
        • Spawns hostile seared golems in the presence of Tinker's Steelworks.
        • Drops seared bricks, but, again, only "more than a bucket" when you're fighting the biggest size.

      • Energized (molten glowstone) Slime:
        • Double or triple jump height (or would just float out of the world)
          • ...dynamic lighting?

      • Destabilized (molten redstone) Slime:
        • calls VISUAL lightning onto nearby mobs that can be transformed by lightning, transforms them -- doing actual lightning would be overpowered
        • biggest one drops redstone ore (fortune again for bonus amount! pulverize for bonus cinnabar!)

      • Resonant (any molten ender pearls) Slime:
        • teleports you 4-12 blocks in any direction (including into walls/the ground) when you attack it
        • is harmed by water, avoids projectiles like endermen
        • biggest one also has chances to drop eyes of ender, ender lily seeds (in addition to always dropping "more ender pearls than you put in")

      • Sludge Slime:
        • poisons and withers you
        • resistant to poison and wither
        • small ones have Sludge Boiler's output as drop table
        • biggest one drops a bucket of sludge as a base drop + then some of the output items

      • Oil, Fuel, and BioFuel Slimes:
        • large explosion(block damage!) when set on fire -- maybe include some kind of "spark" detection? like, "is using a metal weapon while the slime is standing on a stone-type material".

      • Metallurgy Metals(so, through ExtraTiC):
        • They'd have their respective effects (like poison on Vyroxeres, for example).
          • Midasium Slime:
            • Converts you (temporarily) to solid gold (golden particles, slowness X, shiny yellow overlay on your model and your hand and its held item)
            • Converts nearby passive mobs to solid gold versions
            • These do not have drops and are blocks you have to mine away (suffocating statue-intersecting animals is 100% okay) :(
            • drops Midasium Ore equal to what you put in, assuming 1 ingot per ore (so, process again)

      • Blood Slime (Tinker's Construct OR Blood Magic):
        • Has extra health
        • Has Regeneration V or higher on itself (regen level based on size, starting at II on smallest ones?)
        • When killed through Blood Magic means (dagger, within range of altar) only the largest ones transmit a base value of more than the bucket of LP you put into it
          • Biggest ones also have a chance to drop weak blood shards (without the weakness debuff! earlier-game than usual for this!)

        • if only Tinker's is present, they drop congealed blood, the big ones at least seven (=just over bucket of blood, roughly), consider up to 25 or 40

      • Emerald Slime (molten emerald):
        • attracts nearby villagers (HUGE range) to itself
          • ...or maybe spawns them? (these have strange/impossible/distorted trades, as if they were an imperfect replication by a lower intelligence)
          • The villagers act as a shield (in that you can't avoid hitting the villagers instead of the slime)

        • Iron Golems perhaps defend the slime (see it as a villager).
        • Biggest one drops emerald ore equal to <the amount you put into this process>, giving you the chance to Fortune it for more.

      • Fruity Slime (fruit juice), Honey Slime (forestry or... can you even bucket BOP honey?):
        • would have Forestry bee "particles" like apiaries do, in the presence of BOP it would summon wasps
        • Fruity Slime would drop random fruits (use oredictionary entries), possibly seeds/saplings you don't have?

      • Short Mead, Ethanol, <Growthcraft boozes> Slimes:
        • can give you Slowness, "Drunk" (reskinned nausea)
        • Short Mead would maybe also have bee particles (or, similarly behaving particles but textured as flies)
        • Drops (if applicable) would be the drinks in bottled form, in amounts appropriate with regards to the bucket requirement.

      • Liquid Death Slime:
        • Is Liquid Death
        • Is Immune To Liquid Death
        • Crystallizes nearby passive mobs
        • Crystallizes you
        • Gives you thaumarrhea :(
        • Since Liquid Death is inherently "expensive" (has re-bucketing restrictions, etcetera), biggest slime can just drop more than one bucket of it. Let's say 2-5 buckets of it.

      • Vishroom Soup:
        • Gives you vishroom soup -tier nausea
        • Gives you temp warp :(
        • Gives you thaumarrhea :(
        • Drops all mushroom types, including Botania and Natura. Only biggest one assures "exactly what you put in and then bonuses".

      • Mob Essence/Liquid XP:
        • Drains your experience (does not store)
        • Drops (relevant amount with regards to input) EXP as essence berries/bottles of enchanting

      • Molten Diamond:
        • Has the defense and offense capabilities of a Player in full Protection IV and Sharpness V diamond gear.
        • Pipette it to accomplish.
        • Big one drops <amount of diamond you put into this> but as diamond ore, giving you the chance to process it however you want.

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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Quote from Glassmaker»

    From the log, something is adding a lot of crafting recipes that makes Thaumcraft go nuts, so report it to azanor too, lets see if he have an idea on what is going on.

    Looks kinda like this issue(similar error, at least) which apparently probably isn't going to get a fix? Also here, and here.

    In my personal setup (see comments from "Azutte" on github, in a couple of those links), I was getting a crash that looked like that whenever I scanned a TiCon nugget or tried to throw one in a crucible that had "a set of aspects that didn't match a recipe with that nugget as a catalyst" in it. I recently managed to fix that specific issue by giving the relevant TiCon nuggets aspects via Modtweaker. Maybe you can do something about it by giving all your stuff aspects?

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    posted a message on GrowthCraft - [JUL-15-2014] Proper 1.7.10 release

    I like the idea of large, multiblock barrels! 3x3x3 sounds absolutely fine.

    Also: agave and tequila, perhaps? Apparently blue agave is massive -- which would make their huge cores ("piñas") inherently conducive to minecraft's cubic meter scale -- and totally compatible with established Growthcraft alcohol processing. It actually looks like most of the plant is edible after being processed in various ways.

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    posted a message on EdgarAllen's Mods - Super Crafting Frame

    Hey, not sure whether you're working on/interested in working on this mod any more, but:

    ~ dupe bug ~

    Thaumcraft's "knowledge fragment" item turns from 1 to 111/infinite when you right click a Super Item Frame (that has one in it) with one. Probably something to do with the fact that right clicking also instantly consumes the item?

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    posted a message on [TC4+5 Addon] Automagy - Automation and Logistics (v2.0.3 - Thirsty Tanks for Thaumcraft 5)

    Request: deconstruction table, for liquids

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    posted a message on Unique Artifacts - Powerful, Randomly Generated Items - 1.1.3 Bug Fixin's
    Quote from Azumarill»

    Can we get a Build with that Botania compatibility change in it?

    Quote from Tmtravlr»

    Hi people!

    Update time!

    So some bugs were fixed, including various things not working in offline mode servers.

    Hey, so, I finally got around to testing, and:

    I don't think it worked! I also tried undamaged weapons, enchanted weapons, and various armors.

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